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Can't believe I didn't notice this before, but the spell Transport Passengers from the COM has a target of a vehicle or a Tiny starship. However, the text of the spell states that it can only be used on a target that can carry more than one passenger. Guess what? There are no Tiny starships that can carry more than one passenger. A Fighter frame has the possibility of carrying exactly one passenger. There are also no Tiny starships with expansion bays. (In case anyone thinks to mention it, a starship must be at least of Small size to equip an external expansion bay.)

Given the above, is the spell Transport Passengers supposed to:
a) target a vehicle or starship of at least Tiny size.
b) have the text say that the target must be able to have at least one passenger.

A) pretty sure it was intended to target fighters specifically. Though rules as written it doesn't.

B) The nebulor skymedic is a niche starship, but makes a great target for this spell. Though if the default med bay counts as passengers is somewhat up in the air.

Second Seekers (Jadnura)

I'd argue that a fighter would be a valid target. I don't believe passenger is used as a game term. And i would count anyone onboard, including the pilot, as a passenger for the purposes of this spell.

If you disagree, the nebulor skymedic could still count if you consider patients passengers. And if you read the description, it also mentions that variants of it exist where the medbay is replaced by luxury seating. These would definitely qualify.

Finally, the description for starship frames states that, while not normally possible, if you have lots of time money and a GMs permission you might be able to change how many expansion bays a ship has. Allowing you to install guest quarters or passenger seating in a modified tiny ship.

I think not allowing this spell on vehicles and ships that are too small makes sense. If there's barely room for people, where are you going to put the door to the extradimensional space? However the more i think about it the less sense it makes to restrict larger starships from benefitting. What you are really doing is creating a doorway that connects to a magically created space, how big the ship is shouldn't really matter to a spell like that. However using this on a starship seems like a bad idea in general, as passengers will be shot into space if you ever let it run out.

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