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Full Name

Sylvia Bouche




New York


English, Latin



About Sylvia Bouche

Name: Sylvia Bouche
Player: Ever_Anon
Occupation: Doctor
Age/Sex: 32, F
Residence: New York, NY
Birthplace: New York, NY

STR: 50 (25/10)
CON: 50 (25/10)
SIZ: 40 (20/8)
DEX: 60 (30/15)
APP: 50 (25/10)
INT: 80 (40/16)
POW: 60 (30/12)
EDU: 70 (35/14)

Move Rate: 9
Hit Points: 9
Sanity: 60/60
Luck: 30
Magic Points: 12


Credit Rating: 40 (20/8)
Cthulu Mythos: 2 (1/1)
Dodge: 30 (15/6)
Firearms (handgun): 40 (20/8)
First Aid: 50 (25/10)
History: 25 (12/5)
Other Language (Latin): 40 (20/8)
Listen: 60 (30/12)
Medicine: 60 (30/12)
Persuade: 32 (15/6)
Psychoanalysis: 40 (20/8)
Psychology: 72 (35/14)
Science (Biology): 50 (25/10)
Science (Pharmacy): 50 (25/10)
Spot Hidden: 47 (22/9)


Personal Description
Sylvia is a small, average-looking woman in her early thirties. She keeps her dark hair in a basic braid. Her clothes are chosen for comfort and practicality rather than fashion.

Sylvia was heavily involved in the suffragette movement. As an unmarried female doctor in an era where it's rare for women to work outside the home, she's very passionate about women's rights. She's also invested in improving the lives of immigrants, prisoners, and the poor.

Significant People
Elizabeth Blackwell: Elizabeth was the first female doctor in America and founded the hospital Sylvia trained at. Although she died before Sylvia received her own medical degree, she still holds a great deal of respect for the woman who made it possible.
Anne Daniel: Anne is a teacher at the New York Infirmary-Beekman Downtown Hospital. She served as a mentor while Sylvia was studying, and the two women remain very close. They've work together on a number of projects, most revolving around educating people on proper hygiene and preventative care.
Jackson Elias: While researching his books Jackson consulted a number of medical professionals, including Sylvia. He was particularly interested in the psychological illnesses that might lead otherwise ordinary people to join a death cult. Sylvia thought it was a fascinating topic, and the two have continued corresponding over the years.

Meaningful Locations:
Sylvia spends most of her time either at the hospital or in various tenements, seeking to educate as many people as possible. She's comfortable in the poorer sides of town, (although she keeps a small handgun on her at all times as a precaution).

Treasured Possessions:
Sylvia's most treasured possession is a journal that Anne Daniels gave her when she received her medical degree. It's inscribed: To Sylvia: Always remember that one life can change the world.

Ambition: Sylvia is determined to prove herself as a doctor.
Compassion: Sylvia cares a lot about people and wants to improve their lives whenever possible.
Loyalty: Sylvia is very loyal to those she considers friends and would do nearly anything for them.


She would have the gun and basic medical supplies on her at nearly all times, carried in a handle bag. (Which from my quick googling appears to be a large purse.)

Handle Bag (8 lbs.): $7.45

Pocket Pistol: .38 Revolver (Handgun)
Damage: 1d10
Range: 15 yards
Uses per round: 1 (3)
Bullets in gun: 6
Cost: $25
Malfunction: 100

Medical Supplies:
Medical Case: $10.45
Forceps: $3.59
Scalpel Set: $1.39
Hypodermic Syringes: $12.50
Atomizer: $1.39
Gauze Bandages (ten yards): 39¢
Clinical Thermometer: $1.39
Alcohol (half gallon): 20¢
Hard Rubber Syringe: 29¢