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A group of courageous Toys fight against the horrors of a nighttime Camp Arawak.

Nightlight RPG

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Deep in the darkness lurk the infamous Bogeyman
and the incarnations of all Primal Fears. Equally as
bad as these creatures are the many Horrors and Enigmas
that follow in the tracks of the Primals and emulate
their sinister actions. The sole desire of these evils
is to do permanent harm to the young mind of a child,
eat children whole, or worse. The only line of defense
against these supernatural creatures of the shadow are
the child’s beloved protectors, the Toys.

Through these avatars the child’s imagination comes
alive to fuel a power that allows the Toys to protect
their young charge, occasionally going so far as to
breach the realms of nightmare and do battle with the
Primals in their dark dens. The Small’s imagination
empowers the Toys as they adventure through dusty
vents, dark forests, flooded basements, and infinite
wonderlands to track down the Monstrosities that go
bump in the night.

You, dear Player, will take up the role of one of these
valiant, miniature defenders in a quest to destroy or
expel the Nightmares and safeguard your child.

Looking forward to playing another pathfinder game? Well sorry, because this is the Nightlight RPG!

Brought to you buy the obscure folks down at Viral Games Publishing, Nightlight is a game that centers around a group of toys standing against all sorts of icky nastinest in defense of their childrend (called 'Smalls'). It made a name for itself at Texicon with its charming theme and simple, straight-forward gameplay.

But you don't really care about that do you? You want to play!

Well good, 'cause I'm looking for 4 players who are willing to step outside of their comfort zones and try out something new (at least for a little while). If you're worried about a learning curve then let me assure you: there is none. I've never played this before either and book is only 46 pages long anyways. So really all you need is a healthy sense of adventure and the willingness to commit to a short, 1-2 month long game.

By now you may be wondering how you actually go about playing this game. Well, you're in luck. Just before the author's withdrew to devot themselves to the project, they provided a certain community with a pre-release version of their game - and I have a copy. Check it out, even if you don't plan on applying. Don't worry - this isn't an illegal copy of the game itself. This is just a "lite" version of the game that they provided out of gratitude to their fans.

With all that out of the way I think it's high-time I actually tell you what I'm looking for in a Toy:

Toy Creation:

Welcome to Camp Camp Arawak, a place where generations of kids came every Summer to rough it out and learn lessons that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Out in the middle of the wilderness, by beautiful Green Lake, nestled in Tracker’s Valley. Towering over the campgrounds is Chief Standing Tree, keeping a watchful eye on the children as he has for decades before. Friendships are forged, adventures are had, and each night before lights out the children gather to tell each other stories around the campfire.

Asleep in their bunks, drifting off to the land of slumber, this serene retreat in the woods becomes a home for the things that go bump in the night. Sleep become restless as tentacled things drag themselves out of the lake, phantasms ride the chilled winds of the night seeking prey, and dark figures stalk the hiking paths. Fears of the day manifest, as feelings of home sickness, isolation, and anxiety rise to the surface. For all that they learn during the day, they are still vulnerable to their own fears.

Good thing they packed some Toys for the trip. Pulling themselves from the grip of their smalls, they patrol the campgrounds, protecting the children from the terrors that hunt in the woods. Far from home, without the household of support they are used to having, they have to make due with what they can find in the middle of nowhere, facing things they never encountered before.

See the Toymaker's Workshop for details on how to go about creating your Toy. This game allows a lot of freedom with characters so I'm hoping to see a cast that is both innovative and memorable. That being said: try and limit any backstory/histories you write to two paragraphs at most. I'd like to keep this game relatively short and sweet, so really long backstories aren't necessary.

I'm hoping that recruitment won't take any longer than a week. If you've got any questions/feedback/comments/whatever then feel free to ask away!

Dark Archive

Interesting... Dot for sure. I'll make a character

Silver Crusade

For Quirks, how many do you allow? And what exactly will the limits be?

I'm thinking about making my toy take up additional squares or move faster if there are limits. Otherwise I'm thinking auto success on the assist skill.

