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Then go to a place that sells opened/individual ones. There are several you can find online.

I have the same issues when I do similar things. Find and replace covers a lot, especially in replacing line breaks with spaces or nothing. Then I use the spell-check to more easily show me the ones where extra spaces broke up words.

Between those, then I just have to go in and hit Enter to end paragraphs wherever I want.

Unfortunately, pdfs tend to throw in strange hidden characters for their own kerning and placement use. Especially when the text is so artfully arranged around images and other decorations.

If using Acrobat, you can try right-clicking on the text you want and selecting Copy with Formatting. That gets rid of the assorted line breaks whe you paste it into Word or whatever.

Depending on the size of the file, you can also try saving/exporting it as a Word document, which will do the same thing by and large.

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My party dropped it in a portable hole (along with all the other treasure). So a few days later the party member whose portable hole it was was highly displeased when they opened it and were greeted by a blast of acid.
After again taking him out, they were then displeased to discover that Knurlott had taken out his frustrations on the contents as well.

After that the person who had decided to keep it to begin with was assigned to scrape out the contents every day.

You might want to actually ask on the Reaper boards, but they produced some pathfinder ones during their most recent kickstarter which should be in or hitting retail soon.

Loved: Options. There was almost always a way to make a character fitting a specific concept. It might require an archetype, alternate race/class features, or PC, but it could almost always be found.

Wanted: A better crafting and magic item creation system. Not some of the home-rule ones or third party, since the games I'm in pretty much stich by the book. By better I mean easy to understand, but not so much a gimme on many things (magic items) mostly. The alternate rules introduced were interesting, but added too much complication to the process.
Also wanted, a system somewhere between the existing and the old 2e/3e type where it was a major undertaking to identify magic items.

Hated/Disliked: Some of the races are too mutable. I've had games where most characters are AAsimars, for example, because they can choose from all the different types and have wholly different bonus stats plus the other racial abilities. If a race or two is so common for those reasons, it's probably not balanced.

Miss: Not sure. Since it'll be a while before I get into a PF2 game, it will be a while before I have a chance to miss anything.

Depending on the encounter, you can add a couple of NPC's, simply bump up hit points, or on occasion add a level to some of the NPC's. Those are usually the easiest ways.
If the party is rolling over everything far too easily, the occasional surprise random wandering encounter can also help. (Just as the party finishes up their ambush of the NPC's, the fight has drawn the attention of a curious xxxxxx)

Using unusual tactics and terrain as mentioned above can help.
Also, when the encounters are intelligent or know of the party ahead of time, the NPCs can target the weaknesses of the party (like closing in on ranged characters, staying at range for melee only, using darkness for those with regular vision, etc) and plan for what to do for them.

My group has about 7 characters in it (when everyone can show) so doing those has been essential at times.

Just make sure not to add too much early on when the party is more susceptible to being overwhelmed easily by a bad roll or two.

I agree completely about the relocation pluses.

I've been thinking about it myself, as my group is heading into chapter 6. (about to start with the castle).

The only part that I have thoughts on is that (for my party) it would open a big can of worms exploring into a large undercity type complex. (as they tend to want to explore it all to be sure). And I don't want to set a hard bottom to the complex by saying "and under here is waterline".

The other is purely mechanical in that, if it isn't a building sinking into the swamp, why is it tilting.

On the upside, it does keep them in the city, but they also have a tendency to want to back out at the drop if a hat to recover after every fight.

Not living in the castle proper doesn't mean there's not round the clock shifts.

My personal take though is that their quarters are on the outside grounds.

There are other structures and areas outside the castle referred to in various places, but they aren't presented in the map. (Like the gardens)

So it could be that's where they live.
Similarly, it's entirely possible they do not provide servant's quarters, and the servants live elsewhere and just commute in for work.

My personal take would be:

I would use the Shaman penalty. Not to form a bond as a Shaman does, but to reach to the spirits. And they also feel the same taint/disturbane/etc that a shaman would.

Make sure you apply the penalties for speak with dead if they use their Voice of the Grave or maybe even Sacred Council or Wisdom of the Ancestors perhaps.

