Conquest of the Vale

Game Master leinathan

Map of the Vale

Fort Thorn Map


DAY: 1 / 60
TIME: Around 5 in the afternoon

Fey-Aided Bugbear Ambush! round 2

1. Bugbears
2. Gov (prayer, prone) & Basil
3. Reilarri (snared, inspire courage +1)
4. Sven (+1; bane goblinoids)
5. Cyla (4 mirror images) & Shadow
6. Bugbear Leader
7. Stayven <--- You are up!

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Part of his smithing training. Craft magic arms and armor means knowing enough magic to enchant. And as he needs to have his implements to cast, the magic is described as being runic in nature. Where he has enchanted his implements, and each day uses his magic to refill the items that he ‘casts’ from. This also explains why he can run out of spell slots and focus.

Okay, stats are completed, I may fiddle around at the margins but this is the finished core concept.

I see the GM has been asking questions about the characters, should I wait on those as prompts or just launch full steam into background/history/personality?

Yeah! I've got some basic questions, if you don't mind.

Who is Reilarri's deity?

What makes her Lawful Good?

Where is she from, and how did she get to Bloodsworn Valley?

Where did she learn her skills as a Battle Herald?

What's her base motivation?

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Love the battle herald build! Very flavorful and haven’t seen it before. And I’ve seen a lot of builds. :)

Only thing I noticed is your belt. In ABP magic items don’t give enhancement bonuses anymore. Other abilities do.

Right now you have Str17 Dex10 Con16 Int10 Wis14 Cha12

Without the belt, and using ABP I think you can do this.

Str: 15 + 1 (Lvl4) = 16
Dex: 10
Con: 14 +2 (race) = 16
Int: 10
Wis: 12 +2 (race) = 16
Cha: 13 -2 (race) +2 (ABP) = 13

So Str drops down to 16 and Cha goes up to 13. This means at lvl7 with ABP you can have Str18 and at lvl8 can have Cha14. Makes for quite a charismatic dwarf! It also gives you 4K gold to play with. :)

Doing this should mean none of your other numbers change right now. And if I’m reading your character sheet right, your build path should stay pretty much the same too.

You also might want to buy a Boulder Helmet. 20 gold for +2 AC vs Crit confirmations and it gives you an attack option against enemies who get in close, given that you are using a reach weapon. One of the little perks of playing as a dwarf.

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Background & Personality:

Born and raised in the Sky Citadel of Kraggodan, Reilarri was brought up on stories of her people’s strong stands for justice and order in the world—most famously their participation in the righteous battles of the Shining Crusade. Determined to further that noble history, Reilarri joined the citadel defense force and quickly made a name for herself as a skilled tactical and field commander. Accepting a commission to fight in the Worldwound, she accompanied a crusader battalion to Mendev during the final crusade—even earning a battlefield promotion to company captain after the previous captain perish in combat with demons. It was during this time that she forged ties to the Church of Iomedae that she still maintains to the present day. 

When the crusade ended and the Worldwound was sealed, many crusaders returned home, but a band of idealistic and ambitious Iomedaeans approached Reilarri with a proposal: a revolution to topple the infernal-backed House Thrune of Cheliax…a Glorious Reclamation. Eager to see the cause of righteousness furthered in the Inner Sea, Reilarri accepted and received command of a company of Toragdan and Iomedaean soldiers. At first things seemed to be doing well—her company captured a Chelish border fort in the northeastern Menador Mountains (near the border with Molthune) and repelled a Chelish counterassault in order to establish and protect a supply line for the Glorious Reclamation’s siege of Citadel Dinyar. 

But House Thrune is not so easily toppled, and Reilarri’s company found themselves cut off from the main body of the Reclamation’s forces after champions of House Thrune broke the siege at Citadel Dinyar and shattered the paladins stationed there. Knowing that Chelish troops were headed her way, Reilarri withdrew in good order and snuck her company north through the Backar Forest, hoping to return and rejoin the Reclamation later. Alas, it was not to be—word reached Reilarri and her troops that Chelish forces had retaken Westcrown and slain Lord Marshal Alexeara Cansellarion. Heartbroken by the Reclamation’s defeat, Reilarri released her soldiers to return home and brooded for months.

