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So, how many people are jonesing for Eberron? I'm thinking of running a game with an expedition into the Mournland. Is that something people are interested in?

While I'm new on the Paizo forums, I'm been GM'ing for far too many years. More than a score, less than two.

I've always thought the Eberron setting was kind of cool. I'd be very interested, especially if it used PF rules (since that's what I'm familiar with). I'd love to play an Eberron Changeling alchemist, but it's dependent on what you decide for the rules-set.

Yes, this would be PF, with the Eberron races brought in and modified.

I'd be interested in playing in Eberron, I haven't done it in a long while and it was a cool setting.

I've never gotten much of a chance to play in Eberron, but it's a setting that has always seemed kind of interesting to me. I'd potentially be up for it.

I would be very interested!

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Dotting for major interest. Big fan of Eberron.

I would absolutely be interested in Eberron, it's been one of my favourite settings since it's introduction.

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I would be so interested. I really dig that setting.

Dotting for interest. Would need to know more about the specifics (character level, race restrictions, etc).

Definitely interested. Have a lot of things I would be interested in trying for that setting...

Same for interested. The Elemental Grafts are something I've been enamored of ever since I saw them. Those and the Daelkyr half-bloods.

I'd be tossing a caster into the ring, either Ama Freewater, or "Rao" Redflame, with them being obsessed with the element in their names. This all depends on level, of course, but count me interested.

*waves to mdt* :D

Philo... A question. Would you be porting the Warforged-Scout race (Small warforged from the Races of Ebberon), the Changlings or the Kalashtars from that setting?

I am definitely interested in this game, and would be even more interested in playing one of these races again!

Okay, I'm working on a full recruitment writeup. I'll link it here when it's ready.

But, to whet people's appetite, it will be 8th level. Plus a little extra something that I'll save for the formal announcement.

@Me'mori, I will look at elemental grafts and Daelkyr half-bloods more closely once I have the main write up done. I will likely allow them, but I may make some minor changes. You'll need to tell about this in your backstory of course.

@Phoenix Hunter, yes to all three races.

Sounds very interesting. Looking forward to it.

oooo.... Daelkyr half-bloods and symbiotic life forms... hehehehehehe....

I'm very interested :)

Looks like there may be some competition on the Daelkyr half blood side.

Sounds intriguing. Eberron is a great setting, and what Pathfinder does to improve the basic rules is great. Mix both together...

Lol, those pesky Daelkyr just get into all sorts of people's bloodlines.

I have a few other options rather than going on "Highlander" on the Daelkyr Half-Blood. Unless your cool with multiple half-blooded Daelkyr, Philo :) (There not all nuts. Okay, I might be wrong about that :P )

Kirsdrake wrote:
Sounds intriguing. Eberron is a great setting, and what Pathfinder does to improve the basic rules is great. Mix both together...

... and we can Rule the World! Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

@Tentacledone (which I keep reading as "Tentacle done")

I probably won't go with multiple Daelkyr blood. They do tend to creep people out. But if the apps are good enough, it could happen.

Okay, I've put up the full campaign here: Into the Mournland

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