A standard Toy will have four total quirks. As for the quirks themselves they will all be considered on a case-by-case basis. That being said: following some of the guidelines for Quirks that are described on page 9 as well as looking at some of the Quirks from the example characters will help you build your Toy how you want without things getting too crazy.

A larger size and speed are both reasonable. For speed you could have a quirk add +1 to Articulation. Size would depend more on if you would like to be long or wide.

Silver Crusade

Wide and tall. Allot like what lotso(the bear) looks like from Toy Story 3

Silver Crusade

So... I have tuffet's stats down. I'll get a rough personality down.

Silver Crusade

Tuffet is a dirty, used up stuffed dog toy. He has a brown coffee stain on his head and his old plastic cane is starting to become riddled with scratches and dents.
He is caring, but rough. He acts all strong and stoik, bit he truly is a very loving toy. He helps his fallen friends, and sunders his foes.

So, here's basic personality, plz give feedback if any and I'll be waiting :)

Hope others try out this game!

Alright, everything looks good.

Hopefully we get enough people interested to run.

Gonna think up some ideas.

Silver Crusade

Great thanks
I'll check in regularly to see if anything happened.

Well, I thought I ad enough games, but this one is just too good to pass up. Especially when my muse comes up with an idea and insists I play it.

NAME: Boxy the Magic Box
TYPE: Constructed
DESCRIPTION: Boxy is made of brown cardboard, but he has magic stars and moons and comets drawn on him that give him secret magical powers. On the bottom he has a dozen pipe cleaner legs stuck to him with duck tape. He was born when the Small noticed that he opened at the front and the back. Obviously only a magic box could do that. While he's new, he's proud to join the other toys in protecting the Small. He's eager to do what he can to help, though he hates it when other toys say that he's not a real toy.

HP (20+Toughness total)
..Head: 6
..Body: 5
..Flaps (Arms): 6
..Pipe Cleaners (Legs): 6
..Core: 3

ATTRIBUTES (12 total)
..Toughness: 3
..Articulation: 3
..Imagination: 3
..Fellowship: 2
..Accessory: 1

SKILLS (25 total)
..Brawl 7
..Endurance 3
..Athletics 5
..Provoke 3
..Guts 3

..Aim 3
..Dodge 7
..Scramble 4
..Spotting 3
..Tiptoe 5

..Exaggerate 3
..Lie 3
..Blanket 7
..Boom 3
..Neverland 7

..Comfort 2
..Carouse 2
..Command 2
..Assist 4
..Fate 4

..Armory 1
..Forge 1
..Invent 1
..Repair 1
..Evaluate 1


QUIRKS (4 total)

The Trojan Box
Boxy can conceal another toy (but not a large one) within himself, using either his front of back flaps. Toys are unseen until they spring out, or they can sneak out the back.

Impenetrable Prison
With a successful brawl check, Boxy can imprison somebody tightly inside him.

Boxy can fold flat to go sneak or go through thin spaces, like under doors. He can also Flatten if he rolls half successes on a dodge check to take no damage, but he needs to take a minor action to refold himself. If he's holding somebody, they are released/revealed.

Now you see it...
Boxy gets a second set of uses of Neverland that can only be used on people inside him. The toy that disappears gets a free tiptoe check with +2 dice to be hidden. An imprisoned foe can be neverlanded into another container.

Philo Pharynx wrote:

Well, I thought I ad enough games, but this one is just too good to pass up. Especially when my muse comes up with an idea and insists I play it.

Looks good. Are there any limitations or caveats to your Impenetrable Prison Quirk? Is a prisoner limited in their actions that they can take or a maximum number of prisoners Boxy can have?

It would be one prisoner. And I used the condition from the back - they can't move and their attacks and such are minor actions.

I was going to go ahead and start building my character, but I thought I'd ask about my concept first.

I'd like to make a doll modeled after a flying monkey from The Wizard of Oz who has a collection of handmade caps. I'm thinking three different caps that he puts on that would switch his quirks.
A bell-boy cap, newsboy cap and a sherlock cap.