In time, word reached the dwarven soldier of a job opening; to make mountain pass known as the Bloodsworn Vale safe and place it firmly in the control of the city-state Korvosa. Intrigued and hoping for a chance to strike a small blow against Cheliax, Reilarri donned her armor and took up her banner and began the journey to Bloodsworn Vale.

Reilarri propitiates all the dwarven gods except Droskar, but with a particular focus on Torag in His aspect as a defender of community and justice. Angradd and Folgritt are also close to her heart.

Reilarri believes that people are basically good and decent if you let them be. She also believes that the rule of law is what protects the weak from the strong in a just/functioning society.

Born & raised in Kraggodan, the spoiler above details her adventuring history but the simple answer is that she just walked there, looking for a rebound after the Glorious Reclamation was broken in Cheliax.

Reilarri is a professional soldier, the basics would have been taught to her in the Sky Citadel's military academies but then honed during her deployments in Mendev and then Cheliax.

Reilarri was raised on the hearth-songs of the Kraggodan dwarves, especially their legends about the Shining Crusade. That desire to be one of the soldiers of light, someone who puts their body and soul on the line to make the world a little bit better, is what defines her. "We tell stories of heroes to remind ourselves that we, too, can do great things."

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Thanks for the stat help, Sven! I'm struggling a little bit to get out of my "big six" habits from non-ABP gaming

My pleasure. Always glad when I can helpful rather than pedantic. :D

So...Reilarri can heal. An elven druid can heal too. Would it be better for me to switch my healing spells for lvl1 burning hands and lvl2 burning gaze? I think that it would feel more “fire of the forge” feel and fill an arcane blast gap for the party.

@Sven -- If you'd like to switch your conjuration implement to evocation, let me know if you decide with finality.

So far, we have three submissions:

Sven the Shieldbearer (LN dwarf occultist 6)
. . . A forge-master with abjuration, transmutation, and conjuration implements

Reilarri Silversong (LG dwarf cleric 3/cavalier 2/battle herald 1)
. . . A tactical leader and warrior who worships the dwarven pantheon

Arrack, the Wolf of Thule (CN human barbarian 6)
. . . A mercenary barbarian who uses the largest possible weapon for the hardest possible hits

In addition to these submissions, I am looking for divine spellcasters, arcane spellcasters, and skilled characters. There's about ten more days! As mentioned in the recruitment, I am looking for a classic-looking party.

Will do. I’ll leave it open for now to see what the party needs most.

Silver Crusade

Having just got a game as a melee martial character, I think I may take a different route.

Magus is interesting, done properly it could fill arcane casting (alongside sven) and skilled. And I've never played an eldtrich archer into arcane archer. One question- would you allow the blade bound magus but make it a bow? I love the idea of a sentient weapon and the like.

Not for sure, just not sure how many pure martial characters I want swingin' their clubs ;)

rorek55 wrote:

One question- would you allow the blade bound magus but make it a bow? I love the idea of a sentient weapon and the like.

That sounds reasonable!

As long as you were able to explain why an elf would have a child with the evil manifestation of their own species, sure.

Silver Crusade

Just to note, her making would not have been particularly a mutual consent really.

BUT, the reason I ask is because I like to base characters on artwork I like, it helps me direct them a bit. If I find some art I like of a drow(ish) archer, I may do that. Honestly it fits how I see their personality better, but it works with either, just a mildly different origination.

Silver Crusade

hmm. I do have another question or two. Mechanical this time.

Eldritch scoundrel gains spells and casting as a magus,

question 1-
Would you rule/allow/say that Multiclassing a magus/eldritch scoundrel doesn't slow spell progression? (so, a eldritch scoundrel 1, magus 3 would have the same spell capabilities as a level 4 magus) I'm assuming not, but figured I'd ask. Which leads to my second question

If not-
do the spells from eldritch scoundrel work with spell combat sense they are magus spells?

The eldritch scoundrel archetype seems to gain spells from the wizard spell list. Given that it's neither the same spell list nor the same class granting it, I would say no to both questions.

Silver Crusade

that is correct, my bad. I only remembered the ending bit about spells as a magus haha.

Silver Crusade

Okay, so I've made some progress.

