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[dice=Alie]1d20+14 +2[/dice], +2 vs illusions
[dice=Wynnreyell]1d20+13[/dice], +2 vs fear and enchantments
[dice=Shump]1d20+11[/dice], Immune charm, disease, fear
[dice=Rhino]1d20+5[/dice], +4 vs enchantment
[dice=Tortuga]1d20+18[/dice], +2 vs enchantments
[dice=Gaius]1d20+14[/dice], +4 vs enchantment, +10 vs mind affecting, +2 vs transmutation, +1 vs death
[dice=Sir Ambrose]1d20+13[/dice], +4 morale vs enchantment, +4 untyped vs enchantment, +2 vs sleep, paralysis, stun, +2 vs aberrations, undead, outsiders SLA's, SU and spells, +1 vs death
[dice=Ambassador]1d20+7[/dice], SR24

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Hello all,

I am looking to guage interest in playing the recently released Passing the Torch, Part 1. This is the start of the Season 10 seeker arc which may resolve the Grandmaster Torch storyline. I will be running this as part of the next gameday but as I have it all prepped I thought I would see if there was interest now. Some things to bear in mind:

1. This is a tier 12-18 game. Level 12/13 characters cannot play with level 16+ characters. I will not be taking first come, first served. Instead I will look to put together a reasonably balanced party solidly in one tier.

2. High level games can take quite some time to resolve. There is quite a lot of combat in this one and high level combats can run for multiple rounds. This effect is magnified in PbP. As such I will be looking for at least one post per day if not more to keep things running.

3. I will be using Roll20 for maps for this game for various reasons. A Roll20 account is free to set up but if you dont have one you will not be able to play.

4. I will be asking for full character details before I accept anyone into the game. You should have a complete profile linked to an alias here on the boards with a completed tagline.

Having said all of that the goal is to enjoy ourselves and this scenario does look like a doozy. It's a great starting event for dealing with Torch and I am also happy to guarantee a place in Part 2 for anyone who plays in Part 1.

If you are interested in playing please fill in your details using the link below. I dont need everything at this point but class, level and a link to your profile would be helpful. Depending on response and my ability to check over character details I hope to start by Friday July 5th.

Click here to provide details

Silver Crusade

Just bumping

Hello, I am a newcomer here, but a long time D&D player. I have to ask, since I do not have any characters yet, in order to sign up for this, what exactly do I have to provide. Do I have to fill my personal details in the sheet you linked and the details of a character generated for this adventure?

EDIT: Also, what's a Gameday?

Hello, this game is part of the Pathfinder Society Organised Play programme. It has already started. You would have needed a character of at least level 12 to be able to play. Adventurers League would be the D&D equivalent.

A Gameday is simply a collection of games being run at the same time by our organisers here on the forums. The Gameday starts in early Aigist and has lots of games for new players.

You can find the announcement about the Gameday HERE

You can find a newbie guide to PFS play HERE

You can find a Guide to online play via virtual tabletop HERE

Play by Post games are generally advertised on the Forums. You can find the main thread for Pathfinder 1st edition games HERE along with links to similar threads which cover Starfinder, Pathfinder second edition (out at Gencon) and the Adventure Card Game.

There are several active Pathfinder discord channels but the main one can be found here:

Liberty's Edge

GMAndrewW wrote:
Hello, this game is part of the Pathfinder Society Organised Play programme. It has already started. You would have needed a character of at least level 12 to be able to play.

The character would have to be "legal" for Pathfinder Society Organized Play ie you'd have to play the character in "enough" Pathfinder Society Organized Play games to have the character make level 12.

I'd strongly recommend trying one of the Pathfinder Society Organized Play Gameday games for level 1 like the Wounded Wisp! You're welcome to join with a level 1 per-generated character of the class of your choice!


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