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We're looking to add 2-3 players to this existing game set on Absalom Station.

We have really just gotten underway, and we have lost two PC's. I think the other existing players (all three of them) are committed to making this work, as am I. What we have going has lots of potential.

Here's my original recruitment information:

THE GATEWAY DISTRICT spans the better part of one of Absalom Station's arms. Most visitors would find a patina of bustling travelers, middle and upper class dwellings with scenic views of the nearby armada, and businesses serving a wide range goods and services.

UNDER THIS PATINA there exists a corruption rooted deep in the establishments within the this neighborhood. Both petty criminals and crime lords conduct their business here. Religious teachers may at first seem fervent and sincere, but the heaven they promise can never quite be delivered. Far stranger things have found room to dwell in the warehouses and old hangars beneath the Gateway.

The Gateway District is dominated by three things: one of the largest spaceports on Absalom Station, a massive borough of businesses called THE GALLERY that cater to both travelers and locals, and an enigmatic, primeval stone arch.

This stone arch holds none of the sinister reputation that the arch at Fardock holds. No one has ever disappeared by stepping through it. It is, however, almost as much of a curiosity. The stone arch is covered in runes and carvings that some say come from well before The Gap.

IT IS INTO THIS WORLD that you step. How will you support yourself, your friends, and your business interests in THE GATEWAY?

Hello everyone! I'm Alan, aka "GM Quirk".

What's going on here?

I have been playing here on the Paizo boards in various PBP games for a few years now. I've been GMing about half of that time. Most of these games have been Starfinder Society games.

What's missing is the chance to work with some willing players to create an original world with original adventures. I find the idea of doing that very fulfilling, and I have been working on the ideas that go into Gateway to Absalom for several months now.

As the astute reader may have already surmised, this setting won't be completely original. I have always loved Absalom Station, and the information we already know about it gives us a firm basis to build upon. I know I appreciate beginning with something familiar. I can assure everyone of you who is interested in playing in this little world that everything you have read in the Pact Worlds book (and other Starfinder sources) is very much part of this world. I'm just expanding it a little.

What's "experimental" about this? For one, not only will you submit a first level character to use, but you'll also give me some details of a business or locale in or near the Gateway District, along with how your character is connected to it.

Finally, I am hoping there will be a certain "sandbox" element to what we do here. Yes, there will be some pre-programmed, somewhat linear adventures at the beginning to introduce the setting and get you to second level, but after that, it's up to you and your crew of Gateway residents to navigate this neighborhood and make it a better place!

I am hoping our adventure together will extend to fourth level, though perhaps there is a chance we'll go higher.

You'll want to think in terms of a first level character using just about any official Paizo source for things like theme, class, and equipment.
Please create a protagonist! You'll have the opportunity to right wrongs and create good in this world. No chaotic neutral or evil alignments.

There are some limitations for race. Of course anything in the core rulebook is fine. I'd also like to open up just about any race that exists in large numbers within the Pact Worlds as a possible choice. For example, Ryphorians are fair game, but Izaalguuns probably aren't.

As I noted, I'd also like you to detail a location or place of business associated with your character, or your character's friends or family. This location could be on The Gallery, or perhaps in a seedier neighborhood below The Gallery. Please let me know what your character's connection to this place is. If you are chosen, I will work with you as far as where this location will be on our campaign map.

This location will likely be a resource for your character. Perhaps it's a place to crash for the night, or use a medkit, or find a hot meal.

Our current roster includes a technomancer, soldier, and an envoy. An operative would be a great choice for a new character, as would a mystic or biohacker. I think we're open any choice for a class, so long as the player is dedicated to giving this a go.

I'll make a ysoki operative. Will post character later.

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Interesting, so this isn't organized play?

Is a little too early to submit a PC but I think that a hacker operative would fit pretty well, I'm not that interested in Biohacker at this moment but the COM gives the mystic some good things that I'd like to try, as for races I'd like to take a look at my alien archives books first but tiefling and strix looks good.

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No, this is not organized play. It's a chance to expand the setting just a little and eventually have some more "sand-box" style of play (though our first adventure will be a little more linear in order to introduce the setting).

I'll make a post in a little while that details the story so far--we're really just at the very beginning.

Horizon Hunters

I see, I'll wait then, I'm a little slow at making starfinder pcs anyways so take your time n.n

I'd be interested, give me a little bit to whip something up! My starfinder is pretty rusty, having only played once, but this sounds really neat!

I present to you, Xic, NG Shirren Mechanic! (No drone)


Xic Harit NG
Roboticist Mechanic Courtier Shirren
HP 12 BaB:0 Stamina:6 Resolve:5 EAC:15 KAC:17 Fort:2 Ref:4 Will:0 Init:+2
Str: 10-2
Dex: 14
Con: 10
Int: 15+2+1
Wis: 11
Cha: 10+2

Race stuff:
Courtier: +2 Int +2 Cha, -2 Str
Individual Expression (Computers): +2 to computers, and a free rank in it every level
Limited Telepathy(30ft)