She will be able to disable traps (via trapfinder, if allowed) And will be taking the alternate racial trait (fey thoughts) if allowed, for acrobatics and stealth class skills.

I also focused more on her spell casting ability (Her int is her highest stat) to better cover arcane magic outside of blasting.

Here is her backstory and the alignment. The backstory is a bit rough as I haven't fleshed it out entirely. So Its just general/broad strokes. Hoping to refine it with your input (and other applicants as well if they wish)

Tallarial Cyla Shadowsong "But just call me Cy or Tal if you want"

rough background:

Daughter of an elven woman and a drow male. Tallarial's mother was raped during a drow raid, with the offender being slain soon after when reinforcements arrived. The elf mother decided to keep the child despite warnings against it.

When she was born, Cyla's skin was a light purple akin to lavender and her hair a silvery white. Due to her obvious nature, Cyla was a tolerated outcast by most. Other children would not play with her, and her grandfather would have nothing to do with a child of the race that took his wife from him. So she spent the majority of her time with her mother, learning from her the way of the bow. She spent the majority of her youngest years either helping her mother around their home, outside practicing her archery, or reading on magic in a grand library provided to the area by a powerful wizard. Despite apperances, Cyla struggled every day with doubt. What if they were right? What if I am doomed by blood? Do I even belong? Should I even be given a chance?

Often, she tried to drown out such thoughts through physical or mental exertion. Sometimes, it was almost enough. After years of struggling to teach herself magic, she finally managed to conjure cantrips. This caught the attention of the wizard. It was common knowledge that all elves were gifted with magic. However, it was far less common that an elf could teach themselves, especially so relatively quickly. He decided to test the child, to see if she had both the aptitude, and the attitude for learning. Cyla proved more than gifted and despite being terse and almost rude, showed a good attitude and heart, mostly. So, for the next 10 years she studied under the wizard Vinnick, and despite showing a natural gift and talent with magic, she seemed to more and more favor her bow. To Vinnick's great aggravation. She couldn't help the great feeling she got when performing physical exercise. She started viewing herself better than most others of her age. While they whittled their time away, she made great strides in both magic and archery. She was only 33, yet her skill with bow and sorcery matched many adults in the town, and far surpassed those her age. She found herself taking a pride in that, a comfort that, despite their thoughts of her, she was by far superior. A pride worthy of a drow. A pride that lead to an extremely heated conflict with her mother that one day.

Fast forward years later, not long after the conflict with her mother which had caused them not to speak for weeks another raid occurred. Cyla joined in the towns defense, launching arrow after arrow into the tide of enslaved orcs alongside others. Eventually, due to divine magic from several priestesses the defense failed. A lighting bolt blasted the section where Cyla was and sent her flying, knocking her unconscious for a few short moments. When she came to, she felt a gentle pull in her mind. Like the gentle tugging of a thread of clothing pulling as it got hung on something. It led her to the corpse of the towns guard captain. A hero of sorts for the town, her grand father. Next to his charred body lay a bow of flowers and dawn. Featherdraw, as he and other had always called it. She felt an urge to take it, she looked to her own bow, the one her mother had gifted her. It was in tatters, blasted and burned to uselessness. But what right did she have to take the bow? It wasn't just some heirloom, it had been crafted for her grandfather by a master smith and enchanted with powerful magic centuries before even her mother had been born. It had been made to defend against what she was. What right would she have to it?

After a long pause, she heard a shout in the distance.
Mom! without a moments hesitation she stood and grabbed up the bow. As soon as her hand grasp the bow it changed. Its golden orange and pink hues changed to dark purples and blues. The petal engravings on the ends shifted and changes to swirls reminiscent of stars. The bow string vanished from sight, and when she went to draw it back a neon bright laser appeared in its place and as she drew back a blue arrow formed seemingly out of the ether. Marveling for but a second, she ran off towards her mother. She found a drow priestess interrogating her mother. At least, that is what it seemed like. When Cyla appeared, recognition sparked on the priestess face, and she went to say something. But Cyla did not give her the chance. Arrow after arrow was loosed, some a vibrant purple, some a dark blue. Each hitting home. Soon, the drow woman lay dead. Yet, the venom from the priestesses whip had already done its work. As her mother lay dying, she asked Cyla for forgiveness. She told Cyla she had, and would always, love her. As Cyla, tears streaming from her eyes, held her mothers head up in her arms. The last thing she whispered was a comforting phrase, and a plea. In the distance resounded a horn, signalling aid had arrived.

