The Torture Chamber (Everquest RPG PBP)

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Abandon all hope, ye who enter the world of Norrath.

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male human cleric

Markus' eyes widen at the half-elf's tale, then after the one named Kwen is done with his story he turns to look at Revery. " Well the first day was fine, however our luck seemed to turn, we were attacked by a rather large Krup, and what I gather was his pack. We survived barely, Firiona took a blow to the head." Markus winches at the memory and sound of the blow hitting her in the head.
" While the wound has been on the mend, there can be problems with a blow like that; she could wake up in a month, less than a month, or stay in a slumber until her time on the coil is over. I believe that she will be alright in time, for magic can do only so much." Markus says with a bit of a sigh; his mind drawn inward.
Markus noticed that Kwen didn't tell them, how they arrived in the city; so Markus felt no pressing need to pry into that line of questioning.

Iksar (Shadowknight) Shadowknight

"I'm still curious to hear about your disguises, but that was quite a tale," Velkuriss rasps, looking over at the rogue. While his voice might sound damaged the brutish iksar spoke common almost perfectly, with almost no accent. He had clearly spent time around noniksar, and learned their language well. "I am impressed that you managed to escape from the jail. Very impressive."

"Aside from our almost fatal battle with the frogloks and their krup, we spent most our journey back in battle with the wild life, or running for our lives," Velkuriss' muzzle twists as a faint grin appears for a few moments. "Kurnak is an unforgiving land."

Vah Shir Beastlord and Bast Kejek Tiger

"Magic. Powerful magic at that. It was like having a lifetime of experiences and the form of another for almost a fortnight," Sajeek says looking off at nothing in particular. "It was quite a thing to be an iksar. Your people are pretty resilient, that's for certain. And a bit on the scary side of things."

The vah shir pauses for a few moments organizing his thoughts.

"Alright, so I'm not sure if your people know this or not, but, your oldest enemies still draw breath," the beastlord says quietly. "They fled to the moon of Luclin. The same place that my people come from. The three of us know for a fact that they plan on returning to Norrath." The vah shir looks at each iksar in turn, matching their gazes. "I believe their agents are responsible for starting the war to weaken both the elves and the iksar. That I can't prove. Not yet anyway." The beastlord lets the two absorb that for a few moments."

"On to more current events. So, there is a good chance that their could be disguised dark elves running around," Sajeek had smoothly switch to almost whispering in the iksar tongue. "They are more then likely the ones that have been stirring up most of the trouble. And there is a good chance that they might try to keep this war going by killing the one we've work so hard to save. So, keep your eyes peeled."

Sajeek looks down at Bast and rapped his head with a knuckle to get his attention.

"That goes for you to bub," he says to the tiger speaking common once more. The vah shir leans down a little and scratches the big hunting cats ears. Bast begins to fill the small room with his deep rumbling purr.

Iksar (Shadowknight) Shadowknight

The shadowknight stares at the vah shir, Sajeek, stunned by the news. Velkuriss was glad that he was leaning against the wall. The stone wall was rather supportive at the present moment. The shadowknight was pretty certain that the vah shir wasn't lying. This Sajeek had looked completely serious when he was talking about the Shissar. The great enemy that was supposedly wiped off the face of Norrath. 'But this Luclin isn't Norrath, so in a sense that was the truth,' Velkuriss mind pipes up as his brain begins to unfreeze.

Shaking his scaled head, Velkuriss begins to pace the length of the room. The bit about the assassins made a great deal of sense, that was something he could focus on and deal with. But, if the vah shir actually spoke the truth and wasn't completely mad... The shadowknight knew that his people were not focused enough to fight a true war. The war with the elves a more like a skirmish for the reptiles. Kurnak had fallen on the smoothskins with a hunger all of it's own. But a real war? With the Council leading them? They would be wiped out. Or worse, enslaved once more.

male Half Elf Rogue /Markus Vardin Human cleric (Giant Slayer Blackguard Kwenilithmor Eridosan)

Kwen nods at Sajeek's words stands, and starts pacing trying to think on the ways that one could hide in plain sight due to magic. One would think that there would be a way to detect or locate someone that has managed to change their form. the rogue thinks to himself; it was vexing to say the least not sure who they could trust.

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