Languages: Common, Shirren, Lashunta, Kasatha, Vesk, Ysoki, Draconic

Theme: +1 to computers, -5 to the engineering DC to identify things
Skills: Rank Stat Class Misc Total
Computers 1 4 Y 7 15
Engineering 1 4 Y 1 9
Medicine 1 4 Y 0 8
Physical Science 1 4 Y 0 8
Life Science 1 4 Y 0 8
Piloting 1 2 Y 2 8
Profession:(Hacker) 1 4 Y 0 8
Profession:(Software) 1 4 Y 0 8
Culture 1 4 N 0 5

-Can spend a move action to be full BaB vs a creature
-Grants Heavy armor and longarms profiency
-Can reroll a knowledge check 1/day(Not in combat, not while granting full BaB)
-Skill focus (Computers)
+1 insight to computers and engineering
Custom Rig: Armor Upgrade: Acts as a comms, and the appropriate tool for any Computer or Engineering check

1st: Skill focus (Computers) Skill synergy(Life Science, Piloting)

Hiddent soldier armor(2)(465)
Azimuth Laser riffle (1)(425) [1d6fire, range 120, critical burn 1d6, capacity 20, use 1]
Standard Battery (60)
Flashlight (L)(1)
Hygene Kit(L)(3)
Everyday Clothes(L)(1)
Trapsmith's tools (L)(20)[+4 do engineering for disabling devices]

Xic didn't start out living under the Patina. He was born to a realitively wealthy family, and had mostly finished his higher education when his life changed. He had never known what his parents had done, any of the three of them. All he knew is that they owned mass production factories off station. He spent most of his time utilizing his parent's wealth to increase his knowledge of computers. Imagine his surprise then, that when he decided to stress test his parent's security systems as a surprise birthday present, that he found evidence that the labor his parent's used was illegal android slavery. Disgusted with their violation of Shireen principals, as well as their violation of common decency, he disavowed them, and resolved to work to bring his family company down. That was 5 year ago.
Now, Xic has to make a living for himself. He sells his services as a computer expert to anyone who can pay for them, but is trying to land a job in an actual software firm. He feels he owes it to other androids, and often offers to do repairs or favors to androids who are down on their luck. This often leaves Xic running low on funds, and resorting to less savory jobs to get some quick funds. In particular, Xic often ends up finding himsel coming back to SIJ's place. (Sensitive Infiltration Juggernaught) SIJ owns a bar below the gallery. More importantly though, SIJ uses that bar as a base of opperations for his quasi-legal (and sometimes just straight illegal) opperations. SIJ knows about Xic's connections to android slavery, and often utilizes guilt to bring him back into the fold, getting him to falsify documents, move shipments, or even just hack into enemy gang's computers. SIJ knows not to press Xic too hard to something that goes against his nature, but every time, the android pushes the young Shirren a little closer to fully committing to a life of crime...

Don't mean to step on anyone's toes by making a hacker, I'd love to share the limelight of computers with others!

Horizon Hunters

Sorry I must withdraw, things are kinda hectic these days and I fear I will not have too much free time until the next year.

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Hi there!

Character submission from Atlas2112!

So, some stuff:

1) This is a character I made for a previous SF adventure. The GM had some pretty intense chargen requests, but I went with it and I loved the outcome. Of course they ghosted before the first combat was over. I've been trying to play the character ever since. ^_^

2) It looks like we only have one full character submitted so far. In the event that we're both chosen, I've taken Tinker, so Xiv has a better Computer than me, but I have a better engineering. =)

3) One of the themes that I like to explore with characters that have a companion is that of the companion's destiny. That is, that the PC is still the protagonist, but, also, the companion is something more than they seem. The character is molded after the classic image of Luke Skywalker finding R2...if R2 is not only an all-knowing Macguffin, but also happened to be a heavy security droid that is only barely alive but becomes stronger as the story progresses.

4)Something that I like about sci-Fi is that it lets me give extra effort into even the most mundane things.
Like, I get to not just say that "I build a barricade." I get to say, He piles part of a neogenic housing on top of a cast-off prism array, and braces the lot with an ionized heuristic wave casing.

5) The place that Anton is connected to is a low-class dive called The Sweet Doomed Angel. It's a watering hole/strip club that plays host to a number of quasi-legal trades. Anton does there what he's done most of his life: Kitbash toss-away junk into workable rigs for the working class, repairing the un-repairable and salvaging the unsalvageable. Many times he's saved a career by gleaning data from a hard disk that's been fried dead by a careless Nuca-Cola.

But Atlas...Who? Are? You?:

Now that we're reallllly getting down to the wire, it's time for a little...*drumroll please*shameless personal aggrandizement!  =p
On a personal note I'm an active and verbose poster who enjoys building narrative with fellow players, whose posts are often favorited by others, and someone called me their MVP forever.
It's been said that my talent at weaving scenes together makes people jealous as hell, I'm a favorite player, I make the game,and GM's will single me out for amusing the hell out of them.  (And this one time two girls, whom I did not know, were discussing the fashion choices of my character. =p)

We've had two great submissions. I have invited both Xic and Anton to join the group.

I think we're set, but if anyone comes across I will entertain adding a sixth character should you find yourself truly excited about what I am doing. Please feel free to post a submission.

Hey there,

I have this half-orc detective that I think fits in anywhere mysteries are unfolding. She's strong and fierce and a very good detective, but not great at following orders.

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