Golaripalooza [1e, Rotating GMs]

Game Master dien

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Thanks dien!

Interested as well.

Most of my experience is PnP.

Some thing we have experienced with in PnP is actually having 2 GMs, one being in charge, the other one playing GM NPC (especially in certain modules that are chock full on party accompanying NPCs, WOTR cough), occassional antagonists and helping with keeping track of buffs.

In my experience, this can work quite well if the 2 GMs are on the same page of course, I dont know how well it would work in PbP.

In terms of GMing, my players typically rate me as a 5/5 in terms of improv, fairly highly in terms of storytelling and "fairness", but also as too nice in terms of actually killing player characters.
I am not the greatest mechanically.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 16

Thanks for throwing in your interest, Mightyphion!

Current list:
*Scitenik (new to PF1e, won't GM for a while if at all)

*Jace Crenn
*Illia (sorry, Illia, I somehow forgot to include you on previous applicant lists)
*Ruin Explorer

So that's nine people for the remaining five spots.... seems a good time to say that's enough for me to pick from. I'm just gonna read through what people have said so far and make an extremely subjective selection based on nothing more than gut instinct and whimsy, honestly, but I'll have that later today, and I'll get the Discord and other stuff going.

Thanks for everyone who indicated they'd like to be part of this!

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 16

Okeys. Will the following players please swing on over to the Discussion tab?

Jace Crenn
Ruin Explorer

If you weren't selected, my 'process' was, as mentioned super-subjective, and based mostly on an unscientific sense of ~Vibing With People~ based on their posts in the thread. So please don't take it personally! If nothing else, the thread shows that there appears to be interest in the concept, and with four players, y'all have almost enough to make a second group, if someone wants to take point pursuing that. Best of luck to all of you in finding games to join!

Shadow Lodge

Swinging on over!

Heading over now.
Safe travels everyone!

Good luck and have fun you happy few :)

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