Then you have two different trains of thought.
Either the spirits refuse to come when called (much like a spiritualist's phantom can't be called after a spiritualist enters), or else they can be.
This affects Storm of Souls, Spirit Shield, and Spirit of the Warrior.

If they can't be called, then those three don't work at all.

If they can be called, then you either let them work as normally or else would say that those spirits get absorbed much like Zellara.

If you want to let them work some but indicate that the spirits are being siphoned off, you could also cut the bonuses or damage done with those by a set amount or in half or something similar.

If you go with the option that the spirits are absorbed (even partially), I would allow a check for the oracle to be able to determine this ahead of time or at the very least the first time, much like someone casting possession gets. That way they know what they are getting into. (And know they are going to be liable to get the spirits endangered or upset)

Also bear in mind that the oracle will be subject to the same penalties as other spellcasters for getting sleep and recovering spells due to Dread.

My answer would be:

1) I'm the GM, so if I don't know the backstory, it doesn't exist, since I have to say okay to begin with.
2) If you want your character to not work with the party, then the games are going to be boring for you because I'm not going to make everyone else sit around while your character does his solo thing, and since you won't be with them you won't be involved in the action or the rewards.

In other words, as Nyerkh said "No".

That said, I also tell my players when they join that their character doesn't have to be nice or liked, but it cannot be disruptive to the party.

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When I did it, if the card they chose was good, I would describe it as dissolving in a shower of sparkling lights. They knew they'd chosen correctly at that point.

When they killed a storykin, since they are formed from wax and other such materials, I would describe them as dissolving into puddles of noxious waxy residue.

As for Brambleson, personally I kept Sir Didymus from Labyrinth in my head.

Almost anywhere in the game is liable to have some form of it, even if it boils down to just "they're different".

I made sure to stress this to my players when they made characters for the current campaign, and have let them run across it occasionally. (Such as the Varisian character who runs into slurs from time to time)

One of mine is a wizard who is into all sorts of things, and I've told him that the glowing eyes are already spooky to the "average person". If he keeps doing things like wanting to get wings and so forth, he's liable to start having social issues in game.

That's nice, cap708

Well, since it references the Bestiary Box and NPC Codex, hopefully just those two in addition to this will get almost everything.

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The magic item creation/identification mechanic. (Okay, so it's two)
They always seem impossibly difficult or impossibly easy.

Getting information? They talk to the NPC's. There's one they encounter right off the bat that they can get some from and work out a plan. From there it leads into another somwhat reptilian NPC who may give them even more. If they are inclined to kill everything and expect a written explanation or list of what to do, they are going to be wandering for a while.

How the world works? They'll figure it out as they investigate. Some NPC's may also share information if they are polite and ask the right things.

How do they move? They walk. It's all one plane that's connected together. The encounters aren't separate realms.

As for the cards, in mine I used a simple tack of making the holder of the deck sense/feel/see a glow or hum or vibration from the deck during their first encounter where it was involved (which happens to be right off the bat when they land). Kind of a "Hey, pay attention". If they chose correctly, the card went up into a series of sparkles that flew at the affcted creature(s). Otherwise it went up in a puff of dark smoke. They quickly noticed that the encounter was one of the cards and went from there. After that I kept the same notification going that it wanted used, but the choice of whether to do so or not and which to use was up to them. Several times they didn't use any because they didn't want to lose the cards.

Definitely ask your GM, but I would advise that you not put a lot of reliance on magic item creation downtime. There are parts where you may be occupied or where you might have time, but the availability of materials or location might not be conducive.

Since controlling them is a Standard action, it would be your attacks or else using the chains (one per chain).

The action isn't to gain control or activate them, it's to direct them.

As the feat says, "This grants you two chain attacks, which deal damage as per a spiked chain made for a creature of your size." So you get two attacks, one per chain.

The part about "These chains attack as effectively as the kyton itself." is due to the fact that the kyton isn't necessarily holding or touching the chains. They could just as easily use chains laying a few feet away or chains hanging on another creature.

Picture it as watching a Hellraiser movie. The kyton is standing there looking on as the chains around them rise up and attack at their direction. But the kyton has to use a standard action to do this directing.