If possible, I'd like to have 1 constant quirk, and 3 quirks based around what cap he's wearing.
Maybe something like
Constant: Ability to fly (or climb)

Bellboy Cap:
1 Team Heal
2 Team Teleport
3 +1 use to all imagination spells

Newsboy Cap:
1 +1 boom per enemy in melee (up to +5)
2 Boom causes knockback (or something to that effect)
3 Team Guts Reroll

Sherlock Cap:
1 Auto-Success on Evaluate 3/night (or whatever sounds right)
2 Use Lie to make team invisible
3 Increase extra Command dice by 1

This game seems fun, and I hope these are things that could be allowed, even with some tweaking.


I'm not entirely sold on the idea of giving you 9 rotating Quirks. However, I'm sure there is a compromise we can reach.

Would you be willing to limit the list to one ability per hat? In exchange the hats will be part of your Armory score and will not take up any of your starting Quirks. Alternatively you could use one Quirk slot for the three hats with the same limit (1 ability per hat).

And for your flight quirk I would rather have it be the ability to climb walls along with a limited glide. Is that alright?

That compromise works for me! I'll have his cap collection as a single quirk.

Mister Chitwick:

Figurine (+2 Fellowship, +1 Imagination)

HP (20+2)
Head 7
Body 5
Arms 5
Legs 5
Core 2

Toughness 2
Articulation 2
Imagination 4 +1
Fellowship 2 +2
Accessory 1

Toughness (2)
Brawl: 2
Endurance: 2+1
Athletics: 2+1
Provoke: 2
Guts: 2+1

Articulation (2)
Aim: 2
Dodge: 2
Scramble: 2
Spotting: 2
Tiptoe: 2

Imagination (5)
Exaggerate: 5+2
Lie: 5+2
Blanket: 5+2
Boom: 5+2
Neverland: 5+1

Fellowship (5)
Comfort: 5
Carouse: 5+1
Command: 5+1
Assist: 5
Luck: 5+1

Accessory (1)
Assemble/Forge: 1
Armory: 1
Invent: 1
Repair: 1
Evaluate: 1

Cap Collection

Cap Collection: Chitwick's back contains a small pouch full of caps. These caps were all handmade as he was passed down from generation to generation. Each cap grants him a special ability and changes his outfit.

Group Hug: Once per night, Chitwick grants 1d6+2 temporary hit points to all characters within melee range, distributed among limbs however they like.

Cute & Deadly: +1 use of all imagination spells.

Climb & Glide: Chitwick is able to climb and glide short distances.

For a background, I am thinking Chitwick has been passed down from generation to generation, with each person who passes him down making a different cap for him.

As for caps and their abilities, I'd like to mull over some ideas that fit each one appropriately.
I know I'd definitely want a Newsboy cap to augment Boom (spread rumors or something). I think I'll wait on the other two caps to see what we have as a full team.

Silver Crusade

Yay! Other toys!!! I'm happy, not having to wait for this to never happen

I forgot to do this earlier to have you review



Toughness 5

Articulation 2

Imagination 4

Fellowship 2

Accessory 2


toughness skills 5
Brawl, 3




Guts 2

articulation 2

Dodge 3




Imagination 4



Boom 1

Neverland 2

accessory 2
Armory 1





fellowship 2
Comfort 3






Takes up 2x2 squares

Has +2 to speed

+1 auto success to repair

+2 brawl from cane

Cane: an old wooden cane that makes a great weapon!

Bouncy ball: a small rubber ball, great for throwing

Tuffet is a dirty, used up stuffed dog toy. He has a brown coffee stain on his head and his old wooden cane is starting to become riddled with scratches and dents.
He is caring, but rough. He acts all strong and stoik, bit he truly is a very loving toy. He helps his fallen friends, and sunders his foes.

So for a visual, imagine an old stuffed doggy toy that is pure white. Now drag that toy through mud a couple hundred times, clean it just as much, pour coffee on its head, try to get it out(and fail) then you have what he looks like.

Silver Crusade

Echos Myron wrote:

That compromise works for me! I'll have his cap collection as a single quirk.

** spoiler omitted **

As for caps and their abilities, I'd like to mull over some ideas that fit each one appropriately.
I know I'd definitely want a Newsboy cap to augment Boom (spread rumors or something). I think I'll wait on the other two caps to see what we have as a full team.

