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Toppling spell + Magic Missile how many checks?

So I decided to min-max bluff

Additional Unseen Servants?

Kineticists, Burn and Negative Levels or Energy Drain.

Planning a level 20 Swashbuckler / Devoted Muse (Advice is needed)

Empower Spell Plus some bonus damage.

Help with Danny Phantom.

Esoteric Knight and occultist?

Where do you keep your scrolls?

Complete Wizard Guide [Ver. 2.0]

Aggressive Thundercloud

Aggressive Thundercloud

Aggressive Thundercloud

Aggressive Thundercloud

BAB 1 and occultist hybrid

Gestalt build: best pair for a wizard?

Charm and caster's allies, also bluff

Different types of Mage Shot

Calm Emotions - What happens when under it's effect?

Please help me fill in all of the continent of Azlant

Figurine of Fabouls power Tiny Hut

Foreshadowing Favored Terrain

Never finished a path

Three spells -- feat question

Eidolon with Intimidate

Bestial Rags and Elementalist Shifters

Animal Companion questions

New Monster: the Lunis

+3 / +1Leveraging shield + shield master ...cmb=?

Default Archetypes

Best way to deal with a Spawn Of Rovagug?

Bloody skeleton question

Interaction between pack master and animal companion feats

Building a Better Character Questionnaire

Aggressive Thundercloud

Organization of Demi-humans and humans.

Spirit Summoner - Dark Tapestry spirit - Alien Summons , does it work?

Sneak Attack from Multiclassing stacking

Advice needed on a Doom Slayer character

Bardess' Pathfinder Place (my blog)

Level 1 tree-hugging adventure?

Telekinetic Maneuvers - Disarming and moving opponents.

Better Unchained Ninja Homebrew

Lawful Evil Psychic Build Help

Combat Manager application

Bite attack made out of a material

If I apply trompe l'oeil template to a vampire, does it still have vampire powers / weaknesses?

Monster art!

Need advice for creating a custom anti-scrying spell

Boneworking! What is it good for?!?!?!

What are quantium golems made out of?

Understanding Grapple (Complicated Edge Cases)

Creating 3rd-party content for 1st edition Pathfinder

Behemoth Golem Manual

Build Marvel’s Kingpin

AP suggestions

How much Influence should it cost to rule an existing settlement?

Hiding the rope from rope trick

Need help building up the hype!

Blind Study: the Wild Hunt

Gun Training + Scatter Weapon

Channeling questions

is it PFS legal to use "Gifted Adept" "Call Animal" to get a higher CR level pet / summons?

Wolf's Rain Race Adapation: Wolves & Hanabito

[Pyromaniac Press] EZG reviews What Lies Beyond Reason Campaign Guide II (revised edition)

zen archer / inquisitor PFS build - thoughts?

Using an Acid Flask or Liquid Ice as a Focus Component

Archetype Tier List: A Guide to Picking Archetypes

Cost of Durable Darts

Can You Spy on a Prepared Caster?

Ranged Spellstrike and Bull Rush

Villain shattering the 4th wall

Wakizashi and Slashing Grace

As Dragon as Dragon Can Be

Baggageboy's Mini Guide to Making the Most of UMD at Low Levels

Children of Mythic beings, are they mythic?

Help Me Take Down My Party

Serpentstone pricing.

Armored Caster

psychic knowledge?

Ninja - Invisible Blade (su) - How does this work?

Strangler Brawler build

[Interjection Games] The Master of Forms, The Wood Element Review.

Simple question regarding Smite in 2e

Can a Wizard create a Cure Light Wounds potion using the Fey Magic Human trait?

Floating Disc Question

Question about the spell Pyrotechnics and the blind condition.

How to Make Humans Feel Non-Standard

[Interjection Games] EZG reviews The Master of Forms Expanded: The Wood Element

Undine Oceans Echo Lunar Oracle 11th Level - Advice Needed

Combat Competence and Oversized weapons for fighters.

Need some Plate Recommendations

Inherited Template question.

Adventures in Agrabah

P6 Codex - E6+Pathfinder

Your most underrated class?

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Ftagn! A Guide To The Elder Mythos Cultist

Favorite class for a Dwarf?

Avatar of Chaugnar Faugn

Can bleachlings die of old age?

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