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High Level Play

Welcome to the High Level Playtest

A suggestion -no one- will like

POLL - High Level Experience

[High-level Playtest] Fire Giants then Lich

Magic Item Dependence on High Levels

[High-level Playtest] Challenge on the Old Black Dragon Bhetah-Thezz't

[Monk] High Level Class Feature Discussion

Purple Worm encounter - 18th level

[Armor] Max Dex

Druids - High levels offer to little

Revisiting Mage's Disjunction

Saving Throws and High Level Games

Death from Massive Damage and High Level Play

Pathfinders effect on our high level gameplay

Feat Chains and Strength Bonuses

Falling and Damage

Large Damage Dice and High Level

[High-level Playtest] Pre-made characters ready for use

NPC Balance at High Level improved (also Ability Bonuses / Magic Item Reliance)

[Buff Limits] Why They Don't Work

My observations

Interaction with High Level Monsters

Arcane Bond - How does it scale?

Playtest Report - Purple Worms vs 18th level party

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