Open Call: Design a wondrous item

Raptoring Gloves

Flask of Liquid Sunlight

Figurine of Familiar Power

Basilisk's Eye Sight

Sunrise Shawl

Silhouette of the Phantasmagoria

Chimaeric Mantle

Scent of the Savored Sting

Elixir of Resurgent Flame

Clockwork Conscience

Spellbreaker Gauntlets

Feywhisper Crown

Sticky Pugfoot

Chalice of Eternal Fire

Haunting Glass

Shadow Box

Moonlight Flute of the Ghost Hunter

Rajah's Silhouette

Gloves, Charlatan

Cloak of Energy Reversal

Spellblight Cage


Metamorphosis Saddle

Cloak of the Swashbuckler

Ghostvision gloves

Boots of the Phantom Staircase

Claw of the Crawling Spell

Dustings of Darkness

Night Monarch Vardo

Vexing Spirit Lamp

Cayden's Cup

Binder of Unbound Forms

RECUSED: Bottled Time

Gloves of Reconnaissance

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