"You are who are not by blood, but by actions. You choose who you are, my little.."

After the defense, as things settled down shouts were heard. Fingers pointed towards Cyla, shouting about corruption. They claimed she had been the one to kill her own grandfather, that she had taken the bow featherdraw and tainted it. Some were not so rash, they spoke about how she defended the town, however soon those voices were overwhelmed. In the end, she was exiled. The town demanded the bow back, and she may have acquiesced their request had the bow not spoken.

"Once, I was Featherdraw, bringer of dawn's light. Now, I am Darkstar, Twilight's Avenger. We are one, destined... It is good to meet you."

She left that night, saying a word to no one and leaving up a note and a tear for her mother.

She vowed to create a place where outcasts and people like her could live peacefully, where they could be judged by their actions. She vowed vengeance as well. However, before all of that, she needed to get stronger. This new call in the blood-vale could prove a way to further that.

"You are who are not by blood, but by actions. You choose who you are. Heh, if that is so, then my choice is both." - Cyla

Personality: Fiery, determined, driven, solitary... prideful. Her entire life she was an outcast, so she never developed any form of real social acumen. Often, she either doesn't speak, or speaks too freely, and has such pride in herself that she automatically believes others inferior until proven otherwise. Despite the cold and mildly condescending exterior, the few friends she does have she would do nigh anything for. She is the type of friend where, if someone hurt them, she asks who and grabs a metal baseball bat.

CG or CN, leaning of CG.

Chaotic- As an elf, she already is extremely individualistic, and her drow blood certainly pushes to look out for #1. However, she has never fit in with society at all. An outcast already, she had little reason to bend and fit to the mold. She also has strong opinions on things and due to her prideful nature often considers herself correct in most of her conclusions. This makes her mildly difficult in the mercenary field, but only if you try to pay her to go against her own whims, for a lack of better word. In other words, she does what she things is right, gods and morals of others be damned.

Good- She tries, and often succeeds, to do good things. Defend a town, clear out a mine of creatures. Rid a village of goblin/kobold raiders. etc. etc. However she doesn't always use good means. Example-
Bandits are going to attack a town she knows she can't handle them all alone, at least not at once. So the townsfolk would have to fight alongside her against the bandits. This could lead to several deaths of the townsfolk. However, she recently came into possession of a potent, and painful poison. If someone... dropped it into the water or food the bandits used, it would likely kill most if not all of them. Without risking the townsfolk.

She would PREFER to not use the poison, but, to her dismay she isn't yet strong enough. So, the efficient and best answer to her is to use the poison. Sure, its exceptionally painful, but they are bandits. They chose to be who they are. Why risk innocent lives to spare the bandits suffering?

Any questions?

leinathan wrote:
@The Archlich -- I'd love to see some good RP. What I want from this adventure is some nice conversations over campfires as you travel all over this valley,

This does sound a little monotonic and like it could become boring fast.

leinathan wrote:
and some good "planning-over-the-war-table" talks.

PF is not well-suited for pre-planning, this is better left for games like Shadowrun.

That said, since this is a wilderness game, I would love to play a Nature Oracle that is a friend to all animals.
Thus, I have a very important and specific question: what terrain is the Vale classified as? Forest, Mountain, both or more?

Here is the character, crunch is mostly done and in the profile.

Image/appearance for Cyla

Tallarial Cyla Shadowsong wrote:

Here is the character, crunch is mostly done and in the profile.

Image/appearance for Cyla


@GM, would it be okay to build a synthesist summoner? Not a crazy multiarmed flying tentacle thing like the classic overpowered one that people like to build, but something more grounded like the “angel” one you built for the other game?

Pathfinder Lost Omens, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I've substantially changed my concept.

I'll be submitting an investigator with the cartographer archetype. Mechanically, he'll fit well into the rogue/scouting role, with fairly beastly stealth and disable device skills, along with plenty others.

