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I've been thinking about getting the "Starwright" archetype, but there's something I don't fully understand. The rules say: "The starwright archetype grants an alternate class feature at 6th level. If you also forgo the class features gained at 12th and 18th levels, you gain an extra use of this feature per feature forgone." and then, when describing the 'Starmetal Application" they say: "You have a starwright’s kit containing tiny amounts of starmetal you can use once per day to infuse a single item. After 10 minutes of uninterrupted work, you grant the item the benefit from the chosen starmetal for 24 hours, as described below..."

What I don't understand is, if I get the extra uses for the 'Starwright' feature forgoing my class's features, can I get the 'Starmetal Application' benefits more than once to infuse a single object? Or is it mandatory that I have to choose different objects?

Thanks in advance!

Shadow Lodge

Looks like you must choose different objects.

I would say you should avoid reading anything into the rules that isn't said explicitly and isn't logically required. If it doesn't say you can't enhance the same item day after day, I would say you can.

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