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Map of Merideth Valley
Map of Nirmathas
Map of Surrounding Countries

Map of Main Level
Map of Upper Level
Map of Lower Level


Check in here.

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I'm in!

I'd be interested in playing a pregen here (filling whatever role is needed) and getting a new Core PC up to L2.

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Sign Aurus up. I think he'd look great storming a castle.

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Mao is in as well. =)

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Here I am!


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Hi I have this character that could be interested :)

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I have this level 2 ranger I could bring.

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Iladora Unfallen wrote:
I have this level 2 ranger I could bring.

It's a level 4 module, so you'd need at least a level 3. You could play a core pregen.

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I would certainly be up for this :-)

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Ah ok, never mind then.

Still willing to play a pregen. I am running a Merisiel (Rog4) pregen already in another game, don't mind bringing her again. But could also do any of the other Core pregens depending on what you think you need. Ideas?

According to the chronicle sheet it accomodates levels 3-5. So Nemrok and whoever Sodium Talleride wants to play is in. As Uldar mentioned, that could not include Lladora, however, since she is but 2nd level. So find someone level 3 or 4 (including a 4th level pregen if desired).

So both of you dot into discussion with your character info, and gameplay with a dot and/or delete and we will have a nice party of 5 (my personal favorite party size).

Luke_Parry, you are the alt and I will PM you if something happens.

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Done :)

Nemrok Blacktusk wrote:
Done :)

I'm missing your character info in the Discussion thread.

Are you willing to allow one more?

I'm sticking to 5

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