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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 5–9.

Few are as adept at fighting demons as the Riftwardens, an organization of spellcasters dedicated to protecting the boundaries between the planes. Many are already committed to the Fifth Crusade in Mendev and are unable to assist the Pathfinders directly in the society’s upcoming expedition into the Worldwound, but if the Pathfinders assist the Riftwardens elsewhere, perhaps a small number of the mages might be free to return the favor. Unfortunately, this means entering the godless nation Rahadoum, where several Riftwardens have recently disappeared.

This is a 1st edition Pathfinder Society game that I would like to run for Gameday starting on September 11th. I'll be taking people on a first come, first served basis. Please post with the character(s) you would be interested in playing.

Silver Crusade

I'd be down to play a level 7 pregen for this if you get additional interest.

The Concordance

I have a 9th level paladin who would love to hammer some sense into the Rahadoumi. I would be using a replay and will bow out if there ever reaches a waitlist.

Silver Crusade

I have a 6 level merkfolk (barbarian 4 / cleric 1 / bard 1).

The Exchange

Greetings, folks!

I am interested to participate because somehow still have not played or GMed this scenario.

I've got several characters to play this and may chose particular one when we better understand either we go to high or low tier.

UPD: okay, I see a paladin in the party and decided to bring one of my favorite characters. She is a Ratfolk Necro-Occultist and a follower of Zyphus (not fanatically, but still). She is level 7 or 8 - I need to check some chronicles.

@Elbesamiya dy Bulaka please, let me know what kind paladin are you?
I mostly interested in a Code of conduct lines. No rush, but I will surely return to these questions narratively as Rogjameda likes to provoke clerics and paladins :)

Hi everyone, and welcome. Looks like we will have enough people to form a game of everyone is able to play. I'll keep recruitment open through the end of Thursday to see if we can get another person or two, then get everything set up to start introductions and background.

Grand Lodge


I'll sign up with MetalWhiz, a dwarf Fighter 8/Skald 1.

I have played this before, and failed miserably, I will be using a replay star for vengeance. It's been a while, but I'll hang back on decision making.

I'm interested. At that level I have a level 6 Skald, 8 Bard, 9 Sorcerer, 9 Alchemist.

I'm thinking the Alchemist or Sorcerer for balance since you have a bard (though only level 1 - still, the bonuses would be redundant).

Grand Lodge

i might have a lvl 7 open to play...will advise...hes a swashbuckler

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

If it is still open, i have 2, level 5 folks ready, a sorcerer and a ranger archer. If there is a low tier bent, they may work. High tier, I only have Orst, my 8th level paladin. I am posting Friday and you mention closing Thursday night, I understand if you have closed the recruitment.

Grand Lodge level 7 is free...there was a mixup at a table...good to go if chosen

Awesome, hello everyone! Looks like we have a few more than a full table. Since Elbesamiya mentioned bowing out if there's a waitlist, we'll go with the other 6 people who responded first.

Ryan Heck, Ethelnir, Rogjameda, Metalwiz, Miteke and Grimdog73, you can all post in discussion with your character's information and introduce yourselves in the gameplay thread. If anyone ends up not being avaiable, Wydroe and Elbesamiya will be on the waitlist to join.

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