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It's always dangerous looking past the close space, and traveling the unknown. Danger lurks in the shadows of the vast and the drift. The unknown push many to explore the galaxy, to discover, to plunder, to conquer.

Thus The Expedition has been formed.

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Docking, strapping everything down and settling in for a ride was the easiest part of the whole trip so far. The Expedition was well oiled and had everything under tight control. It almost felt militaristic if it wasn’t for the fact that the ship Exodus was geared for long term exploration. Upon docking to the main ship, the ship was clamped down by gravi fields and armatures to fix the ship in place. The hangar bay doors shut and the protective shield went up between the ships and the doors. Everyone remained to their designated ships and stations as the Exodus prepared for its launch.

So far everything was quiet during the travel, which had already spent most of the day in drift, traveling deeper and farther than most ships dared too. Mainly for the reason of encountering the other planes of existence along the way, but so far it seemed that either the Exodus was ignoring any suddenly plane tears or nothing of that sort has happened quite yet. Until a notification came alive across your terminals.

The Exodus has left Drift space. You could hear some chatter begin to spike amongst the common channel shared by all the ships of the fleet before a display began flashing red with a annoying beep. The chatter died down and a loud voice boomed over the comms.

”Attention! The Exodus has left the Drift and were in unknown territory! The first step of this long journey is a success! Unfortunately we had the unfortunate time to land in a sector that has apparently been visited to before. And those visitors are in need. We received a distress beacon among the unknown moon around a large gas giant in the system. Our preliminary scanners read that it is avoid of any atmosphere but has low-g gravity. Suit up. Since it will take roughly 4 hours for our Drift engines to spin up again, we will be sending out three ships for search and rescue. Do not engage anything if you can, we want to save them if they're still alive and continue on our mission. The ships who are designated for this mission have been chosen by lottery. Your displays should alert you if you had been chosen. Everyone else, sit tight and prepare for any immediate action. More information will display upon the rescue ships. Commander Thesari out.”

The comms died and the general chatter picked up again. The ship's native AI dialed down the back noise and brought up the distress beacon details.

Hostiles encountered. Wounded. Need immediate assistance, please help, anyone! Were just a science team!

Below the tag line was nav points and locations of three separate ships. You were giving the destination near the dark side of the moon that was nestled at the bottom of a crater. The distress beacon was already about 6 hours old. The docking clamps released and you were giving the green light to leave the hangar as the hangar bay slowly opened with a dull rumble that you could feel even in your own ship.

Female TN Human Outlaw Mechanic 10 | EAC 31, KAC 33, DR 7/- | HP 64/64 SP 80/80 | F+9, R+16, W+7 | Init +13, Perception +18

The bulkhead door of the bridge opens with a hiss, footsteps sounding in the metal corridor. A human woman walks in with a speedy gait, dressed in a half-way undone, greasy overalls. Her brown-gray hair is adorned with a striped headscarf, a set of welding goggles on top of it. A scowling look, seemingly permanent, adorns her head as she rushes down the stairs, mug of liquid in hand. "Hey, Molly, it's the universe.", she mutters to herself, ignoring anyone else currently on the bridge as she approaches the fairly sizeable pilot's chair. "Would you like to win the lottery? Sure thing, universe, let me just fix the higrsk power coupling on the loading ramp, so it doesn't kill us all, is that okay?", she rants on as she takes a sip from the mug, sitting in the pilot's chair, and starting to lift the chair, apparently installed for a vesk nearly twice her height and at least seven times her weight.

The chair stops lifting a moment later, still unpleasantly away from the controls. "No, Molly, you won the lottery, so go ahead and start piloting the dratting vesk pirate ship, so you don't get kicked off from the expedition, and have to serve dratting burgers for a living." She sighs, taking another sip as she frowns, flicking switches and moving aside holo-screens. "Oh, and also the coffee is apparently from before the Gap, and tastes like a vesk looks on a weekday morning."

Reaching towards the comms, she extends her neck towards the microphone, and clears her throat. "Exodus, this is Harridan.", she speaks out with a voice, the nails-on-glass smoothness of a raspy harpy. "Pre-flight checks done, ship's operational, awaiting captain's orders for take-off. Over." She lifts her head to look behind, only to stare at the massive backrest. Spinning around, she barks out towards the rest of the bridge. "Ready to take this out! You better let me use those massive engines, or I'm not responsible for my actions!"


Regarding the fixing thing - I'm sure there was quite a lot more important systems to be checked (like engines, or life support), so not taking away from what our resident engineer was doing!
Piloting: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (9) + 10 = 19 For taking away the ship from the mothership/approach when GM deems it necessary.

