Talanor, the Last Haven (Table #1)

Game Master Valjoen_KC

Current Date: 18th of Selefis, 7995 E.C.

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I love the idea of world-shattering storms. There is something primal and terrifying in that image.

Valjoen, I finally responded to your PM! So sorry I didn't see it earlier.

Friendly reminder, for those who haven't yet finished (or even started) their character applications, this coming Monday is the cut-off date. Valjoen will make his decision at that point, and no late arrivals will be considered.

If you want to play in this campaign--and you really do, because it'll be good stuff--please get cracking on your characters!

(Or don't, because the six that have been finished are all pretty damned solid, and that's a good party size right there :D. I'm sure Valjoen would appreciate an easy choice.)

I mean, it would be just crazy to apply. Who wants to play an exciting adventure with a GM who seems incredibly dedicated to his games and setting on the shattered remnants of a world?

...I'm not looking shifty, you're looking shifty!

@Jon: You forgot to tell them that this campaign is probably going to suck horribly, that nobody is going to have any fun at all under such a lousy GM stumbling through his hackneyed attempt at homebrew, and that the game will probably be overrun by min-max munchkin ruleslawyers too.


Yes, that too. Honest?

Considering how enthusiastic I've been in providing any information that I think might help the various applicants, I don't think any claims on my part this campaign will be a terrible experience would be at all convincing :D.

I am pretty sure that Sam scared away a few candidates...

Bah, if I scared anyone away, then they didn't have the reproductive fortitude for such an awesome campaign to begin with :p.

I done spitted muh drink. "Reproductive fortitude" XD

Well folks, tomorrow is decision day! Good look to those whose submissions are ready to go.

Seems then i got my application in just in time :)

Here's to hoping then

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So, that's a wrap on recruitment.

I'm still working out my thoughts on the characters but will hopefully be posting something later today or tomorrow morning at the latest.

I want to thank everyone for the time and energy they put into their characters.


looking forward to it

Drum roll...

It's a good thing I don't bite my nails because they'd look like jagged stumps right now. I can't wait!

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I know something ya'll don't know :D. But I'm not going to tell, because that'd spoil Valjoen's fun and make him wrathful :p.

My preference would have been to make a 4-5 person party. However, I've had a difficult time narrowing the field of characters. I found something very compelling about each character that I think can contribute to the world of Æustëra.

So, I've decided to keep all of you... in 2 separate parties. I wasn't planning on running another table until summer time, but I figured this was as good as time as any to get it started, given the characters offered up. I've split you into two parties based on backstories and, to some degree, classes.

SamC has decided to join the fun and I've put him at Table #2.

Additionally, another current player of mine has inquired about joining up as well. So, one of the tables may get a fifth character.

Table #1

Akula the Herald: Half-Orc Forgepriest Warpriest of Valthyra 2 played by Doomed Hero
Maria Notburga Riedgasse: Aerten Human Empiricist Investigator 2 played by ChloePech
Toraim Highhammer: Dwarven Forgemaster Cleric 2 played by Alias ad Tempus
Ysildaë Ralomenor: Muse-Touched Aasimar Scaled Fist Monk 1 / Warrior Poet Samurai 1 played by Ixos aka Niyut

Table #1 please report --> HERE.

Table #2

Muraisa: Half-Elf (Firebird Clan) Drunken Brute Barbarian 2 played by JonGarrett
Randall Shadowcrown: Wrathspawn Tiefling Rogue 1 / Softstrike Monk 1; Worshipper of Lorrÿndol played by Apoc Golem
Sautekh Bone Touched Aasimar Temple Champion Paladin 2 played by BloodPaw
Kayin: Human Fighter 1/ Oracle 1 played by SamC aka Garidan

Table #2 please report --> HERE.

We've a number of things to workout to get each table started, so let's get to it! I hope you all enjoy the game.


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