Creon Vizcarra's page

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Full Name

Creon Vizcarra




Oracle 10







Special Abilities

Blackened Curse, Dust to Dust revelations




Protean Lords


Here and there around Avistan


Common, Protean


Street Preacher/Sometimes Vandal

Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 10
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 9
Charisma 18

About Creon Vizcarra

Hailing from the tiny River Kingdom of Lambreth, Creon is the newphew of Sanger Vizcarra, the mayor of Sezgin.

While Creon wanted for nothing as a young man, he was always a bit off. He would talk to himself, had to be prodded to bathe and clothe himself properly, and barely took notice of his surroundings. When lucid he was surprisingly charming, but for his safety his family tried to confine him.

They failed. Without exception every time they tried to confine Creon to a portion of the Sezgin mayoral mansion, he would be found a few days later wandering the streets of the town, the locks on the doors mysteriously vanished.

When he turned 18, Creon's slight maddness took a turn for the worse- he began comitting small acts of vandalism and began speaking of hearing bizarre serpentine creatures with divine powers. Again his family tried to confine him, but again they failed.

They found Creon a few hours later, standing over the charred remains of an old shed behind the family home, his arms blackened and scarred from the flames, his fingers twisted into talons. Without much further ado, Creon's unlce Sanger, the head of the family, strongly suggested to Creon that his destiny lay far from Lambreth.

Creon complied, and became something of a wandering street preacher, speaking to all who would listen about the great serpents that would bring glorious Entropy to the world. Never staying in one place for long due to his penchant for minor acts of vandalism and peace disturbance, Creon has always been able to talk or bluff his way out of serious trouble, though like his Uncle the authorities have always thought he should "move on." Over the last two years he finally made his way south to Absalom.

Not everyone in Creon's family was happy to see him gone, however. His mother, Mona Vizcarra, was formerly of the Dralneen family of Cheliax. She tried to keep watch over her wayward son, and when she found that he was in Absalom, she asked her second cousin Zarta to look after him.

Zarta Dralneen, the head of the Dark Archive of the Pathfinder Society, knew a resource in her slightly crazy relative when she saw him. Zarta has a calming effect on Creon's troubled mind, and when he's on mission for the Dark Archive, he's more coherent than usual. He's just begun working for the Pathfinder society, but he sees his work with them as a perfect way to bring about the chaotic dissolution of all things that his mysterious snake gods desire.