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Full Name

Ryan Heck


Geniekin Undine







Special Abilities

Hydrokinesis, pixelmancy, cryptography


Lawful Good


Twin Cities, Minnesota


English, Aquan, Halfling


Designer, Consultant, Publisher

Homepage URL

Aqualith Media

About Ryan Heck | Aqualith Media

Aqualith Media is a digital design consultancy and publishing imprint producing quality, third-party digital products centering around a science-fantasy pocket setting easily compatible with some of your favorite tabletop roleplaying game systems.

Need more aquatic magic in your life? Plunge further in with Aqualith on Ko-fi, MeWe, LinkedIn, Odysee, Twitter, and more.

Currently playing:
PFS 1e, Sir Radiarch Eklesya, Aasimar Divine Hunter 5
Grimmsgate 1e, Riaghan Meadowbrook, Undine Seaborn Sorcerer 1
PFS 2e, Berrgo Thistleshade, Twilight Halfling Runescarred Cleric 5
PFS 2e, Nuoc Tang, Tian-Dan Pilgrim Evoker 2
PFS 2e, Galindier Sindoral, Whisper Elf Fighter, Rogue, Talisman Dabbler 1
PFS 2e, Cephor Uskind, Jinxed Tengu Enigma Bard 2
No Thank You, Evil! (as GM)

Planning to play:
PFS Kingmaker 2e, Sir Reynald Eklesya, Nirmathi Gunslinger, Cavalier 0
PFS 2e, Sir Radiarch Eklesya, Human Aasimar Paladin, Archer, Eldritch Archer 0
Pathfinder 2e, Loftur Sjovegg, Ulfen Fighter & Lars Smolderwick, Rock Dwarf Desnan Cleric
BECMI, Secrets of Mystara
Cypher System (sci-fantasy, as GM)
The Hero's Journey 2e (as GM)
Advanced Labyrinth Lord (as GM)
Shotguns & Saddles (as GM)

Previously I've played:
The Strange; Ryan is a Serene Vector who is Licensed to Carry
Numenera; Cephor is a Vigilant Glint who Talks to the Datasphere
Starfinder Society, Pregen
GM'd Resplendence, a homebrew Jade Regent campaign
GM'd a homebrew Middle-earth campaign using Cortex Classic
Pathfinder Society, Riaghan CL6 Human Cleric/Rogue
Pathfinder Society, Berrgo CL4 Halfling Inquisitor
Legacy of Fire, Loftur CL14 Ulfen Half-elf Shielded Fighter
Star Wars Saga, Xercutus CL9 Duros Ace Pilot
Star Wars Saga, Grif Shal'kef CL8 Kamino Clone Infiltrator
3 other Star Wars Saga campaigns
One-shots in: Labyrinth Lord, 13th Age, Ellis: Kingdom in Turmoil (playtested), 4e Organized Play, Dungeon Crawl Classics