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Chapter 2: Songbird, Scion, Saboteur
Part 1: Songbird

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Start Day: Oathday, 1st of Pharast, 4718
Current Day: Moonday, 12nd of Pharast, 4718

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While Valeria is talking with Baron Okkera Piri listens in and watches the mans mannerisms. Piri notices that when Valeria mentions the deaths in Oppara after the exaltation massacre the Baron stiffens up a bit and has a concerned look on his face. Later as the two carry on small talk the Baron mentions how devistating the massacre was and it's hard for him to wrap his mind around it since he has always associated goodness with obedience and service, but he’s increasingly questioning the morality of his life since the Massacre after all those people doing their duty and following the law were slaughtered for no good reason. Piri gets the feeling that any sort of expression of sympathy would touch the Baron's heart.

Weakness discovered. Expressing sympathy for the massacre or how it might be effecting the baron while attempting to influence him will provide a bonus.

Sydney continues talking with Onara but as he avoids her question of why he is here as one of the count's guests she seems to loose interest in the discussion with him and he just can't get a good reading of her, maybe because she is just too common for the kind of people he is generally used to dealing with.

No success

The Baroness slightly rolls her eyes as Toby's inner fanboy starts shinning through. After the man finishes she sighs dismissively as she notes "While your duty to the Baroness is noble, I think you need to get a bit more experience under your belt. I would recommend reading some of the historical works of Lord Mandrid as he relays some vital information on serving as protector of a noble house." She considers his other words for a moment before continuing "Your lady does sound like she has some worthy ideals. I will have to make a point of meeting her at some point this evening..." She starts looking around as if trying to find someone else to talk to.

No Success

After Sydney excuses himself from his failed conversations with Honorary Tribune Piscum, Eregos sees the perfect opportunity. After telling Sydney his plan he leads him over to give him an introduction to Dame Crabbe. The woman smiles widely as the two men approach, and she eyes them each as if appraising their worth. As Eregos introduces himself under a false name and then Sydney the woman does a slight curtsy, when she notices her daughter absentmindedly starring off in the distance she elbows her slightly and her daughter looks to you both and follows her mothers lead, though her curtsy is no where near as practiced.

Dame Crabbe grabs Erego's hand and gives it a squeeze "A pleasure to meet you both. Such strapping gentlemen. I hope you don't mind if I ask but are you lords of some far off estate or maybe generals in the army? What brings you to our little Jubilee?"

1 Influence Success

Sydney staying out of the lime light and instead watching the others interactions sees Toby meeting resistance with Baroness Voinum. He talks to a couple of the waiting staff about the woman and between that and his vigil over her interactions with Toby Sveng gets a better idea on how to approach the woman. It turns out the woman is not only a famed warrior but a pretty knowledgeable farmer and she runs her lands as such. Sveng feels that talking to her about local matters, nature or farming would be the easiest way to reach the woman. He's noticed as well that she pays particular attention to the way others talk and probably enjoys a good speech, plus her time in the military probably leaves a lot of opening for talking about how to survive when out in the wilds and relying on your self. The woman appears to be very no-nonsense though and while a good lie or a very diplomatic approach may work it seems that would be the most difficult approach.

Discovered Influence skills, from easiest to hardest:
Knowledge (local, nature) or Profession (farmer)
Perform (oratory), or Survival
Bluff or Diplomacy

As Valeria and Baron Okerra continue their small talk Valeria starts to get a much better feeling the best way to approach the man, especially since he is already so friendly toward her. The man has a lot of varrying interests from animals, architecture, farming, fishing and soldiering to riding horses. It's also apparent just being cordial and approaching him diplomatically is a solid approach. He is probably one of the more down to earth nobles out of the whole lot here.

Discovered Influence skills, from easiest to hardest:
Handle Animal, Profession (architect, farmer, fisherman, or soldier), or Ride

Will give you all some time for any follow-up before we move onto the next social round. With these results feel free to adjust your round three, but you are welcome to keep your roll if you already rolled.

CG Female Human Bard 4 | Speed 30 ft. | AC 17, T 12, FF 16 | hp 27/27 | Fort +3, Ref +6, Will +6 | Init +11 | Percep +7 | CMD 16 | Spells 1st 5/5 2nd 2/2 Bardic Performance 15/15 | Reroll @ +3 1/1 | Conditions: none Wand CLW x89

Great post! thanks GM Dak! PS: I think we learned Baron Okerra's biases on the previous page; font should be red on the spreadsheet.

Grand Lodge

Cav Charge [dice=cavalier's charge]d20+13; 3d8+15[/dice] MW Longsword [dice=MW cold iron longsword]d20+9; d8+4[/dice]
"Sir William Osbourne", Human Cavalier 40/40 HP; 2/2 Challenges; Init +0; Perception +8; [22 AC][10 Touch][22 FF]; [Fort 6][Reflex 1][Will 1],[CMD:18, vs. bullrush/reposition 20]
35/35 HP; Perception +5; [22 AC][11 Touch][20 FF]; [Fort 7][Reflex 8][Will 2],[CMD:21, vs. trip 25]

round 3 (continued)

Toby doesn't give up on Baroness Voinum, and with the information from Sveng he knows to bring up farming.

"What is your opinion on the state of the peasants, Baroness? Do you feel that those in this land are happy, or perhaps perpetually on the verge of riot? I have a background in farming, you see, was born and bred on a farm, and later brought into the knighthood. But my heart is with the common people in the land. A happy farmer is a happy, safe, well-fed nation."

roll from earlier: diplomacy: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (16) + 10 = 26

LN Human Pact Wizard 4 HP: 25/25 AC: 10 Tch: 10 FF: 10 CMD: 12 | F +3 R +2 W +7 | Init: +1 Perc: +6 | Active: none

Sydney supports Eregos, sensing he can get some more information if he plays his cards right. "I like to think I have been able to make my own way, although I cannot deny that my family influence help me get a fine education. "

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Just making sure no one has any other adjustments to Round 3 actions before I move us forward tomorrow.

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