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I've been thinking about throwing my hat back into the GMing ring and I figure this is a short, easy, and fun way to do it. I would like to run We Be Goblins. This is an adventure for 1st level PC's.

I would like to invite players who are new to Play by Post, since this is a good fun intro adventure. Others may apply , but I will give preference to newer players.

Go ahead and make a character, but don't worry about spending a ton of time just to apply. If you haven't settled on a trait or a skill choice, no big deal.
You can use the pregens or make your own character. 15-point buy, any Paizo material.
I am a big fan of using skills an items in creative ways, so all characters get a chance to shine. So if you can think of a weird craft or profession skill, go for it.

Give me a paragraph or two describing your character. Just a basic idea is fine. No need for a 2-page background.

Also, give me a list of 3-5 things you have in your pockets. Not a list of equipment with gold piece costs, but a list of the weird things goblins collect, like a dead bird, or a button, or a broken toy.

This is a good opportunity for some fun role play. Golarion goblins love burning things, hate dogs, fear horses, and like to sing rude songs. They can be mean and crafty little dudes, but PCs in this adventure should not be downright evil, I think of them more as letting a bunch of kindergarteners run loose without any supervision whatsoever.

Frequency, once a day is fine. Weekend posts are not necessary. Time zone doesn't matter.

Any questions, please ask.

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You may also use the stats for a grippli (I've always been curious to see one "in action"), a kobold, or a Skinwalker (but you will be small). We will just reflavor it so you are a funny-looking goblin.

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I don't need a full inventory yet, but if you want to do it, starting funds are only 50 gp. Although you may have one item in broken condition for half price.

Gros Nos the grippli monk s10 d16 c14 i12 w16 c7 he is as his name suggests hard to look at and easily enough passes for a deformed gobbo. Gros' parents were killed by undead and the orphan grippli took up with a gob tribe passing through the region. By keeping his head down long enough to just look like any other mean green to his new companions the youth found a new family albeit a rowdy one. My pockets have some lizard jerky, a Skinning knife, dice and a large spoon. Skills in stealth cooking perception and bluff. Starting feat is combat reflexes. Please let me know anything I missed I'm rusty thanks

This could be a good chance to take the flotsam domain.

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I love the flotsam domain, unfortunately this is a one-shot adventure (probably, you never know) and the only special power of the subdomain is at 6th level. I'll tell you what, I'll let you swap out that power for the 1st level domain power instead.

At 6th level, once per day you can reach into water as a standard action and pull out an object with a maximum gp value of up to 50 gp × your cleric level.

This object always has the broken condition upon being withdrawn from the water. The water you reach into must be at least deep enough to fully immerse yourself in it. At 12th level, objects you retrieve are not broken. At 20th level, you can retrieve objects worth up to 5,000 gp. If retrieving an object that would not normally float, assume it rests on top of or is entwined with debris that does float. Objects retrieved in this manner disappear after 24 hours, if not already used up or otherwise destroyed before then.

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Anyone who wants to play, go ahead and make an alias and a character sheet. I will run the goblin dares at the beginning as an extended sequence open to anybody (well, up to 10 or 12 anyway), and then the chief will choose a squad for the adventure based on the results (rolls and role playing). Go ahead and declare your intent if you wish to participate.

To be fair to everyone, the skills used in the original adventure's dares include

Escape Artist, Ride, Stealth, and Fort and Reflex saves
but I will probably add one or two more challenges.

Grand Lodge

I'm interested, but am very new to pbp, dnd, and pathfinders in general. I have read a lot of the rules on the reference document.

Are all pc's goblins?


Ok I found this ins.pdf
which clarified some things for me, but I don't want to read to much of it in case it spoils something :P

So I would like to join as a goblin healer! (if that's a thing?) I'll figure out how to make him up in a moment, and will post his backstory probably before that.


Ok I found a place to learn about goblins, I'll be back in a jiffy.

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Yes, We Be Goblins was a Free RPG Day adventure where all the characters are goblins. (Although see above, I will allow you to use stats for a grippli or perhaps a small skinwalker.) There are pregenerated characters available if you want to start with one of those, or I could walk you through making a character if you need any help.

The module is a free download here if you want to look at the pregens (but try not to read the spoilers!).

Or, someone posted some helpful characters sheets for the pregens

Grand Lodge

Where do I find a list of the Pregens?

edit just kidding I have reading comprehension :P

Silver Crusade

Ok this is the pregen I selected. I was able to scroll to the bottom without stumbling over the spoilers. Have I done it right so far? I was a bit confused by the languages, special abilities, and location section.

I would love to try play by post though I know nothing about it. When are you planning to start and how often do I need to check in for the 'posting'?

Also I would like to be a Goblin Barbarian. I want to rush the front.

Also do I post my build here or somewhere else and if so where?

This is Wolfwaker posting from my alias. Click on the name (Zooks) to see an example alias. You can make it under My Account and look for Messageboard Aliases.

I use for all the rules/build info.

How long will recruitment be open? I would like to play, but I want to wait and see if more new people take all of the slots.

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Once a day, not including weekends is typical. If you miss a few we will just bot you.