Game Master

Harridan, this is Exodus A female's voice cracked out over the comm in response to Molly, a bit younger and smoother then Molly's own voice. ”You have the green. Remember, this is a strict time limited rescue. Initial contact protocols are in effect. Do not fire unless fired upon.” There was a pause for a minute before the voice came back over the comms, ”Harbinger and Illicia are your fellow rescue ships. They will be landing at different points upon the moon where the other three Nav points are. We will be monitoring the situation from here. Keep in radio comm with the other two teams. Use your suit comms, our relay on the Exodus should allow comms to reach each other if there is no external interference. Our intial readings are confirmed, there is no breathable atmosphere. Good luck. Exodus out.”

The hangar bays were fully open at this time with the pass shield shimmering like a transparent blue sky before them. Remarkable technology that this expedition has managed to get its hands on. You can see the two other ships in the same hanger preparing their departures as well. They seemed to be waiting upon you as the floor lights indicated you had priority flight clearance.

Init:+2 Bab:+2 Fort:+7 Ref:+2 Will:+3 Sp:25/25 Hp:20/20 RP: 3/3 Kac:17 Eac:19

Tujon settles into the massive vesk made command chair, his face the cold stoic gaze that you have all come to expect from the reclusive beast. His weight shifts as he leans forward to stare out at the screen.

Tujon's voice drips with barely contained predatory intent. "Get us there in one piece pilot, all other concerns are secondary." Straightening, Tujon addresses the rest of the crew. His voice raising ever so slightly with every word. "This is our shake down cruise, though I would wish for something with a bit more teeth. We will take this challenge and we will conquer it beneath our claws! Take us out pilot, AND DON'T SPARE THE THRUSTERS! LET US SHOW THEM WHO WE ARE!"

Male N Human Soldier Icon 2 | HP 18/18 Stamina 16/16 Resolve 4/4 | F+4 R+3 W+3 | KAC 17 EAC 15 | Init +7

Jacob has little trouble standing at the controls, given his height and mass. He raises his wrist, speaking into the device built into his armor. "Begin mission recording." he says softly.

"Gunnery station on-line, sir! We'll be ready when we start taking fire." he calls out.

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Female TN Human Outlaw Mechanic 10 | EAC 31, KAC 33, DR 7/- | HP 64/64 SP 80/80 | F+9, R+16, W+7 | Init +13, Perception +18

Drinking her coffee with a loud sound, Molly's eyebrows slump as the vesk captain hisses his launching speech. "Yeah, I planned to trash the ship on launch, but good thing he warned me not to crash.", she mutters. Slamming the magnet-laden cup to the pilot's console, Molly puts her hands on the twin joysticks, flicking open the buttons. "Buckle up, buckos!", she shouts out, as she pushes the joysticks forward with a dry smirk. Let's see who hasn't been on a Sharkwasp before., she thinks.

The roaring engines launch the ship forward with impressive thrust, as the Harridan flirts with the maximum allowed take-off speed. Clearing the pass shield in seconds, Molly turns the ship around. "Approach vector... in. Thrust seems optimal.", she says to the engineer's console next to her. "Maneuvreability... slightly sub-optimal, will compensate." Finishing with the routine checks, Molly punches in the auto-pilot towards the landing point, turning around the swiveling chair. "Chair's dratting sub-optimal, though. Who's chirrk-chik tender bits were sitting before-hand, Charja Bloodscale's massive cloaca?", she mentions the vesk grav-brawl star, known for her monumentous size. Picking up her cup once more, she looks up at the captain's chair. Typical vesk design. Why on Golarion would they bother to be at the same level as those they command, when they can sit on and stare from above. What a bunch of mammaries.

"So, Cap!", she shouts, taking another long drink, staring at the vesk. "I realise now I should've probably asked before I launched the bucket, but you ever commanded a ship before?" She smiles at the vesk. "Not judging, just asking what level of pilot insubordination I can get away with."


Using the last Piloting check. I'm assuming that for optimally efficient trajectory, autopilot is used to make the minute corrections. Eyeballing it probably doesn't cut it for long distances.