Yes, it's likely that it would reduce your number of attacks, but it has the advantage of staying away from the fight physically in many cases. (Toss two chains over by the bad guys and then stand 20 feet away where they can't reach you.) Plus, you are getting 2 attacks as a standard action allowing you to use a move action as well in case someone gets near you.
In addition, every form of attack you could make with a spiked chain could be made with the controlled ones.. (trip, etc).. just make sure you get some magic chains in case of DR.

As for the flanking and AoO... that's a bit more nebulous.... there's nothing I could find that stated it officially one way or another, but if I was running the game (and with kyton eidolons available I've had to look at it), then I would do it this way (sort of a combination of animated object and dancing weapon):
I wouldn't allow them to make an AoO, because creatures get that, not objects.
I wouldn't allow flanking because they are objects and not creatures (the character could flank, but the weapon itself doesn't)

In other words, there's a lot of room where someone with this on a regular basis could really be overpowering without some limits. But, as Dave said... check with your GM.

<My 2 cents>

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The one I didn't know of was that for most of the beneficial touch spells, the upper limit is 6 targets affected.

"Some touch spells allow you to touch multiple targets. You can touch up to 6 willing targets as part of the casting, but all targets of the spell must be touched in the same round that you finish casting the spell."

In this case, the specific rule (creature description) should take precedence.

Normally it might not work, but for this creature it does. Also, it isn't a spell anyhow, so that sentence doesn't apply.

Well, eventually, I would think the penalties to leadership might run them out of contention.... :D

But I would also start looking at attitude standing of the cohort. If the cohort is assumed to start at helpful, the PC might start being more careful if the NPC starts questioning their choices and occasionally has to make diplomacy checks to convince them of certain actions.
"What do you mean you don't feel like blocking the space between me and the orc horde??"
"Not today, you have a headache?!?"
"Huh? What do you mean you'd rather stay here and guard the camp?"

That gives them a way to earn back the cohort's good will, or to destroy it further without it being an instant penalty.

Yeah, if cost is an issue, GIMP would be the way to go.

I used Photoshop to add a grid layer to them along with some resizing to make them print at the right scale.

(And then a ton of printing pages and connecting the sheets!)

In mine, when the party met with the Emperor, he was there negotiating for some favors/equipment already. When he saw the party, he pretty much went "oh sh---", warned the Emperor about them and then got out of dodge before they could get to him.

He was also dealing with the authorities for bodies from Deathhead, but the party never encountered him.....

While they are off at Scarwall, I'm working out how to incorporate him next. The party has allowed enough to escape already that they are going to see several familiar faces at the castle.
So I've been debating whether to have him picking up the scattered pieces in Old Korvosa.

Well, I would guess that if I were to use such a creature (with a similar ability/property) at some point I would just assume it has something like the hungry fog's ability to engulf without actually causing a pin or trapping them......

And for other incorporeal I would just apply the standard "can't occupy the same" rule.
Although it would be a heck of a combat if a wraith were sharing with a player and everyone else had to deal with "should I swing at Bob or not?" :D

But it would be nice if such things were clarified by an official source just for ease of use.

I was hoping that something had been added/faq'd/etc somewhere that such creatures gained something like the engulf ability or a similar function. Similar to the Hungry Fog.

It would make sense for things that are large mists/clouds/fogs/smoke/not physical...

I suppose it could work if the creature was helpless or pinned or the like, but that would seem to make the ability fairly useless. After all, what use is an ability that makes the victims unable to take actions if they already pretty much are.

I know there have been questions asked on this before (Can an incorporeal occupy the same space as a PC", and usually it boils down to "nothing says they are exempt from the rule about occupying the same space"....

But I ask because of a specific line on a monster....

"Wrap in Despair (Su) Any living creature that begins its turn occupying the same space as a caller in darkness........"

The specific attack doesn't really have much effect unless the victim is actually still up and active (oh no, my unconscious/dying character is depressed)... so my wonderment is how would this scenario come into play unless an incorporeal could occupy the same space as a corporeal?

