Celebrating Black History Month with Community Creators

Thursday, February 17, 2022

The past several community blogs featured staff and freelancers, so this time we wanted to highlight our community of digital content creators! We encourage you to take a look at what they’ve been cooking up in the Paizo multiverse!

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Dan 'Pan' Grossett (He / They)

Dan 'Pan' Grossett started the Cosmopunk (@Cosmopunk twitter) podcast a year ago with 3 friends and quickly found himself charmed with the Paizo AP community. Since then, he can be found on Twitter (@Stellarencore) taking part in several other Starfinder shows, helping set up crossover events and dipping their toe into the world of Pathfinder 2E with the Manapot EU happy hour. (Twitch.tv/manapotstudios)

“Coming to the hobby only recently, I was kicking myself for not taking up TTRPGs sooner. It's been a great source of new adventures and new friends. If you're even halfway curious but worried about what others may think, or sticking out at the table, I promise you if you find a good group and jump straight in, you won't regret it!”

Social Media:

Navaar Jackson (He/Him)

Navaar is the creator and host of the Secret Nerd Podcast, a TTRPG Talk Show that features guests from across the spectrum talking about how they got into TTRPG’s and why the games are for everyone. Creating a show that is very diverse and inclusive is very important to Navaar, because it helps add to the space in a positive way. Along with these episodes, he’s also done two bonus episodes (so far) playing one-shots of Pathfinder 2e with other creators. This has been a great way to introduce new folks to the system, as well as expose listeners to a game he is fond of, with interesting stories. Along with the podcast, Navaar is also an aspiring writer and game designer, so keep an eye out for future projects!

Social Media:
Twitter: @SecretNrdSocial
Instagram: @secretnerdpodcast
Website: www.secretnerdpodcast.com

We appreciate all our content creators and look forward to highlighting more of their stories in upcoming blogs!

For more Black voices, art from Lost Omens: The Mwangi Expanse, and charities focused on Black authors and communities read our Celebrating Black History Month! blog from 2021.

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It's always nice to see these posts and to learn a little more about the folks who work at paizo.

Also, that preview art from Strength of Thousands is beautiful. I love the canvas look.

The preview from Quest for the Frozen Flame looks good too. And both Ija and Tuku seem to have grown noticeably.

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Like seeing these posts.

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