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Init:+2 Bab:+2 Fort:+7 Ref:+2 Will:+3 Sp:25/25 Hp:20/20 RP: 3/3 Kac:17 Eac:19

Tujon stares down upon the pilot assigned to him. An almost bemused look crosses his face. Seems the meat likes to make noise. "Pilot, I will have you remember three things while we are serving together. While you are sitting in that chair, you are a pilot and nothing more. While I am on this vessel, I am Captain, not Cap, not Mate, and may whatever soft deity you pray to be ready to accept your mewling soul if you call me Skip, I heard enough of that from my last command." And on the last point Tujon's eyes narrow and focus on Molly's features. "And thirdly, Charvenska Shaskar is the height of female perfection and you would be honored to sit any place she will have placed her tail end." You can't be sure if the last was an actual statement or some kind of Vesk humour... probably best not to ask.

Male Ysoki CG Mystic 2 | HP 16/16 RP 4/4 SP 16/16 | F+1 R+2 W+6 | KAC 14 EAC 13 | Init+2

Bishop pokes his head through a doorway to the bridge, ears perky. He witnesses Molly making her preparations and excitedly rushes to a seat near a window. As he is scrambling up a chair seemingly made for someone five times his size, the vesk bellows and startles Bishop, causing him to overproject and go barreling over the other side of the chair. He sits there a moment, ears flat against his head and an embarrassed twitch of his nose. He quickly launches himself back at the chair and settles in. Well said captain, well said! Molly! Get us out there quick-like, I am more than ready to get out there and soak in some starlight!

His slaps his knees with excitement as the starship begins to take off. He grabs at the harness to strap himself in safely, but when the waist strap constricts him across his neck he twitches his nose in frustration and lets it drop. Well if I am gonna get knocked around this hunk of oversized metal, I may as well enjoy the view... he grumbles to himself, hopping from his chair to the flat topside of a console where he can press his nose against the window.

Female TN Human Outlaw Mechanic 10 | EAC 31, KAC 33, DR 7/- | HP 64/64 SP 80/80 | F+9, R+16, W+7 | Init +13, Perception +18

Slurping the final droplets of caffeine from her mug, Molly nods at Tujon. Yep. Freshy vraxed out of vesk space, military, too. Oh, Molly, you done won the lottery alright. Smiling tiredly at Bishop as the ysoki walks in, she sends him a wink as he crawls onto the console and stares at space with the enthusiasm of a child. Turning her eyes towards the sizeable vesk, her eyebrow raises as she stares him, dead in the eyes. "Right so.", she replies curtly in her scratchy voice. "Although, two things. This is a civilian ship, working on a contract with the Exodus. I served mine before you were hatched, I imagine, I ain't serving noone who isn't paying me my fees.", she says, sitting back on the chair. "As a civvy, when you space your crew, you can't call the Veskarium to send you a new one."

She points towards the console. "So unless you can astrogate optimal trajectories by nebula intensity, pilot through asteroid fields, low-orbit drift, fix a PE-12 power-engine and run deep-system scans by yourself, you'd be pretty damn shafted." She pauses, then looks at the console. "I'll be taking manual control in three minutes, fifty-three seconds." Another small smile appears on her face. "Captain.", she finishes, the title said in strict vesk military protocol.


We're going to have heaps of fun, you and I. And Carmine's probably getting a pretty good pilot episode.

Male N Human Soldier Icon 2 | HP 18/18 Stamina 16/16 Resolve 4/4 | F+4 R+3 W+3 | KAC 17 EAC 15 | Init +7

Yep. I am getting great stuff for my show. :)

"Now that the pecking order is confirmed, command deck is ready... Wait! Who left that Ysoki unsecured!" he exclaims, unbuckling from his station and moving to Bishop's station. He reaches under the seat back, cranks something that sounds like a latch, and re-clasps the mystic's restraints. This time, they've been adjusted to fit his smaller frame.

Carmine gives Bishop a wink. "Military secret. These models of seats include a" He makes quotes with his fingers "'hold my beer' configuration that works just right for smaller folks." he stands. "Used to use it all the time when I was a kid."

He moves back to his station and seats himself, buckling in with practiced ease and an easy smile on his face.

Male Ysoki CG Mystic 2 | HP 16/16 RP 4/4 SP 16/16 | F+1 R+2 W+6 | KAC 14 EAC 13 | Init+2

Wide-eyed and sporting a huge grin, Bishop lets a long, loud, drawn out whistle at Molly and Tujon's back-and-forth banter. Sometimes I forget how much fun it can be traveling with a group. This is already more entertaining than I could have hoped for. Especially with us already heading out on a mission so early in the trip!

Bishop watches closely as Carmine adjusts the seat and tucks the knowledge away for later use. He hops back into the chair and clicks the restraints over him. With a thumbs up to the human, he stretches his neck to peer back over the console and through the window he just left.

