GMAndrewW's Passing the Torch Parts 1 and 2 (Inactive)

Game Master andreww

Maps and Slides

PC Initiative:

[dice=Sir Ambrose]1d20+5[/dice]

PC Perception:

[dice=Sir Ambrose]1d20+3[/dice]

PC Spellcraft:


PC Will save:

[dice=Alie]1d20+14 +2[/dice], +2 vs illusions
[dice=Wynnreyell]1d20+13[/dice], +2 vs fear and enchantments
[dice=Shump]1d20+11[/dice], Immune charm, disease, fear
[dice=Rhino]1d20+5[/dice], +4 vs enchantment
[dice=Tortuga]1d20+18[/dice], +2 vs enchantments
[dice=Gaius]1d20+14[/dice], +4 vs enchantment, +10 vs mind affecting, +2 vs transmutation, +1 vs death
[dice=Sir Ambrose]1d20+13[/dice], +4 morale vs enchantment, +4 untyped vs enchantment, +2 vs sleep, paralysis, stun, +2 vs aberrations, undead, outsiders SLA's, SU and spells, +1 vs death
[dice=Ambassador]1d20+7[/dice], SR24

GM Notes:

Awarenness: 4

Please make sure that you have the following information available BEFORE the game starts:

1. A full character sheet in the profile that you are using. This should include complete information on classes, chosen class features, feats etc.

2. Please make sure you have a tag line which provides your important character information and that it is kept up to date. Various proformas are avaiable out there, I recommend THIS ONE

3. My expectation is that people will be able to post at least once per day. Obviously there will be times when that is not possible, please let me know if you wont be able to post for any reason. I will generally delay people who dont post.

4. I will run initiative in blocks and resolve actions in post order unless you specify that you are waiting for something (the Bard to start inspire, someone to cast haste etc).

5. The goal is to have fun, however if there is an issue I would rather people raised it at the time and we resolved it quickly and simply. If you do want to flag something up please do it in the discussion thread.