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Friday, July 27, 2018

I'm very happy to announce that we have completed sanctioning for both the Ironfang Invasion and Ruins of Azlant Adventure Paths! Before saying anything further about these adventures, I'd like to thank my fellow developers Luis Loza and Eleanor Ferron for their assistance in doing the vast majority of the work on sanctioning Ironfang Invasion so that we could have it ready to go alongside Ruins of Azlant for a double-dose of new sanctioned content.

The Ironfang Invasion Adventure Path pits the PCs against a fearsome hobgoblin army known as the Ironfang Legion. Many of the boons Luis and Eleanor wrote for this militant adventure tie into building a militia to fight back against the Legion, recruiting NPCs to your cause and gaining a suite of thematic abilities suitable for any warleader. Don't worry though, the boons from these Chronicles are still going to be useful and effective if you decide to play in campaign mode and apply them to a different character who never sallied forth against the Legion!

Ruins of Azlant will take you to colonies and ancient "ruins." The Chronicle sheets and boons reflect the Azlanti connection, offering everything from allies on and near the island of Ancorato to extremely rare ioun stones! Once again, while the boons provided by these Chronicle sheets are written to help enhance your characters' connections to the story and setting, they'll still be powerful and useful in their own right if you decide to apply them to another character after completing the Adventure Path. You can locate the sanctioning documents from the individualIronfang Invasion and Ruins of Azlant product pages and Additional Resources.

With the Ironfang Invasion and Ruins of Azlant sanctioning wrapped and ready for your perusal, we've got a few much-sought-after modules that are primed for our next round of sanctioning releases. Until then, happy gaming, everyone!

Michael Sayre

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Great news.

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Dang. I didn't even realize Strange Aeons was sanctioned previously.


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Very nice!

Scarab Sages 5/5 Venture-Captain, Washington—Spokane

Sweet!! Just in time to possibly issue Chronicle this weekend!!

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Still no update to Additional Resources though.

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Ruins of Azlant! Ruins of Azlant!

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Are you playing Ruins of Azlant, Hilary? I've got a group about a third of the way through Book 2, and it's really fun!

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The Exchange 4/5

James Anderson wrote:
Still no update to Additional Resources though.

Yup.. still can’t use books I got in November..would have loved to use the Poitions & Poisons book on my Poisoner/Alchemist Vish this year


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"we've got a few much-sought-after modules that are primed for our next round of sanctioning releases."

Seer's of the Drowned City? Eh? EeehhH?

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*happy dance*

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Happy dance!!

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I guess my hopes of Hell's Vengeance ever getting sanctioned for campaign mode are all for naught.

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I wouldn't say that Micheal has been cranking out these sanctioning documents at a much faster rate (3 APs and a module or 2) by far then we had before. I suspect if I did the math at his current rate all the Pathfinder era APs and modules would be sanctioned by next Gencon (no pressure but very much appreciated). I'd even love to see them look at sanctioning more of the 3.5 era stuff. I'm holding out hope for Council of Thieves and Legacy of Fire personally

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Found mistakes on the Ironfang Invasion chronicles:

I was just going over the chronicle sheet for "Fangs of War" and noticed a large financial mistake on the +1 adaptive composite longbow. It says it costs 5400 gold. That's 2000 gold too much. +1 is 2000, masterwork is 300, a composite longbow is 100, and adaptive is +1000 gold. At least this is the math according to my Ultimate Equipment book that I have.

Also noticed under the sanctioned pdf of Ironfang Invasion, the Content Key is incorrect. It says "Trail of the Hunted" only allows legal characters of 3-4. Initially I figured it meant 3-5, but then saw that the chronicle itself says 2-4.

So far that's all I've found.

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