My rough concept is that he works for the Korvosan government, working for the Magistrate in charge of mapping and surveying. He would've been dispatched alongside the mercenary company to chart the Vale. That sound okay to you?

@Ellioti -- You're right to a degree, though I contend that planning is an important stage in the PF arena.

Bloodsworn Vale is mostly Forest, some Swamp, and it's surrounded by Mountains. Creature types you can expect to find there are reptilians, goblinoids, fey, and magical beasts.

I'd love to see a nature oracle.

@Tallarial -- She looks good to me. A classic magical archer.

- Where is she from and why did she leave?
- Can you tell me about her sentient bow? It needs an alignment, a motive, and I'd like to hear where she found it.

@The Archlich -- A synthesist summoner is fine! What concept are you thinking of?

@Simeon -- That sounds great! Fits in with the niche well. You're not likely to need Disable Device, unless you want to go sneaking around Fort Thorn and getting into peoples' business.

Silver Crusade

1- I didn't have a set place in mind, it could be from a place in Kyonin, as that would easy enough. She left largely due to being exiled as stated in the background section. She left the "state" as a whole to gather more strength to see hers and the bows goals made manifest, which are not exactly one in the same.

2- Its alignment is the same as Tallarial's, per RAW. Its purpose is to slay drow. The bow was originally a powerful magic weapon made for Tallarial's grandfather, she picked it up after his death during a raid and it transformed from the original form to its new form. I like to think it has a (small) piece of a soul from a powerful elven arcanist in it. Which would function as the basis of its personality.

Pathfinder Lost Omens, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Ah, cool. If traps are less of a concern I'll also take the Natural Philosopher to broaden my role as a scout.

Background will be coming along shortly.

leinathan wrote:

@Ellioti -- You're right to a degree, though I contend that planning is an important stage in the PF arena.

Bloodsworn Vale is mostly Forest, some Swamp, and it's surrounded by Mountains. Creature types you can expect to find there are reptilians, goblinoids, fey, and magical beasts.

I'd love to see a nature oracle.

Thank you.

Now I have a question that is fundamental for my build idea.
I'd like to utilize the spell Call Animal.
However, most animals (including flavorful ones like wolves and bears) are rather low CR and thus not useful at the level your game is set.
The Bear shaman and others set precedent for applying templates to animals in order to adjust their level slightly. An advanced giant dire bear would thus be huge size and CR 9.
Would you make these animals available?

Pathfinder Lost Omens, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Presenting Stayven Vernikas, agile outdoorsman, cartographer extraordinaire, and passionate civil servant!