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I'll give it at least until mid-week, depends on how many applicants I get.

DAA: Sounds great...the racial archetype for goblin barbarians is really fun if you want to go that route.

Arylan/Poog. That's a good start. It doesn't matter too much about filling out all the blanks in the form. Somewhere I need your skills, feat(s), and traits. Also saves, attack bonus, etc.

Everyone gets 2 traits.
There are a lot of goblin-only ones (search within the page for Goblin) that are fun here:

Character creation rules here. We are using the 15-point buyl

I have two questions. The first is how do I get the little show button? And the other is about point buy. I have never delta with it so how does it work?

Ha the SRD is awesome they have a thing that walks me right though the point buy. So ignore that question about point buy. So is it full hit points at first level. And will you be doing the rolling or will we?

I'm not exactly "new", but I have yet to be in a game that lasted more than a few encounters. Sign me up!

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Full hp at first.

You will do rolls when you state your action. I will do some like initiative and perception in the interest of speed.

DAA: You mean the spoiler tag?

[ spoiler = name ]
[ / Spoiler ]

But without the spaces.

Here's my submission! Stats and description are in the alias.

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So far we have.

Gurp of the Swamp (goblin druid)
.............giant slug companion--love it. Spells prepared is messed up.
Poog o' Zarongel (goblin cleric)
..............need full character sheet on alias, or a link to it (skills, attacks, saves, AC)
Gros Nos (grippli monk)
.............need alias

Declared interest:
Death's Adorable Apprentice

How do I make an alias?

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My Account (top of page). 3rd box on the left column should be Messageboard Aliases, and there is a button to create a new one.

Got it can I take bred for war trait? I didn't find any grippli ones

Fixed spells prepared. Can't believe I forgot to fill that out!

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Sweet goodnight wrote:
Got it can I take bred for war trait? I didn't find any grippli ones

Well you certainly don't meet the size requirement, but it doesn't really seem overpowered, so sure.

Silver Crusade

Ok I've done more, I don't understand CMB or CMD though. Am I missing anything besides that?

with starting money do you want me roll for that or take the average?

This is Deaths Adorable Apprentice and I am done expect for buying the little things. Please let me know if I messed up on the numbers or forgot to add anything.

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Special rules for starting funds: only 50 gp. You can get a broken version of something for half (unless there is a standard rule for that that is different). If you can't get something essential for your class we'll discuss it.

ok I went over and altered my equipment to be will in the budget and I have some left over. I want him to have the head of a stuffed animal worn on his head to match the image. But I don't know how to price that. Is there anything I have missed in the profile?

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Ronk Bonk: It looks good to me. Great descriptions. Don't worry about the price of the animal head!

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BTW an easily missed rule for building characters is the favored class bonus. You either get 1 HP or 1 skill point or some bonus specific to your race/class combination, when you choose a level in your "favored class". I guess it is a small incentive to not multi-class.

I put my favored class bonus skill point into speaking goblin. And yes the thought of a 6ft frog bred for war trained in the martial art just made me laugh

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I've done 1 game post-by-post experience (level 1 sorceress) but I would like to join here with a new character (level 1 assasin I think, I havn't made him yet) let me know if I can join then I'll make one tomorrow.


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Némo, please join!

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Gurp of the Swamp (goblin druid)
Poog o' Zarongel (goblin cleric)
Gros Nos (grippli monk)
Ronk Bonk (goblin feral gnasher barbarian)

Declared interest:
Nemo Gondor (assassin?)

I'll leave this open (for declaring interest) for say 24 more hours. But we won't get started until after the weekend, so no hurry on the character details.

I want to make a bard. We do not have one yet and it just seems so appropriate.

I was in a campaign of this but we lost our GM. I'd love a chance to finish it

I'm in!

I'll post my Char later today thanks man.

just checking, to make an assasin I first need to make a slayer or rouge or something yea? like assasin is a second class right?

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OK, all of you who have finished a character or declared interest can play, at least for the initial goblin games. There may be a downselect for the actual mission. I will start a thread for the campaign later.

Nohwear--a bard would be great!

Medge--please join.

Nemo: The legal Pathfinder classes are here--the ones in the left column. Rogue or slayer are your best bets. At the bottom of the individual class pages are some archetypes, which swap out certain class features for other ones.

Excellent! I'm looking forward to it.

You said the stats for a grippli be I goblinoid or frog?

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You can flavor it how you like. Either a grippli that got accepted by the tribe, or a weird looking goblin that uses grippli stats.

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Sorry for the lack of progress, I was pretty busy over the holiday. I intend to start this up this week. Let's see if everyone has aliases.

Gurp of the Swamp (goblin druid)
Poog o' Zarongel (goblin cleric)
Gros Nos (grippli monk)
Ronk Bonk (goblin feral gnasher barbarian)
Medge the Curious (goblin bard)

Nohwear (goblin bard)....need alias
Nemo Gondor (assassin?)....need alias

Go ahead and check in on the gameplay thread when your alias is finished.

Silver Crusade

Where is the gameplay thread?

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On the top of the page here, right under the title, you should see a tab.

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