RPG Superstar™ 2015

Open Call: Design a magic armor, weapon, ring, rod, or staff
Round 2: Create a map
Round 3: Create a Bestiary entry
Round 4: Design an encounter
Round 5: Submit an adventure proposal

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Eizenholt, Abandoned Duergar Mining Outpost

Nanny Pajit's Gyre, Gogpodda

Stonevine Stalker

Darkblight Fallow

Maps of Golarion

Lost Water Gardens of Jalmeray

Magrim's Mountain Crusher

Interrogator's Ally


Keyhole Stiletto

Depth Charger

Staff of the Thieving Magpie

Staff of the Trusted Physician

Psychopomp's Crosier

Shield of Stormwall

Ring of the Investigator

Mountain Stance Armor

The Hollowheart Conquest

Journey into Midnight

Bellflower in the Dark

Down the Blighted Path


The Hero’s Breath

The Mekhum Temple

Leviathan's End

Breach Barrier



Poll: Top 4: Submit an Adventure Proposal

The Gloomsworn Path

Windstrider Mail

Barca's Haven

Fellforge Chapel

The Hanging Gardens of Karexin

The Crystallized Shrine

The Lost Entrance to the Crystal Labyrinth


Poll: Top 8: Design an Encounter with a Map




Dread Glutton

Labyrinth Weaver







Deep Desire

Dwarf Agaric

Soulshifter Staff

Ancient Cyclops Stronghold in the Icerime Peaks

Firebrand's Redoubt: Stronghold of Lady Delbera Axebringer

Smokemount Hold

Poll: Top 16: Create a Monster and Stat Block

Port Vito, Sinking Town Turned Smuggler's Den

Shadde-Quah Shoanti Cliff Dwelling. Calphiak Mountains

Caverns of Steam, near Dwimovel (Darklands, Sekamina)

Pyroclastic Spike

Staff of the Prime Mover

Harlequin's Hurlbat

Rod of the Iron Rose

Town of Griffon Falls

Fist of Havoc

Swarm-strike Caster

Venom’s Kiss

Staff of the Vanara King

Rod of Exorcism

Hide of the Vibrant Frog

Spectre Blight

Fool's Scepter

Ophidian Coil


Flowing Fortress Armour

Ice Fang

Crook of Unseen Forces

Escape from the Fleshfairs of Okeno

Treant's Crossing

The Fancy Reefclaw Brewery

Elven Guardpost on the Tanglebriar Border

Tomb of the Mad Elementalist

Sewer, Bridge, and Hypogeum Under Caliphas, Ustalav

Inside the Glacier

The Drowning Temple

The Gravepit Basin of Fallen Sercai

Salvation's End

Leftover’s: East Shore's only Inn

Temple of Kabriri, The Pit, Sandpoint Hinterlands

The Isle of Goboru

Remesiana, Cheliax

Dagon’s Temple & Village of Boggard’s Maw

Ennoblement Abbey

Needlecreek Chasm, The Sodden Lands

The Orv Vault of Ur-Athan

Hexed Pathways to Icerime Peaks

Ghol-Gan King's Wrecked Funeral Ship- Main Deck

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