[PACS] GM Kulkos Year of Reborn Strife - (Gameday IX)

Game Master Kulko

Story Book Pictures

Turn Order:

1. Valeros
2. Thargrap
3. Kyra

Reward Powers:

For the rest of the Adventure Path, after you rebuild your deck, you may banish a card from it to choose a card from the vault whose Level is #-2 (Minimum 0) Adventure Card Guild players choose the card from there deck box instead.

Each Character, at the start of each scenario, may examine the top 5 cards of their deck and recharge any number of those cards.


Ring of Protection

Traits: Accessory Magic
To Acquire: Constitution Fortitude 5
Reveal this card to reduce damage dealt to you by 1. You may play another item on this check.



Traits: Healing Vermin
To Acquire: Wisdom Knowledge Survival 6
Recharge to heal a local character 1d4-1 cards. Discard to explore. This exploration, on your combat and Diplomacy checks, you may add 1d4 and the Mental trait.

Deathbane Light Crossbow


Traits: Bow Magic Piercing Ranged
To Acquire: Dexterity Ranged 8
For your combat check, reveal to use Dexterity or Ranged + 1d8+1; against an Undead bane, add another 1d8. On a distant combat check, freely discard to add 1d8; against an Undead bane, you may freely reload instead.

Shield of Resistance


Traits: Offhand Shield
To Acquire: Constitution Fortitude 8
When you suffer Acid, Cold, Combat, Electricity, or Fire damage, freely reveal to reduce it by 2. On your Melee combat check, freely recharge to reroll a d4, d6, or d8. After playing this armor, you may not play a 2-Handed boon this encounter.



Traits: Arcane Magic
To Acquire: Intelligence Arcane 6
On any combat check, freely banish to decrease the difficulty by 2d4. DURING RECOVERY If proficient, discard this card; you may succeed at an Arcane 8 check to recharge it instead.

The Lost


Traits: Harrow Suit: Stars Veteran
When this is the hour: When you would recharge a Magic boon, discard it instead. To Acquire: Wisdom Survival 4+#
On your check, after the roll, discard to add the number of cards in your discards; you suffer damage as if you had not done so. Discard to explore. This exploration, on all checks that invoke the Curse or Undead trait, add 1.

Our Lord In Iron:


Traits: Deity: Gorum Divine
When this is the hour: On your combat check, you may reveal any number of weapons; for each, add 1. To Acquire: Divine Melee Ranged 8
On any non-Attack combat check, recharge to bless; reroll any dice showing 1. Discard to explore. This exploration, on your combat checks, you may reroll any dice showing 1.

The Prince of Pain


Traits: Deity: Zon-kuthon Divine
When this is the hour: When you encounter a card, you may draw a card; if you do, discard the top card of your deck. To Acquire: Constitution Divine Fortitude 8
On any check, freely discard to add 1 plus the number of cards in your discards. If the character fails the check, heal this blessing. Discard to explore. This exploration, on your checks to acquire or defeat, add half the number of cards in your discards.

Duskwarden Ranger


Loot Ally 3
Traits: Ranger  Human 
To Acquire: Charisma Diplomacy 10 or Perception Ranged 8
Reload to examine the top card of your location, then you may shuffle your location.
Discard to explore. This exploration, reduce all damage you suffer by 1d4, and you may evade banes.

Player signups open August 12. Please sign up on the Gameday IX signup sheet.

Signed up on the sheet. I am leaving what I am going to play open as I am willing to slot in whatever the group needs in terms of character types.

Welcome to the table. Happy to have you here.

And just for Information, its my first game as a BR.

Hey hey hey.

I signed up. Thinking of playing one of the goblins from Goblins Fight. Also have the promo Goblins Nok-Nok and Ekkie. Any recommendations? Haven't seen any in play.

If it is only going to be you and me, I highly recommend Nok-Nok. He is a great solo tank.

I will be on Holiday next week, so you will probably not hear too much from me until the game starts. Shouldn't there be eough player for all the season 7 games and ours doesn't get full, feel free to join another one, just give everybody a fair warning.

Otherwise I am looking forward to get started on the first of september

I have no plans on leaving.

I may play Thargrap with the magus deck. He seems fun.

Well, we are suppose to start in about a week. As it is just you and I for now, go ahead and choose what you are wanting to play. I will then try to compliment your choice for a somewhat balanced team.

If nobody else joins and you want a third player I could join with a char but will probably slow down things a bit

It would make things easier on the team. It would be pretty hard as 2 players to get enough skills and abilities to cover even the major closing checks.
Mauve and I are currently in another ACG group and post at a steady rate, so no worries about frequency of posting.
My big question @GM Kulko, is what are we going to be using for communication between ourselves? Google Hangouts? Discord?

Anyway, if Mauve is looking at Thargrap (Melee, Arcane, Fort)

I am considering the following:
Cogsnap Alchemist (Disable, Ranged, Arcane, Craft)
Wu Shen Rogue (Acrobatics, Disable, Survival)

I would prefer hangouts but can live with discord.

As for character sounds like we need a bit nore divine? Probably a cleric than? Will have a look at those options from core.

I have a question concerning that. A AP character add on does or does not count as a clas deck?

Adventure Pack

Instead of a Class Deck, you can take one adventurer’s pack.
Instead of an Ultimate Add-On Deck, you can take two adventurer’s packs.
Instead of both a Class Deck and Ultimate Add-On Deck, you can take three adventurer’s packs

I almost went Seelah (Core) to help the team, but to many overlap skills. However, for sheer versatility, I strongly suggest going with a Witch. Kasmir has a built in heal power. Raheli has a built in offensive punch. Feiya not great in a 3 player game. What makes them so great is that they get a cohort at the start of each game and those can greatly change how they play and the skills they gain.

I’ll be using the Magus class deck for Thargrap. Think Ultimate Magic would be a good ultimate add on?

Given he is a 2.0 character, I'd personally go with 2.0 stuff. However, given that you want to use 1e, Yah, UM wouldn't be a bad choice.

Cogsnap is up and running, Deck Handler complete.

Can you build your deck with any level 0 cards now, not just Basic ones? I can't remember the rule, if it was updated or not.

There are no B cards in Core. But I believe if you use precore packs the requirement still stands.

If you use the old cards, yes, you have to go B (Basic) cards. If you use the Adventure Packs, you can use any level 0 cards as there are no (Basic) keywords.

@GM Kulko One thing you are going to want to do when creating br posts with all the cards and such. For the random cards section, you are going to want to create a special one for Cogsnap that is items that are Liquid/Alchemical. His 3rd power allows him to discard (or after game 1, recharge) a card to draw one of those cards from the box.

Thanks for the reminder. Might have to do that by hand but will try to include this in my routine.

After having checked out a few options I will play as Kyra. This gioive us three new skill (Divine, Perception and after the First or second Scenario Diplo.)

from my experience with Season 6 at least Diplo is needed from time to time as they tend to include rioting mobs in adventures frequently for change of pace.

Nice! Going to stick with the core version? Nice. What packs you going with for her?

Definitely core.

As for the deck I chose Divine and support. And for the third I am considerin smash, tank or cleric class deck. Probably the classdeck as it offers the most options.

Would not Divine + Cleric deck give you 2x Cures?

Yes but with a cheap 1 card cure and only 4 spell slots I am not sure if it is a smart move to take both.

Well, Cog does have a healing potion so at least we will have 2 group heals.

I can't seem to register Thargrap in the Organized Play tab so can't get a number for him. Should I just make an alias instead?

Also, should we move this to Discussion?

Just register another summoner to get a number. You can change these things later.

Added a recruitment channel and a todo list.

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