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Relevant part of Entropic Shot for Vanguards reads:
"When you gain entropic attunement at 5th level, add the weapon properties first arc (dealing acid damage instead of electricity damage) and guided to those you can add to your entropic strike"

How much damage is the First Arc supposed to do?

All of the weapons that have this ability in the book also have a damage value.
It seems like something like 1/2 of your Entropic Strike dice would be about the right scale compared to the rest of the weapons in the book but it's hard to tell.


It's hard to tell, and Paizo still didn't say anything

If we read the way of the other similiar property: Corrode.

At 7th level wrote:
choose one of the following critical hit effects: corrode (1d8 for every 3 vanguard levels you have)

If we check the normal damage of Corrode in weapons (it's normally d4s and d6s) we'll see how they intented to make it a little more deadly


First Arc: wrote:
A weapon with the first arc special property always generates an electrical arc, per the critical hit effect whenever it hits a target

If we look the listed first arc damage (it's normally a number or d4s) and use the same logic it would be:

1d6 for every 3 vanguard levels you have
Which is not a bad scale for the entropic strike compared to the rest of the weapons and always it's gonna be behind the original attack because don't add the CON and STR modifier damage
Also it's half good beacuse the Arc effect could damage allies

Now compare a 1/20 chance of a more explosive crit with a permanent damage boost to every hit it's the hard part but if we take that:

- It's an almost permanent boost, you can always spend all your entropy points which make you actually play with your class resources.
- I like more electricity but the damage is Acid, which if good but many of the more vile monsters have resistance or immunity to it.
- It's only good against 2 or more enemies, otherwise it becomes a decrement to the party being around you

I think that it's balance enough to make the Primary feature of the Vanguard a more reliable tool and gives the opportunity to think more about your class and how to roleplay it

That breaks down a bit when you consider you can get Corrode and First Arc but I suppose it's a good enough answer.
Def agree that it should be d6s and not d8s though!

Thanks for weighing in :)

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