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Detect Secret Doors -- How Broad is the Mechanism / Trigger Determination?

Dealing Nonlethal to Immune Creatures Feat

Ring of Sustenance takes a week... why?

Who likes to GM Gestalt games?

Oathbound Paladins and Oath Spells

Mystic Theurge: Druid / Wizard build: What happens with the animal compaion?

is improved critical for this halberd worth it?

Slayer or Fighter for Sword and Board Build

Pathfinderizing characters from other media

Can this Character be Considered Lawful?

Need Ideas for A Challenging Puzzle Box

Crusader's Flurry Channel Energy requirement

Inherent Dexterity Bonus

Looking for specific Battle Music

Classes without spellcasting, spell-like or supernatural attributes

Classes without spellcasting, spell-like or supernatural attributes

Classes without spellcasting, spell-like or supernatural attributes

Is my line of thinking in the wrong? (Psychic Casting rules)

Making Were-Creatures without Level Adjustment

How to make a scythe Crusader's flurry build?

Bardess' Pathfinder Place (my blog)

Coolest Archetypes / Feats in Planar Adventures

Does slashing grace work with swordmaster's flair blue?

Rappan Athuk?

I need your help: Improvised Weapons

Sorcerer vs rogue

Thought Experiment: Melee wizard

Paladin Monk Sorcerer D.D Build

Dimensional Mount

Aegis / soulknife armored blade stacking question

Why does attacking break invis?

Black Powder Vaulter - how to optimize?

Why do worms that walk have to be evil?

Kineticist Simple Blast and Blazing robe

Equipment for a Feral Champion Warpriest / Shifter.

I need help choosing my Spells - Spellslinger 1 Arcanist 9

I need help choosing my Spells - Spellslinger 1 Arcanist 9

Oracle Hellbound Curse Question

What bonuses does the id rager get exactly?

New Character

[Spheres of Might] Best pet ever? Scholar.

What are some of your favorite love interests you've created?

Rod of Wonder

Hexstrike with Gauntlet and Similar

Bladed Brush, Spear Dancing Style, and Swashbuckler Precise Strike

Experimental Gunslinger Gunsmith

Picking 3rd lvl medium spell

Battering blast and Mages crossbow

Seraptis Demon and Compelling domination.

Solo Run Studios Saturday Share Time

What is considered under Dagger ( any type)?

Strangest argument for or against a ruling?

Paladin Monk Sorcerer D.D Build

Advice for a non-violent (dare I say "pacifist") cleric

How much like being the caster is a staff? (arcanist stuff)

What type of access to information during gameplay is cheating?

Creating an evil Daredevil in Pathfinder's: HELL'S VENGEANCE

JBE's Pathfinder Blog

Wizard Spells with Divine Focus Components

Sandstorm Wrath vs Fire Resistance

Feats or traits that would let a Hunter learn a 2nd level Wiz / Sorc spell

Have you ever had a Pathfinder game (or any other tabletop RPG for that matter) story that legit made you cry?

Reincarnate & Archetypes (and FCB)

New to pathfinder, need help with where to take my monk

Caster level required to create a sunblade?

My player wants his paladin to fall

Can Dispel Magic Affect Greater Angelic Aspect?

Paladin Monk Sorcerer D.D Build

Paladin Monk Sorcerer D.D Build


King and Counselors - Not Kingmaker

Dramatic death scenes?

Me + Intelligent Mount + Strange(?) High Level Feats

LF Gestalt Melee Build

It's criminal that the Earth kineticist never got wall of stone.

Pawns splitting apart

Oracle mysterys

Trying to make something like the toy soldiers off the stephen king battleground movie, how should i stat it?.

destined strike question

Eldritch Archer Dagger User

Gathlains, Leshys and Aging

Can you use impale while burrowing.

Mindblade Magus Psychic Pool Weapon Manifestation Ability

Paired opportunist

Can a Skald choose not to accept his own song?

Any good 3pp magic item compendiums?

You are sent back in time and get roughly 6 years of your salary...

Help: Con Man Build in an Evil Gestalt Campaign

New Spell idea. What level should it be?

New daemon ideas

Looking for a list of things PCs should be prepared for at certain level

Comprehensive Potion Guide? Does one exist?

Character Suggestions for New Players


Advice for how to RP a particular NPC

Campaign Advice: Why Are All the Dragons Gone?

Questions about Magic Jar

I need your help: Improvised Weapons

Psychic for Strange Aeons

Wolverine shifter reseting rage rounds?

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