Stayven Vernikas
Human (Varisian) investigator (cartographer, natural philosopher) 6 (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Class Guide 30, Ultimate Wilderness 56, 56)
LG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +4; Senses Perception +16
AC 19, touch 15, flat-footed 15 (+4 armor, +1 deflection, +4 Dex)
hp 36 (6d8+6)
Fort +3, Ref +10, Will +7
Speed 30 ft.
Melee +1 handaxe +10 (1d6+5/×3)
Ranged shortbow +8 (1d6/×3)
Special Attacks studied combat (+3, 3 rounds), studied strike +2d6
Investigator (Cartographer, Natural Philosopher) Extracts Prepared (CL 6th; concentration +9)
. . 2nd—barkskin, blur, cat's grace (2)
. . 1st—cure light wounds, heightened awareness[ACG] (2), shield (2)
Str 11, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 16, Wis 12, Cha 10
Base Atk +4; CMB +4; CMD 19
Feats Extra Investigator Talent[ACG], Slashing Grace[ACG], Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (handaxe)
Traits frontier-forged (any frontier area), weathered emissary
Skills Acrobatics +10, Bluff +6, Craft (alchemy) +12 (+21 to create alchemical items), Climb +6, Diplomacy +6, Disable Device +12, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +12, Knowledge (geography) +12, Knowledge (history) +9, Knowledge (local) +12, Knowledge (nature) +12, Knowledge (planes) +12, Linguistics +10, Perception +16, Sense Motive +7, Stealth +18, Survival +11 (+12 to get along in the wild)
Languages Boggard, Common, Elven, Goblin, Orc, Shoanti, Sylvan, Varisian
SQ alchemy (alchemy crafting +6), geographic lore, herbalism +3, investigator talents (expanded inspiration[ACG], infusion, mutagen[UM]), mutagen (+4/-2, +2 natural armor, 60 minutes), natural philosopher’s inspiration (6/day), studied terrain, swift travels, track +3
Combat Gear mutagen[APG], mwk studded leather, handaxe, shortbow Other Gear cloak of elvenkind, eyes of the eagle, handy haversack, alchemy crafting kit[APG], bedroll, belt pouch, flint and steel, grappling hook, hemp rope (50 ft.), ink, inkpen, investigator formula book, mapmaker’s kit, masterwork thieves' tools, mess kit[UE], pot, small tent, soap, torch (10), trail rations (5), waterskin, 629 gp
Special Abilities
Alchemy +6 (Su) +6 to Craft (Alchemy) to create alchemical items, can Id potions by touch.
Expanded Inspiration (Ex) Free Inspiration on Diplomacy, Heal, Perception, Profession, Sense Motive (if trained).
Geographic Lore (Ex) Determine true north as a full round action.
Herbalism +3 (Su) Use Knowledge (nature) in place of Craft (alchemy) and Profession (herbalist) checks.
Infusion Create an extract can be used by anyone but takes up a slot until used.
Mutagen This discovery gives the alchemist the mutagen class ability, as described in the Advanced Player's Guide. (This discovery exists so alchemist archetypes who have variant mutagens, such as the mindchemist, can learn how to make standard mutage
Mutagen (DC 16) (Su) Mutagen adds +4/-2 to physical/mental attributes, and +2 nat. armor for 60 minutes.
Natural Philosopher’s Inspiration (+1d6, 6/day) (Ex) Use 1 point, +1d6 to trained skill or ability check. Use 2 points, to add to attack or save.
Slashing Grace (Handaxe) Treat chosen weapon as 1-handed piercing weapon and can add Dex instead of Str to dam.
Studied Combat (+3, 3 rounds) (Ex) As a move action, study foe to gain bonus to att & dam for duration or until use studied strike.
Studied Strike +2d6 (Ex) As a free action on a melee hit, end studied combat vs. foe to add precision dam.
Studied Terrain (Ex) By making a map of an area can use inspiration on specific skill checks without expending inspiration. ( Acrobatics, Climb, Fly, Ride, Stealth, Survival, and Swim)
Swift Travels (Ex) Know easiest, shortest, and fastest way through studied terrain.
Track +3 Add the listed bonus to Survival checks made to track.


Growing up poor on the streets of Korvosa is never easy. For a scrappy and inquisitive child like Stayven, fate sometimes has other things in store.

Stayven’s greatest joy growing up was exploring the streets of Korvosa, from broad avenues to twisting back alleys, he wanted to see them all. He found his fair share of trouble and mysteries, of course. The incident with the stray ogre was particularly exciting, and a few run-ins with would-be robbers and kidnappers gave him an incentive to learn how to fight.

His destiny came to him on a hot, muggy day in late summer. A man working for the Magistrate of Surveying was assigned to updating city maps of Stayven’s neighborhood, but the haphazard construction and frequently unfriendly locals had stymied the man’s every attempt. Stayven ran across him as he stood in the middle of a street, scratching his head in confusion holding a partially drawn map. It wasn’t long before Stayven introduced himself, and the two got to work. The man’s name was Theobald, a worker for the bureaucracy of Korvosa, the small and frequently insignificant Department of Maps and Charts.

As it turned out, Stayven’s passion for exploration turned out to be a perfect fit for Theobald’s conundrum, helping the bureaucrat to negotiate with locals and navigate the poorly planned and frequently confounding streets to make the requisite map. They parted on fine terms.

A few days later, Theobald returned again, offering Stayven an apprenticeship in the department. As it turned out, not many of Korvosa’s younger generation had a passion for mapping the streets, but Stayven seemed to be an exception.

He excelled in the department, and the stipend he was given proved a great boon to his family’s meager finances. A few years later, he was made an official member of the office, and given his assignment, one that would take him out of Korvosa. He was to re-survey the road from Korvosa to Palin’s Cove, passing through the fortress-town of Veldraine along the way. The first night he spent outside the city was wonderful, and he knew he never wanted to spend his life wandering the urban sprawl of Korvosa like Theobald.

