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Alpha Release 1 General Discussion

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Welcome to the Alpha release 1 Forum!

Pathfinder RPG Alpha Release 1.1 - Development Notes #1

Please Change Half-Orcs

Armor as DR

Pathfinder RPG includes DMG, PHB & MM in the final Edition?

Dungeon Bash Playtest Reports -- Level 1

High Level Economics

Remove the Absolutes problem

Backwards compatibility: what does it mean and how far does it go?

Self Healing

Proposal to fix the Fifteen-Minute Adventuring Day

Dire Animals

Guns (Part 2)

Buffing and High-Level Spells (from Monte Cook's blog)

Kain's Pathfinder Playtest.

Alpha character sheet

Pathfinder: Monster Manual

New Magic item creation system.

Alpha 1.1 Playtest using Savage Tide

Making Odd Ability Scores Meaningful

Thought on starting hit dice *and* starting skill points.

Another Playtest Thread

The Lich-Loved Argument

Your XP Chart is on Backwards (p. 9, 62)

Combat Manoeuvres Revised

How much longer will any of this input actually have any bearing on the Beta?

Playtest (ongoing): General observations of the Alpha Playtest R.A.W.

Wizard Bonded Objects (p 16)

Specialist Wizard - Conjuration

Demon Web Pits Playtest

The Trapspringers Playtest (Session One)

Rangers, Paladins and Spells

Please Bring Back / Allow 1st Level Multi Classing in Pathfinder RPG

Thoughts towards Prestige Classes

Problems with the high level game

Semi Random Alpha Class Observation

Alpha focused specialist

KnightErrantJR's Pathfinder Playtest Thread

Archade's Playtest #2

Well, I think I'll be moseying along

Design Focus Threads

Social Encounters (Proposal)

Watcher's Alpha Release 1 actual playtest notes

Monster Conversion Booklet

The Kitchen Ninja's Playtest

Recommendation for Sunder rules.

Extra Medication for All

Is there a Data Set for RPG Explorer for the new Pathfinder system?

What About Polls? Possible Input Aid to Paizo.

Pathfinder Half Orc: Is the other half elf?

Deity Omission? Lunar Deity

Rage Points and Paladins

What parts of Alpha 1 are likely to be overhauled in Alpha 2?

Gotham Gamemaster's Playtest Report (Carnival of Tears)

So Far, So Good (informal playtest notes Sessions 1&2)

Turn / Rebuke Undead

Must all balance be combat balance?

Starting Hit Points (page 11)

Playtest Notes: Hollow's End / Pathfinder Alpha

XP Chart pg 62 (Gaining too many levels)

First Playtest

Monster updates for Pathfinder?

Iconics Reborn: Valeros

How modular is PFRPG?

seekerofshadowlights's full group playtest

seekerofshadowlights's full group playtest

Skill Points

Modern SRD is still OGL right?

Magic Item Creation: A Proposal

Comments: The Cover (Page 1)

Pathfinder Psionics?


Power and Spell recovery in Pathfinder

The Fifteen Minute Adventuring Day...

A talk on starting hit points

Improved Grab

Comparing Iconics

Pathfinder RPG: A Power-Gamers Dream

Fighter's DR at 19th level?

Tallforadwarf's Alpha Playtest Report with page numbers!

Question on Feint rules...

Trained Skills - too many

When should we expect v.1.2?

Playtest Strategies

Ideas on handling the 3 xp charts

Could we get a quick update on things that the Pathfinder folks have been considering?

Vile and Exalted Material?

Web Enhancements

Computer Assistance for Pathfinder

Alpha Rules Review (and suggestions)

Preliminary observations

I'm itching for the Sorcerer, Ranger, Paladin & Bard info...

Ranger concerns

Question about creatures with Track

New update

Obvious Problems

A quick vote on estate management rules

non-PHB Basic Classes

Can I still download alpha 1.0?

Savage Tide / Pathfinder Playtest

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