It only says you invest it when you "don" the item. (At least that I saw)
Am I missing anywhere it specifically says you have to re-invest every day?
Or maybe it's every time you take something off.....

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Well, you could also say that while it isn't provable, the casting might have been seen by one or two individuals.

That information could come in handy later on for some NPC.. either as blackmail or something to put the "authorities" onto them and take the PC's attention off of the NPC.

I could see Boule, for example, keeping that tidbit handy for later if the PC's uncover certain documents........

If they choose to track them, let them. Adapt to their actions.

BUT, since they have already attacked the Queen, they should also be on the wanted list for their actions (reducing the support or contact they would have with many NPCs), and even if they do all sorts of nice things and meet the goals of investigating things, their social reward/reputation should not be as good at the end. The Queen flat out won't offer kind words and support for a group of slavering bloodthirsty individuals who tried to attack her.

Let them know in game that they just made their own lives harder. Make them worry about getting around because they have to stay out of sight. Let them see the wanted poster with the reward for them and start wondering who might turn them in for the cash.

If they decide to just start attacking everything, they are liable to get their butts handed to them, 8th level or no. Especially if they decide to try it against the Guards, Maidens, or Palace.

As for the parts not directly contributing, while yes they are filler missions, they also serve to show the PC's that other things are happening in the city. Not everything in the city involves the plot, some of it serves to show how the citizens are affected and how others are reacting. Opportunists, snake oil sales, influxes of other creatures taking advantage of the situation.

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Paladinosaur wrote:
Is there a Totem that makes me really good at punching horses?

The Mongo totem. :D

I have done that for my Crimson Throne campaign, especially for the periods where the party is traveling.

I determined the equivalent climate location in the real world and went to weather underground.
You can select a place, and then look at it's history for any range of time.
It will give you a nice chart/table of the High/Avg/Low temps, humidity, visibility and wind on each day along with the precipitation and any other events (like thunderstorms, snow, blizzard, fog).
Then if you want the moon, you can just add that in yourself.

I actually mark off each day on the sheet as the game progresses, so at any given time I can tell them "it's the equivalent of the end of December" or the like.

Of course, one person's idea of "reasonable" and another's may vary.

I'll echo the font size comments of some others. I logged on this morning and thought my browser had gotten messed up since yesterday afternoon because the text was suddenly huge. The text in quotes is fine, but the actual posts and thread listings are much bigger (IMO) than the standard font on most web forums and pages.

Hopefully when the tags are fixed it will reduce a bit. As was mentioned earlier, when tagging it as -bigger- actually makes it smaller, then maybe the normal text is too big.

Also, it would be nice if the top-level forum was the default destination from the navigation header rather than listing all the sub-forums only. I already set my bookmark to the top level, but still.....

Maybe, if them leaving all the time is an issue, move the checks to avoid being trapped up from once a week to once for each day they spend.

I like the idea of Ileosa experimenting and some just dropping dead.

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Potayto, potahto. If the consequence for an action (or inaction) is negative, it's still the consequence.

If a character searches a room, they find something. If they don't, they don't find it. The result is the consequence of their actions.

In this case, if they get on with saving the city, xx happens. If they don't, then a whole lot of yyyyyy happens. It's the consequences of them not doing anything that I'm interested in.

There's generally not a lot of description in AP's of what happens in that case.

Right now, my thinking is that they will get word of the city from some Shoanti they have met previously that used to dwell in the woods north of the city. (They ran through one of the PFS scenarios previously).

Otherwise they're pretty much in the middle of nowhere and may not run across anyone due to location. (How many refugees are going to be fleeing towards the Hold of Belkzen after all, which is pretty much the only place anyone they pass will be going to)
Of course, they might also run across some of the less savory type of merchants who -would- be traveling to Urglin.

Thinking they will get word of open rebellion, lots of people being taken into "protective custody", word of other bad things like that. The guard disbanded due to loyalty issues.

Plus, I have set up another encounter they are liable to have where they will find the remains of another adventuring party. Among the remnants will be a journal describing some more information the deceased saw or heard of Korvosa before they left.

Haven't decided on my order of who's gonna be dead because of them list.

