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Monday, February 5, 2018

We're now on week three of our ongoing safari into the Jungle of Despair, and things are not looking good for our survival. We overcame the murderous vines, shambling refuse heaps, creeping tendrils, and pygmy plant people that plagued us last week, but it seems our trials are only beginning!

This morning we passed what can only be interpreted as a warning—a clear suggestion to TURN BACK! I mean, look at this skull pole. Look at it! Don't tell me that doesn't freak you out.

But did we heed the warning? Of course we didn't. And the result was a nice trip to the bottom of this fine obstacle. That's some welcome mat! See that blood on those spikes? Yeah, you guessed it—that's mine. I much prefer my life-sustaining bodily fluids remain on the inside, thank you very much.

And all this for some magic relic supposedly lost in dwarven ruins deep in the heart of the jungle? I didn't even know there were dwarves in the jungle. I thought they liked caves and canyons and dark, dry places. This place is anything but that! Still, ancient legend of the magic anvil claims that anything forged upon it will be flawless in form and unbreakable in construction. That's worth all this trouble, right? Right?

What the others don't realize, however, is that anything we find in the heart of this humid hellscape we must carry with us the many miles back to civilization. And we came for an ANVIL! Maybe I can use it to forge myself a wheelbarrow. In the meantime, everything we find goes into this trunk case. It looks like it'd be right at home on the deck or in the cargo hold of a jungle river barge, doesn't it? It's less appealing strapped to my back while I wade through thigh-deep, leech-filled muck, though, believe me.

Who am I to complain, though? I get to live the dream, the life of an adventurer. I get to venture into the untamed wild, and plunder whatever treasures I find there, left unguarded for millennia. Huh? Nature isn't unguarded, you say? There are forces protecting it and its bounty from exploitation? Great, I guess I'll just have to talk about some of those next week.

Mark Moreland
Franchise Manager

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The Anvil is wonderful. I can fit it i many different adventures.

The Trunk Case reminds me of the very durable and versatile luggage that Joe bought in “Joe and the Volcano”.

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This stuff looks excellent! ^_^

Marc, they look great! Any information on the sizes for these? I'm guessing small base pole, large pit, and medium chest. I have no guess on the anvil.

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This set just keeps getting better and better....shame it is too late for our Serpent's Skull game, it would have been perfect!!!

Another fun read, Mark. Do you think the anvil will be cast in translucent orange plastic and then painted over in gunmetal? I think it would certainly help in giving the orange markings a sense of depth and illumination. Just curious.

is it too early to ask for a repaint of the Skull Pole?

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First: thank you for the very funny jungle exploration story, Mark. :-)

It would be great, if you could add the sizes to the dressings.

I like the "Skull pole", which should be small or medium and i hope it doesn't tip over easily.

The "Spiked Pit" looks like it belongs in a jungle and it hopefully is a large piece. It is the best of the previewed pieces imo, as it can be used in larger quantities and be placed on the flip-mats or map-packs/flip-tiles, once they are triggered and also is a great stand-in for the "create spiked pit" spell.

Although it doesn't really belong in the jungle, the "magic anvil" looks good & will come in handy for all kinds of blacksmith & dwarven settings. I imagine it is medium sized, but could also be large.

The "Trunk Case" is my least favorite piece and will only be interesting if it is 2 squares long and one broad, otherwise it will be a "chest" variant.

I hope the two yet unpreviewed pieces are either a rope-bridge, hut or kajak.

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The full box artwork for both the "Jungle of Despair" brick and the "Hydra" case incentive is online at Wizkids.

Here are

Massive Spoilers:

Box art (blurry look):
- a small snake, the name looks like "Iron/Mithal Cobra" even if it
seems to be colorfully painted.
-"Dwarven Miner" with pick & shovel (medium)
-"Fiendish Girallon"/"Anghazani" with shield & axe (large) taken straight from page 20 of AP #39.

The back of the Hydra box explicitly mentions
DAEMONS & QLIPPOTHS to be in the set!!!

There are 9 possible Daemons in Bestiary 2 (1 small, 2 medium & 6 large), though the four Daemons to actually appear in the "Serpents Skull" AP are:
the medium Piscodaemon (B2 page 72),
the large Meladaemon (B2 page 69),
the large Hydrodaemon (B2 page 67) & the large Astradaemon (B2 page 63).
Hydro- & Piscodaemon would make the most sense in a jungle set & from their CRs 8 & 10 should be uncommon.

There are only 5 Qlippoths in Bestiary 2 which would work size-wise (1 small, 1 medium & 3 large), although none appear in "SS".

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Maybe we'll get a gorgoros qlippoth! ^_^

Marco, do you have a link? I can't find what you're refering.


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The anvil and pit trap are Large and the skull pole and trunk are Medium. As dressing, they don't have round bases like the minis do, but those are their relative sizes. Once we get production samples in, I might post a comparison of the dressing and some minis to show scale.

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I want that anvil. It just looks cool.

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I'm sad the pit isn't filled with gem-encrusted spikes.

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Cyrad wrote:
I'm sad the pit isn't filled with gem-encrusted spikes.

Poor Freelic.

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DanyRay wrote:

Marco, do you have a link? I can't find what you're refering.


Pathfinder Battles: Jungle of Despair 8 Ct. Booster Brick

Pathfinder Battles: Jungle of Despair - Hydra Case Incentive

Super blog Mark! So funny with perfect flow! The writing was even better than the minis.

Yes but where are the smurfs ? :-)

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