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"N'Kwame seems to live alone but he gets regular visitors, and I don't only mean at night. He gets visits from what look like cops every now and then and I think he pays them to look the other way.

There doesn't seem to be any regular pattern to his movements. He occasionally goes to pick up stuff thats come in to Emerson Imports but its very sporadic."

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"Everything comes back to the JuJu house. Since direct comfrontation failed, do you guys think we could sneak in and 'disrupt' things? Maybe while in the midst of a meeting. We could probably hire some muscle to accompany us".

Sylvia looks uncomfortable, and tries to subtly incline her head towards the guards that are undoubtedly listening. "Perhaps we should talk to Lt. Poole first. He might be able to get a warrant to search the place." Not that she actually thinks Lt. Poole will be able to help, not if the police are as corrupt as Adam's story implies, but better not to openly plan breaking into the Ju Ju House where other people can overhear.

"Again, thank you for the information Mr. Adams. If I may ask, what were you planning on doing next? Before you were arrested. Did you have any next steps in mind?"

I'm assuming there's a guard nearby to keep an eye on us and make sure we're not passing anything to Adams. If I'm wrong about that, then Sylvia's just being paranoid.

"I'm not sure if Poole will be able to do much. He's a good guy but Captain Robson outranks him and Robson is, I think in N'Kwame's pay.

Next I was planning on breaking in and seeing what N'Kwame has going on in that cellar."

The guard subtly tries to imply that your time is almost up.

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Jake turned to his companions and raised an eyebrow; as if to ask if they had any more questions.

Male Human (Scottish American) Bounty Hunter

"No that's all. I think we know what we need to do next".

After they leave...

"Well let's find somewhere to have a cup of coffee, and plan our next move".

Assuming they find a diner with a quiet corner...

"The time for action has come. We need to infiltrate that stupid 'Ju Ju' house. Do you guys think we can do it on our own or should we try to recruit some strongarms"?

[i]Moving to the nearest coffee house Henry speaks up,

"The problem with involving anyone else is we can't be sure of their loyalty. We know from Lt Poole that Captain Robson's men are corrupt. It'd be easy for them to dress up as private investigators and then try to jump us.

Then we have the problem of the cultists. Again they could pretend to be following orders when they are actually working for the cult.

I think we have to face the facts that we are all alone."

Virile Male Western Movie Actor SAN 49(50) | HP 11(12) | Move:8 | Status: OK

Jake frowned.
"Seems to me our main problem is getting in quietly. I don't think anyone here can crack a lock without a crowbar."

"I certainly can't. I wouldn't even know where to begin." Sylvia takes another sip of her coffee. "The best bet would probably be to try and enter when N'Kwame isn't there. Then as long as we can get in quickly quietly becomes less of an issue. Unfortunately we don't have any good ideas for when that would be."

She pulls out a small notebook and flips to a calendar. With everything that's been happening, it's hard to keep track of the days. "Mr. Harrison should be reporting in tomorrow, if I haven't completely lost track of the time. Let's wait for his report. Even if he hasn't discovered a pattern to N'Kwame's movements, maybe he's discovered someplace where we can do our own surveillance and move in whenever we see an opportunity."

What's happening to me? A couple weeks ago my biggest concern was for my patients' health. Now I'm trying to figure out how to break into an art emporium. Ever since Jackson died everything's gone crazy.

She rubs her temples, trying to ward off a headache. "How does this sound. We call it a day for now. Tomorrow we listen to Mr. Harrison's report. Based on that we figure out our next move, which will likely involve watching the Ju Ju House and breaking in once N'Kwame leaves. Hopefully we'll find evidence there that proves the Cult of the Bloody Tongue's involvement in these murders, thus proving Hilton's innocence and getting justice for Jackson."

[i]That night your dreams are troubled, you see visions of Jackson's eviscerated body. His face turns to you, his tongue red and bloody as he says, "Leave the investigation alone or you'll be sorry"


The following morning Harrison meets you at your hotel.

"Ok, so I don't know what you guys are interested in this art place for but its damned weird. People keep turning up late at night. Then there was some low chanting in a language I didn't understand followed by a low gurgling and growling. It sounded like some kind of large dog maybe. If you want to get in when no one's around there's a skylight in the attic of the building which should be big enough just for you to squeeze through."

Previous Night:
Sylvia did indeed give Ann a call. While she left out some of the more...disturbing details, she let her know that there were some abnormalities with Jackson's death. "There's a cult in Harlem that seems to be regularly killing people. We met a woman, Millie Adams, who may be a key witness in stopping them. Would you mind putting her up if she needs a safe place to stay? I'd owe you a favor."

"I mean, I have a spare room so that's no problem, but Syl...are you sure you know what you're doing?" Ann's voice was tight. Worried.

No. I don't. I don't know what I'm doing at all.

Sylvia kept her own voice light. "Don't worry about me. I'm keeping safe. I just have to finish this, okay? For Jackson."

For Jackson. It's not the first time she's dreamed of Jackson. Indeed, she's been having nightmares nearly every night. It is the first time that the dream has been so vivid, so real.

"I can't leave it alone, Jackson," Sylvia whispers. "I might be sorry, I already am sorry, but I can't. I've come too far to stop now."

The next morning Sylvia's eyes are bleary as she listens to Harrison's report. The skylight sounds particularly promising. "Where did you do your surveillance from? And was there any particular time when the shop was regularly empty?"

She's being far more obvious about her desire to break into the place than she ordinarily would have preferred, but at this point she's too tired to care.

"I waited in an empty and abandoned shop next door to the Juju House. The owner leaves every day around 11ish and is gone for about an hour. However, there is a slight complication, the main doors and the ground floor exits are watched by plain clothes policeman. However , if you went to the roof of the building I was in you could potentially step across to the skylight without being seen."

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Jake grinned as he swirled the ice cubes in his scotch.
"Skylight eh? Just the thing! Time to find out what's so interesting about the JuJu House..."

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