Yakman wrote:


but seriously, they PCs should only be leaving Korvosa because they HAVE TO. They should want to get back as soon as they can.

That being said, the damage is done to the campaign. All you can do is hope that they don't do the same on the way back - so wreck their day a bit with monsters and attacks and thieves and other stuff. You can also make it clear to them with "word from Korvosa" bringing ever more terrifying news.

Also maybe shame them with them being passed by a caravan of cripples fleeing the city.

When these sloths get back to Korvosa, they:

a) encounter a much stronger set of villains
b) a city much more in shambles
c) they shouldn't have benefited from their delays. their potential allies in the city should be in dungeons, their friends and family in dire straits or in exile, etc.

Don't know how much more shambled the city can get. :D

In my game, the characters/players keep looking for places to stop and take long breaks to make magic items. This wasn't as much of a problem until they left the city and headed out towards Kaer Maga. During the trip to reach the Shoanti for the "vital information we have to get to stop all the bad things", they stopped in every largish place along the way and took almost 3 in game months just sitting around to make everything they could afford to. This is in addition to the plain old travel time.

I have no problem with them doing that in general, but I don't want to have the world come to a pause outside of them.

So how would you adjust things to give them a sense of urgency? Or would you? I've told them that the world doesn't stop just because they do, but I'm not sure how to reflect that in game. And I really don't like to just say "No you may not" or just have them get back to Korvosa at some point and be told "Oh, it's over and the bad guys won".

Wonder if they have this in the History of Ashes cd by Big Finish... anyone know?

Doskious Steele wrote:
Doskious Steele wrote:
Still haven't been able to locate Scarwall Section C, though I recall finding it on RPGMapShare a year ago when I went looking, so hope remains...
Scarwall First Floor - Garrison and Kitchen ("C" key)

What keywords found that one? I have been looking for the other Scarwall sections

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Forben Stralken wrote:

Hello everyone, i hope this wasn't a hot topic recently, i couldn't find any thread about that even though i'm pretty it must have been asked before:

I'm having trouble setting up shops in my campaign, precisely magic items shops, like wands/scrolls/magic armor and weapons etc. I have no idea how to handle such task as it's my first time GMing more than a simple module, and i'm a bit overwhelmed with this as i know my players will try every now and then to grab some.

How did you guys set it up?

I provided mine with the information on shops in the town listed in the Korvosa book, but for the most part my players tend to act like there's some mystic one-stop shop that sells everything. So unless you're going to make them walk from shop to shop and rp through each interaction with the merchant, I wouldn't get too mired down in the details.

I usually just tell them yes or no on whether what they are asking for is available, and tell them they just blew all all afternoon and evening when they're done.

Helel13 wrote:
Yea would love angelrobles maps if anyone can reupload :(((( I had used them for books 1-3 and loved them, would like to use them for the rest of the campaign if possible.

Try these..... RPGShare

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alexgndl wrote:
Lanathar wrote:
Is the second 2018 AP being announced this weekend? I am sure I heard that on a know direction episode (one of the seminar ones)
According to Adam on another page, it's actually being announced today, within an hour or so!

According to their Twitter feed, it's been announced.. Return of the Runelords.

They could also make friends with a cleric. Since they spend time with at least one NPC cleric during 7 days, that's not a difficult thing to wrangle.

If by one shot you mean one session, then not gonna happen probably.

If you mean a one-off apart from a campaign, then it could be fun.

My group is finishing it up soon, as they have done all of the mini-tasks, etc to get to the BBEG next session.

However, it is complex and has some holes in it that you might have to fill on the fly. For a first time DM that might be difficult. Especially depending on the nature of the players.
Mine have become largely murderhobos in this one because they are away from home, although that's due to some of them not seeing the inhabitants as "real".

So be prepared for them to go "off script". Also be prepared if they are not good with a sandbox layout. The module is largely one of them doing things on their own, and some players do not like having to come up with their own "what next". Mine are more of the "wanting an NPC to tell them the next thing to do" type.

Also, plan for the loot. I hand out a sheet at the end of each session when possible, and during this module there is little to no capability to sell things off, so they are forced to deal with weight issues if they want to loot everything.

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