A few years passed, and he quickly rose through the ranks, earning the title of Deputy Magistrate of Frontier Surveying. He developed a keen knowledge of the wilds, taking great pleasure in learning all he could about the flora and fauna of the lands he mapped. His most recent assignment, and largest to date, is to make an initial survey of the Bloodsworn Vale alongside the mercenary company stationed at Fort Tolgrith. It would involve hazardous fauna, rough terrain, and long periods of wilderness survival. It was perfect.

Appearance and Behavior:

Stayven is a lithe Varisian man of fairly average height. As is common of Varisians, his hair and eyes are dark, his skin is a deep olive, and despite long periods spent in the wilds, nothing more than a few wisps of hair grace his chin. Though not especially stocky of build, he carries all manner of survival gear in a magical haversack, along with a shortbow slung on his back and a hatchet that hangs on his hip.

In battle, Stayven uses his wit and agility far more than what little brawn he has. His trusty hatchet is his weapon of choice, striking his enemies where it hurts most with biting precision.

Stayven is a kind and caring man, with a strong pride for his work. It’s his duty and his honor to explore the wild lands of Varisia so that others might travel safely. He strives to do his best for the people of Korvosa, and now serving the new (and less malevolent) monarchy he is even more dedicated to his work. Though a believer in the necessity of fair and just laws, he is far from a stuffy paladin. He enjoys a good celebration, and rarely takes himself too seriously. Though not inherently charismatic, a talent for words is valuable in his line of work. Where he truly excels is making his way in the wilderness, being highly self-sufficient and skilled in traversing rough terrain and navigating through nearly any environment Varisia can throw at him. Though his duty to the city is more important to him than the large payout, land or gold would go a long way towards securing a good life for his family.

@Ellioti -- I have a few notes for that idea. Firstly, Call Animal only functions on animals with a CR equal to or less than your caster level (so 6, at this level). Secondly, an advanced giant dire bear sounds like a fairly legendary beast. A king among bears. Such creatures may be found, but they would certainly be very rare. Thirdly, the strongest animals you're likely to find in the area would be dire boars and dire crocodiles.

@Simeon -- I like Stayven! He seems like a normal person to me, but still like competent. "The best at his job in a big city" is the perfect spot to land on for a 6th-level character.

@GM: I’m thinking on an old man, ex-ranger, that in a given day, while setting his traps for hunting, found a ritualistic book. He didn’t quite understand it, but nothing better to do - widow, all sons already off his home - decided to study and play with it, and a given day got possessed by an entity of shadows (maybe venom style?). Recovered, he insisted in learning more about it, and eventually gained enough control over the merge, to the point of creating an unlikely friendship out of mutual respect with his eidolon. Role wise, I see him dealing with traps, doing scouting, survival, and potentially fighting from afar with a bow.

leinathan wrote:
@Ellioti -- I have a few notes for that idea. Firstly, Call Animal only functions on animals with a CR equal to or less than your caster level (so 6, at this level). Secondly, an advanced giant dire bear sounds like a fairly legendary beast. A king among bears. Such creatures may be found, but they would certainly be very rare. Thirdly, the strongest animals you're likely to find in the area would be dire boars and dire crocodiles.

One can easily push caster level beyond character level. Any Rocs in the mountains?

Travelers likely speak fearfully of them, and warn you that you should not camp in open ground in roc territory.

@The Archlich -- That makes plenty of sense to me. A dexterous eidolon, then? I look forward to seeing what you have, but I'm going to make sure and remember to mention that I want to see Unchained Summoner. In those terms, maybe an Aberrant eidolon? Or a Deepwater eidolon? Oh, I see that there is also a Shadow subtype.

I think attempting to tane a roc sounds like an awesome additional challenge.

leinathan wrote:
I think attempting to tane a roc sounds like an awesome additional challenge.


It would be loads fun with the Nature Mysterie's always overlooked revelation Speak with Animals.
Speak with Animals (Ex): Choose a specific kind of animal (eagle, fox, dog, and so on). You gain the ability to converse with that type of animal as if you were under the effects of speak with animal. You gain the ability to communicate with an additional kind of animal for every 3 oracle levels you have attained.

