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do the Push and Pull maneuvers provoke AoOs?

Strongest low level Archery build

The Amazing Rope Girl! Ultimate grapple and tie up build

Any psychic casters aside occult and sorcerer bloodline?

Please help with a spell-casting focused Inquisitor as an enemy NPC

Prophecies in Pathfinder

Why do the rune giants have Japanese-esque armor and the like?

If PF1 was revived and revised by Paizo, what would you change?

Has anyone had a campaign where someone -passed- the Test of the Starstone?

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

So, are we seriously wrapping up 1E without an XXXXXX class option?

Please explain education checks in inner sea magic

Animal Companion Magical Beasts

Finishing some characters.

Pact Wizard backstory, suggestions wanted

Could Use some Advice on making an Effective yet flavorful Kineticist (Pyromancer)

Advice for creating a colossal Necromantic "Venus Fly-trap Plant-esque" monster

Wizard Familiar and eldritch heritage

Advice for a Ghoulish Vigilante Build

Any good Easter adventures?

What are the best archetypes?

Animal Companion Feat - Questions!

Mitigating Enervation Spam

Intensified Sense Vitals?

Samurai Options

Morph Mage, My New Class!

How Exactly Does Obsidian Flow (spell) Work?

nondetection stoping items that grant see invisibility?

Is there a way to recharge a 'once per day' feat? / Animal Companion Advice

Linnorm Hunter Style

The great Talons versus Claw debacle

How would you run a "tutorial" for a new player?

Investigator - Character Build (advice)

Gross-Out PCs

Bladed Brush feat - slashing grace and reach for the magus?

Is there any rule for shooting through objects to hit creatures?

Riding dragons in Pathfinder

Guide to the Class Guides

Fonts / typeface for Pathfinder Core Rulebooks

Dealing With Quarterbacking

Warpriest dip

Is there a cyclops based oni?

Gunslinger gun modification

Archetype Tier List: A Guide to Picking Archetypes

Eclipsing Rage And Light Levels

Pathfinder Beowulf

Summoning Build for Melee Presence: Take 2

Blessing Death - Can I Heal from negative energy?

Reach, Is it really longer than it appears?

Gestalt Kineticist Guide

Path of War compared to Spheres of Might

Wizard Tricks

[spheres of might] Counterpunch and Whirlwind Knockdown

Spiritualist Archetype Stacking - Fractured Mind and Priest of the Fallen

Fear aura effects

Eclipsing Rage And Light Levels

Polymorph any Object and Imps

Is the Chararacter Overpowered, the Polymorph Overpowered, or Natural Attacks Overpowered?

I want the most overpowered, broken, horrifically twisted build.

Symbol spells and Armor

Magical Backlash

Freedom of movement = / = water flying

Succubus in a grapple.

Awaken construct ability score changes

Way to get an aditionnal domain?

Sorcerer Dip, Eldritch Heritage, and Sylvan Bloodline

Sundering damage

Question about Wiz / Sorc Spellslinger Arcane Bond

Scrying on a Location or Object

Gestalt Class Design

NPCs over time and EXP points

A Few Questions

Dragons and Legendary Proportions (or other actual size changes)

Why does the brand spell deal damage?

Best Race for an Alchemist Gunslinger

Blind character in PFS

Some help with making some fun curses:

Parapromo 2019 - 1001 PC Race Ideas!!!

Disbelieving non-visual illusions?

Spiritualist archetype stacking question

How to Structure Overland Travel Adventures

Obscuring Mist and sneak attack

Bardess' Pathfinder Place (my blog)

Help me build supervillains for a Superhero Campaign

Suffocation Question

Suggestions for Sacred Fist Warpriest, how to move to target to make flurry of blows

Move 15ft. using a 5ft. step. A combination of Following step and Outslug Sprint.

100 reasons to leave town

[Time of the Tarrasque] My homebrewed Pathfinder setting

Making a villain monologue possible...?

Sloppy Magic Tradition (Spheres of Power) - Advice?

Cannon using Blast Shot ammo and Vital Strike

Best Build for Spell Cartridges?

Cavalier question

Can a Wizard learn spells from an Alchemist's Formulae List?

What effects do you get from...

[PFS] Lunar Oracle advice

Archetype spear fighter and advanced weapon training

Tips for a first-time GM?

Cannon using Blast Shot ammo and Vital Strike

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