Starfinder One-Shot: The Great Grav Train Robbery—Let’s Go Do Some Crimes!

Friday, November 5, 2021

Look, the plan couldn’t be simpler. Just rappel onto the roof of a speeding train filled with armed gangsters, somehow get inside, get the passcode that opens the cargo car off the chief of security without alerting their army of goons, locate and grab that artifact everyone’s after, and then call your getaway pilot for an extraction before the train reaches its destination. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Starfinder One-Shot: The Great Grav-Train Robbery, written by Andrew White, can be completed in a single 3- to 4-hour session and includes four 6th-level pregenerated antiheroes whose stories and motivations tie into the plot of the adventure. (Pregenerated characters for this adventure are also available as a free download.) If players create their own characters, they can use the adventure background to customize their characters to the adventure. This adventure can be easily used on virtual tabletops, run off digital devices, or printed out and played at a table.

Author: Andrew White
Andrew White (he/him) is the lead front-end developer on and a Pathfinder and Starfinder freelance contributor who has written for projects including the Advanced Player's Guide, Bestiary 3, Secrets of Magic, Guns & Gears, Tech Revolution, Drift Crisis, and Book of the Dead. He also recently wrote a piece of web fiction about a bunch of goblins heroically burning down a village with assistance from a giant pig. He has a Twitter where he mostly just retweets his more eloquent colleagues at @plaguecontrol.

About the Pregenerated Characters

The boss recruited a ragtag band of miscreants for this job, all of them active players in Pan’s criminal underworld for some time. They consider themselves independent contractors and are already familiar with each other by reputation, if not by personal experience. While each has their own reasons for taking up a life of crime, they all share one thing in common: animosity toward the Ixo Syndicate, which means the opportunity to rob them is almost as tempting as the payday.

Starfinder Adventure The Great Grav Train Robbery: 4 characters repel down to the top of a train in the dark of the night

The Face: Aramesh Maageri

Species: spathinae
Theme: grifter
Class: envoy

The Muscle: Barat Oza

Species: ijtikri
Theme: mercenary
Class vanguard

The Hacker: Kevan Bokoloff

Species: uplifted bear
Theme: scholar
Class: technomancer

The Thief: LNA-464

Species: SRO
Theme: space pirate
Class: operative

Announcing the Liveplay Cast

Watch the live-play premiere on Wednesday, November 10 at 6 PM Pacific on @OfficialPaizo on Twitch!

Headshot of Michelle Nguyen Bradley, she stands in front of a pink gradient background make gesturing dramatically

Michelle Nguyen Bradley

Pathfinder Beginner Box: Troubles in Otari
Starfinder: Scoured Stars
Pathfinder One-Shot: Sundered Waves at Gen Con
Starfinder One-Shot: Band on the Run

Michelle Nguyen Bradley is a show host, voice actor, writer, and professional TTRPG player, and is passionate about fostering community and equality in the geek space. She's played characters like Hoa Sen on Critical Role’s "The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood," a butterfly alien on Paizo's "Starfinder: Scoured Stars" campaign, Betty on the official Rat Queen's RPG from Hyper RPG, a huntress wizard on "The Department of Mysteries" from Dragons and Things, and many more personas through her work on RPG shows. She's hosted geek content like Anime Expo Lite, "Manga Book Club" for Viz Media, and "Button Mash" on the Total Nerd Network. Michelle currently appears as a regular cast member for Paizo and Hunters Entertainment's weekly TTRPG shows on Twitch. Find her work at and follow her on all socials at @iamchubbybunny.

Headshot of Jim Rodehaver, standing in front of a dark background wearing a Dragons and Things t-shirt

Jim Rodehaver

Pathfinder Beginner Box: Troubles in Otari
Starfinder: Scoured Stars
Pathfinder One-Shot: Sundered Waves at Gen Con
Starfinder One-Shot: Band on the Run

Jim Rodehaver writes and plays TTRPGs, sometimes during live-streams on The Dragons and Things Network ( He’s written content for Starfinder and Dungeon Crate, as well as all the home-brewed adventures for his streamed games. Having GM'd over 200 live actual-play games of Pathfinder and the Starfinder Scoured Stars liveplay, Jim brings his experience to the Paizo community firsthand.

Diana Restrepo headshot, she's standing in front of a textured white background while wearing a black jacket

Diana Restrepo

Starfinder: Scoured Stars

Diana Restrepo is an actress, sword fighter, and TTRPG stream player. She has done many short films and web series along with her most recent award-winning series Carpool. She has been part of the DaT Network since the beginning of “Walking in Circles,” “Dragons and Stuff,” and “Dragons and Things.” Recently she was part of the new Pathfinder for Savage Worlds series, “Hollow’s Last Hope.” Currently, she joins the Norse Foundry channel on their show “Fenrir Rising.” When she’s not acting, she’s perfecting her sword fighting and motion capture skills. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @dianares3.

Headshot of Jenny Jarzabski wearing a black blouse and standing in front of a bookshelf

Jenny Jarzabski

Jenny Jarzabski is a Developer at Paizo. She’s also a prolific freelance writer creating adventures, rules, and setting content for Pathfinder, Starfinder, and more. Jenny is passionate about anime, games, mechs, and all things sci-fi. Growing up, she was the weird kid who made up stories and created her own imaginary world. She never grew out of it. When Jenny isn’t developing or writing adventures, she builds models, plays outdoors, and sometimes streams on Twitch. She appeared in Paizo’s “Pungeon Crawl: Worlds Beyond” and “Mind the Gap” as Z, an astrazoan operative and vidgame addict. Starting this week, she’s joining Thurston Hillman to play Modiphius Entertainment’s Dune TTRPG (hosted on and plans to launch her own Starfinder live play in 2022. Rumors that Jenny is an alien life form are still unconfirmed. Find out for sure by following her on Twitter @spaceprincess_j and stopping by

Thurston Hillman headshot while giving two thumbs up

GM: Thurston Hillman

Thurston Hillman hails from the frozen hinterlands of Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he constantly churns out words and runs tabletop games. In addition to being Paizo's Digital Developer, he was active in the creation of the Starfinder Society Organized Play program and outlined its first two seasons (including the well-received Scoured Stars storyline). Thurston has written countless products for Paizo and other companies as a freelance writer. He is the Gamemaster for the popular "Warhams" TTRPG comedy show on Twitch. You can find him on social media @oncallgm and over at where he sometimes streams his RPG sessions and talks about game design and narrative in games. Also, he apologizes for any Organized Play scenarios he developed that killed your character (seriously, he means it!)

Download your copy then watch the live-play on on November 10 at 6 PM Pacific!

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I don't think Thursty is *that* sorry, but I am excited for this anyways :P <3

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As a Canadian, he's legally obligated to say he's sorry, though none of us are fooled.

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COVER ARTIST: Milos Rocenovic

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Thursty seems way too excited to kill PCs

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Let's go get sushi and not pay!


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See, we need to follow Jenny around and see if she says "Nanu Nanu", then we can be sure. Otherwise, they're just conspiracy theories, and we all know where they come from in the Pact Worlds...

*hides her Sarcesian Akashic Mystic of Nyarlathotep who is definitely not at least partly responsible for the conspiracy theories of the Pact Worlds. Nah uh, no sir. Not at all.

Wow! Super excited for this! :D

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I am very much looking forward to this stream ^^

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I'll enjoy listening to the replay!


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Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:

I'll enjoy listening to the replay!


the vast majority of folks watch the replay. :)

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Watch the Starfinder One-Shot: The Great Grav Train Robbery Live-Play.

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