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All-female Strange Aeons with Samy's house rules. | Google Slides

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Well, regardless of whether I (or anyone else) gets voted into the party I want to wish those selected (and, if applicable, to be selected) the best of luck in the game. You too, Samy... should be a fun way of getting the rust off etc etc.

Best of luck for those chosen, as well as those who may be voted in. As for me, I promise to get my profile in the same day to get ready.

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Duke, you have been voted in. Please join the discussion thread.

Thank you, will do so!

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Samy wrote:
azjauthor wrote:
Adventure Paths allow a group of PFS non-legal characters to run through the adventure and get the chronicle sheets to apply to legal characters for credit. Here is the quote from the sanctioning document rules for Strange Aeons:
Interesting. I'm not opposed to it, but I've never done it before so I'd have to study up on what to do.

The latest version of the guild guide is even more permissive; it doesn't have the section about intending to play all 6 books and explicitly states that they don't even care if you use Pathfinder or even a d20 rules system. As long as the campaign is primarily based on the AP (or some vague wording like that) you can give out PFS credit for it.

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Wastrel/Jassminder, you're in. Please check in at the discussion thread.

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