The news cap could add to lie, that may help :l

Silver Crusade

I'm realy pumped about this game! But dreaded time goes so slow!

Tuffet: everything looks good at first glance though I don't have the book in front of me at the moment.

For everyone, something you may want to consider for your characters is who your Small is. It's not vital nor am I forcing anyone to make one, that's something I can do once we get to the game. Just something to think about if you're interested; it's an opportunity to flesh out your Smalls fears and unique relationship to their Toys (or even if two Toys want to share the same Small).

Rufus is a strange kid. He has a knack for seeing things just a little differently than everybody else. While the others tease him, he isn't particularly bothered by it, which upsets the bullies. The bane of his existence is naptime. His teachers refuse to see that he's not able to sleep during the day, and they make him lay down and not sleep. At night, he's a sleepwalker. He'll get up and say the strangest things. When he's asleep, Rufus is fluent in whisperspeak. He'll say strange things that usually don't make sense now, but usually turn out to be pretty smart.

Silver Crusade

Nice, little cryptic messages from your small? Great twist.

I figured it would have the oracle thing as well as providing a possible hook where we need to help him avoid danger while sleepwalking. After all, you aren't supposed to wake up a sleepwalker.

Scarab Sages

Sounds like a neat game. I'd love to make something like a transformer

Silver Crusade

Yeah and go all, "I, am optimus prime. Leader of the Autobots"

But just for legal issues make something like a morphbot, or other not-transformer name

I'd love to see some sort of weird transformer generic foldable toy. Like a guitar that turns into an aircraft carrier. Or a skyscraper that turns into a dragon.

In other news, I have a picture for Boxy. Link

Scarab Sages

Gasp. Don't open the box!

Oops, wrong picture. :)

LOL we're supposed to be ridding the darkness not making it worse.

Silver Crusade

Well, evil is a matter of opinion, to the darkness, light is evil.

...and evil backwards is live, and we all want to live, right?

Okay, where are the other people? I wanna get playing! WAAAAHHHHHH!

Silver Crusade

Can we do this with 3? I don't think things are gonna get done before the end of the week.

And rats live on no evil star right?

3 is fine, I'd just prefer 4. I'll still be keeping recruitment open until tomorrow

Sometimes games with just a few dedicated people work really well. Turns can go by quickly and it gets hyper focused on their characters.

Spooks might also consider people playing multiple characters. If we each have two, that's six total.

Silver Crusade

Great, but my schedule may change soon, I may just drop out. We'll see by Monday.

Scarab Sages

Here's a rough submission for Cycle-droid Kai Maximum (Droid for short)


The Cycle-Droid series was a Japanese cartoon in the late eighties riding on the coat tails of popular Scifi cartoons that came earlier. Unfortunately the series didn't take off and was cancelled after only six episodes. Consequently the toy line, in full production at the time, was scrapped and the remaining inventory was shipped off to discount vendors and never heard from again.
That's where droid found himself for the next twenty or so years. Collecting dust in his box on a dirty shelf at the back of a flea market until a little boy found him and took him home. At first he was just a cool motorcycle for his Small's other toys but as time went by Droid quickly became the star. If it was chasing down space bandits through the asteroid belts or racing on the saturn's rings he was always with the boy. He even joined him at bath time and in the families pool, racing across the water and splashing his boy's sister.

Personality and Description:

Droid is a motorcycle robot through and through. Hot headed, reckless, loud and competitive and will go to any length to protect his small even if he winds up with dents or scratched paint because he knows that his small is always happy to clean, fix, paint and sometime customize him.
Underneath layers of hot rod paint and armour pieces and weapons scavenged from Combat Carl vehicles and the more popular 'Transmorphers' line of vehicle robots Droid is an eighties anime transforming motorcycle. He could find himself wielding cannons or missile launchers or even glow in the dark swords depending on whatever his small decided was necessary for the day's adventure.

