Journey into the Meraz

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The sands of the Meraz Desert hide a long and storied history, one beset by ancient evils and warring factions. In Feast of Dust, the PCs start off in the trade town of Dimayen as it is plagued with an ancient curse. Citizens find themselves ravenously hungry, but can't seem to keep any food down and eventually starve or wander out into the desert. As the PCs get involved, they work with factions in the town, before setting out into the remote Meraz to track down the source of the town's problems—a cult of Trelmarixian inhabiting the Sunbleached Tower!

Developing the look of a brand new cult we've never used before fell to our amazing Art Department and artists! Here are just a few examples:

Illustrations by Tomasz Chistowski, Firat Solhan, and Rogier van de Beek

The wait is over! In addition to the adventure, this Pathfinder Module also features a gazeteer of Dimayen and three new monsters. Pick up Feast of Dust and have the PCs square off against the, cultists, daemons, and more! Can your group stop the evil harbinger of famine before it's too late?

Illustrations by Tomasz Chistowski and Ertaç Altınöz

Adam Daigle & Crystal Frasier
Developer, Assistant Developer

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love this

Dark Archive

Has there been any more information on Trelmarixian published (other than what's in Book of the Damned)?

It's about the cult of Trelmarixian and not written by Todd Stewart? I'm surprised.

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