Yes, the mystery has better revelations, but I love playing an animal friend.

At level six I get three animal languages, which would be Horse, Boar and Roc/Bird?
Does a roc fall under "birds" or is it its own category?

It would seem to me that a Roc is a type of bird.

Anything else you need from cyla?

I think if you wanted to work on something else, Tallarial, the next thing is a bit more equipment. Your bow is +2, but it's also free, so you have a few thousand to spend.

Not quite that much haha.

Mithril(agile) breastpalte- 4550, ring of sustenance- 2.5k= 7050, so less than 1000 to spend. That said, certainly some.

Can we purchase wands that are not fully charged?

I think yes. I missed that you had a ring of sustenance too. I think she should have some mundane gear, too.

Silver Crusade

she will! I just haven't set down and typed it out yet!

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I understand! I think the rest of her is finished.

So for characters, we've got:

Sven Shieldbearer, an occultist forgemaster exiled from his homeland due to conflict with his brother

Tallarial Cyla Shadowsong, an eldritch scoundrel exiled from her homeland due to suspicion of her heritage

Reilarri Silversong, a professional soldier and battle herald looking to prove herself and make some coin

Stayven Vernikas, a surveyor and investigator from Korvosa here to map the Vale

The Archlich is designing an unchained synthesist summoner who plans on scouting and ranged combat

Ellioti is designing a nature oracle who plans on calling animal allies.

If those of you who have finished a character are looking for something to do, you can start talking to each other about how your characters know one another. I was originally imagining that at least some of you would be in a company together, but I believe that Stayven at least should be a stranger.

Pathfinder Lost Omens, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Since Stayven wouldn't know anyone in the company too well, I figure I'll throw in how he might interact with the submissions so far.

I think he'd get along best with Reilarri, as both of them believe strongly in the value of order and justice. Not being a big fan of the heavy-handedness of Chelish government, I think they'd be able to bond over that as well.

Stayven would connect with the value Sven places on one's word, though the paranoia to which Sven takes it to would put him off slightly. Stayven likes to think most people will do good at the end of the day, so Sven's dim view of civilization puts him off a bit.

Though he might respect Cyla's commitment to doing good in the world, her stubborn pride and lack of consideration for the beliefs of others disturbs him. Good has no meaning if it's done solely on one's own terms.

two more questions, this time regarding ABP:

1.The Toughening bonus is an enhancement bonus to natural armor, but so is the Barkskin spell. They don't stack, do they?

2.How would you like to handle animal companions within the ABP rules? These are a few opinions flying around the internet:
-AC must be equipped from the remaining wealth, but you're out of luck, because the big 6 enhancements don't exist in this world
-AC must be equipped from the remaining wealth and the big 6 enhancements exist for any purpose except PCs and NPCs who are running wealth-by-level
-AC gets its own ABP at hitdice=level (~3/4 PC level)
-Player and AC share the player's progression and it can be distributed as fit

Barkskin and the natural armor bonus do not stack, in the same way that an amulet of natural armor does not stack with barkskin.

If you have an animal companion, you may give it your ABP bonuses instead of yourself (although i could imagine it might be difficult to get a wolf to wear a cloak, a headband, or a belt).

leinathan wrote:

Barkskin and the natural armor bonus do not stack, in the same way that an amulet of natural armor does not stack with barkskin.

If you have an animal companion, you may give it your ABP bonuses instead of yourself (although i could imagine it might be difficult to get a wolf to wear a cloak, a headband, or a belt).

According to this table a wolf has the following item slots: Armor, belt (=saddle), chest, eyes, head, headband, neck, shoulders, wrist.

A cloak could be a kind of blanket that riders sometimes put under the saddle, for example. Headband does sound weird at first, but you see people put almost everything on their dogs today :D

Silver Crusade

To be fair, have you seen some of the things people make their dogs wear? Not much different I suspect lol.

Hi DM, it's Archlich here with the character. Synthesist Summoner is not compatible with Unchained Summoner, so I had to adapt. Let me know your thoughts.

can I use a Viper familiar with the Mauler archetype as a mount assuming I'm a small race?

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