Stats and skills:

Toughness (5)
-Brawl +1
-Athletics +1
-Guts +1
Articulation (5)
-Aim +3
-Dodge +3
-Scramble +3
-Spotting +1
Imagination (2)
Fellowship (1)
Accessory (2)
-Armory +2


Head (4)
Body (8)
Arms (6)
Legs/Wheels (7)
Core (5)

Quirks, gear and accessory packs:

Vehicle Mode: transforms into a motorcycle, drastically increasing speed and allowing a regular or small sized toy to ride on him but limits his available actions.
Amphibious: thanks to all of his time playing with his small in the bath and in the pool Droid can move about freely in the water and can even float when in vehicle mode driving about like a jet ski

his Small:

The family calls his small 'Eddy' and they live in what they call a "small apartment" in the city. Eddy likes action cartoons and soldiers but anything with robots is best. He is a rather small, small with glasses who likes to build models, usually planes or tanks and such but never seems to finish them and has little shoe boxes of parts and pieces on his desk where he works. Eddy's father is something called a mechanical engineer and loves to help Eddy with his models (The only finished models Eddy has are the ones made by him and his dad together). Eddy's room is a mess most days so he never really notices when stuff gets moved during the nightly battles against the Bug King who claims the apartment building as his own.

Tuffet wrote:
Great, but my schedule may change soon, I may just drop out. We'll see by Monday.


This seems fun, I might whip something up over the weekend.

@Philo Pharynx: I'd rather have less toys than more honestly. As I said earlier, this is my first time running this game and I want to make sure I don't end up with too much to manage.

@Aiunder: Looks good!

@Silverseabird: Just a reminder that recruitment will close saturday evening (tomorrow) and gameplay will start that day (or possibly the next depending on how busy I am that day).

Scarab Sages

Not too sure what to do for the last two quirks...


Fast Mover: 1 auto success on dodge

Upgrades: Droid never knows what he'll end up with each night and has a large supply of parts and accessories to choose from. Each night Droid starts with additional equipment or tools. (maybe one chosen by player and one chosen by DM?)

The dodge auto-success is fine.

I'd have to here more about the upgrades though. Does he have a magic space from which he can draw a vital component from just in the nick of time (a skeleton key when confronted with a lock)? Or perhaps he has a pool of armory points that change from night-to-night, letting you change your equipment depending on what you may think you need that night?

Scarab Sages

Upgrades!: each night Droid starts play with additional equipment from this list

02-Extra Armour (legs)
03-Space Marshall's Binders (a bundle of zip-ties)
04-Knobby Tires (adds one die to Athletics and scramble rolls in vehicle mode)
05-Tow Hook (10ft of tough cord with a blunt three-pronged fishing hook on a reel)
06-Flames!!!!! (does nothing but looks awesome!)
07-Extra Armour (Body)
08-Dozer Blades (swords taken from Truckimus Ultra, leader of the Vehiclebots, that count as melee weapons)
09-Stealth Camo (1 die bonus to stealth rolls)
10-Long Barrel Blaze Rifle (relaxes regular Blaze rifle and doubles range of Aim actions)
11-Extra Armour (Arms)
12-Missile Pods (1 time use. Droid may take an aim action to target an area. All enemies within six inches are affected by the attack)

(I was thinking pick one and roll randomly for a second one)

I like the idea of magical "good thing I packed this..." But I think it would be too easy to abuse.

I like the idea of Droid's additional equipment and that part of it depends on what his Small had packed for him.

@Droid - Will this work: the quirk allows you to select one of those items at the beginning of the night. Additionally, if you sacrifice on of your pieces of equipment you gained from the Armory skill you can roll for one additional piece of equipment (max 1).

Everyone else: recruitment for this game has ended. The players who will be taking part are:

Mister Chitwick

and possibly Tuffet if his schedule permits.

I will open discussion shortly and give a short opening post in gameplay. Unfortunately true gameplay won't start until tomorrow evening as I am too busy with work, but you'll have a chance to establish your characters at least.

Missed recruitment by that much. Have a great game. It sounds like lots of fun.

That sounds good to me


Yikes, I've got a bunch of stuff going on today but I'll try to squeeze in a profile

My apologies for holding anything up.
Here is Chitwick. Please look over the caps at the bottom and let me know what works and what needs to be changed. I'll add background on both Chitwick and his Small tomorrow.

The caps look good! Just so you know, discussion and gameplay are both currently open if you'd like to drop in.

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