Round 2: Create a new organization

Monster Reformation Alliance

Riders of the Black Steppe

Fear, Fist and Flame

Stormsworn Company

Verdant Dawn

The Foulgrip Rangers

Anointed Choir of the Rapture

The Unfettered

Arcadian Interceptors

The Pure Line

The Red Bastards

Sisters of Chana-Zhol

The Six-Hundred Geisha

Besmara's Chosen



Cold Hearth Lodge

Children of Carnage

Andoran Mercantile League

Artisans of Obscura

The Maidens of Veiled Vengeance

Forsaken Librarians

Seers of Pharasma

The Grandbridge Squires

Quicksilver Syndicate

Aegis Praxis

The Bargemen's Union


Backbreaker’s Hunt

Brotherhood of Golarion

Hands of the Harridans

The Penumbral League

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