Game Master

Shortly after the ship throttles through the bypass shields of the hangar, the other two explorer class ships, Harbinger and Illicia followed suit. The Illicia was apparently a Shirran model, sporting bulbous sections that expanded for cargo and had an interesting array of weapons mounted with that ever unique carapace look to it. The Harbinger was more of a Pact model, angular and bulky, though for its bulk it definitely looked like it was an old mercenary vessel. The followed Molly’s trajectory towards the planet, maintaining a safe distance but they were both visible through the wrap around cockpit of the Harridan.

Shortly after the back and forth between pilot and captain, a comm would ping along, a chittering, unique voice would come over channels. ”Vishkesh here, captain of the Illicia. Comm to all ships. So! Any of you got military experience?”

”Big-Boom here,” a excited and rather small voice came over the comes, from the moniker, it was obviously a ysoki, ”Ex-mercenaries here on the Harbinger. Got a compliment of vets here! How about you Harridan? Your ship looks…” a slight pause and it seemed like a joke was shared off comes, ”humble! Yes humble!” you could hear him snicker just before he cut his comms.

Harridans display would count the estimated time of travel to be just shy of 2 hours of approach to the moon. Though the sight of the solar system was particularly wondrous. Especially for the ysoki watching through the window, he would be treated by almost painting like view. The solar system and a blue sun, young and hot in the distance, causing a unique blue hue to be cast across the nebula and planets. The approach would bring everyone into the gravitational pull of the gas giant, as they approached the moon. Preliminary scans were indicating another celestial body off into the distance, another planet that almost appeared just like a gas giant as well.

Male N Human Soldier Icon 2 | HP 18/18 Stamina 16/16 Resolve 4/4 | F+4 R+3 W+3 | KAC 17 EAC 15 | Init +7

Carmine looks at the captain. "You, ah, going to tell them how good your crew is?" he asks.

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Male Android Mechanic (Themeless) 2; EAC 13, KAC 14; SP 14/14, HP 16/16, RP 3/3; Fort +3, Ref +5, Will +0 (+2 vs. disease, mind-affecting effects, poison and sleep); Initiative +2; Perception +6, Sense Motive +6

Inside a box within the ship's cargo hold something stirs. Or rather someone. And he does not so much stir, not at first, as come online, eyelids opening after years and years of slumber and eyes of black and white seeing once more, easily piercing the darkness within the container.


Looking down at himself -there is room enough for that at least- he finds he is pleased to see that he is dressed. His hands too, much to his... well, delight would be too strong a word, but it probably fits well enough. And there seems to be a backpack alongside him.

"We did think you would need some things when next you awakened." The voice -familiar, so very familiar- surprises him at first, at least until it introduces itself. "I am Lena. I suppose I am your computer. But we will have more time to get acquainted later. Now, you really should get out of this."

Smiling thinly, the man, or rather the android, nods in agreement, even though Lena is not exactly able to see it. And then feels for the inside of the container he has found himself in. There is actually a way to open it. From the inside. And open it he does, rising and stepping out of it, backpack in hand, as soon as he is able to. Then he takes a few moments to look around, take in his surroundings.

"A ship," he concludes, but that information hardly helps as much as he would like. Very well, he is in a ship. Where though? When? How? As he ponders these questions, he starts moving around. Thankfully, it is not a very large ship, which means he does not get lost all that much. Not only that, but it does not take him too long to find the bridge. And with it two humans, a man and a woman, an ysoki and a vesk.

'Quite the crew,' he thinks.

"Good...," he begins, quickly pausing as he realizes he has no idea what time it is. Difficult to tell under the circumstances really.

"," he finishes. "As in the 24-hour period, not the specific sunlit part of it." He feels he should be specific.

Male Android Envoy/Outlaw NG | HP: 10/10 RP: 3/3 SP: 6/6 | FS: +0 RS: +4 WS: +2 | KAC: 14 EAC: 13 | Init: +2

Somewhere off in the distance a loud banging can be heard. Followed by an even louder expletive. As the doors to the bridge open with that sweet sweet sound of Vesk craftsmanship, an Android walks through carrying what looks like a very old datapad, tethered to his head with a long cord.

"Good day everyone. I am pleasantly surprised that no one decided to wake me from my charge when we heard that we were being deployed but that is no bother, I have almost finished syncing with the ships scientific protocols and abilities, they are undoubtedly very very familiar to me."

Cane is very proper in the way he speaks anytime the Vesk is present.

How did I end up getting assigned this crew? I just hope big man over there does not have any relatives still on Absalom Station with the ability to send messages through the drift. he thinks

"Ah, Captain, Good Day! Pilot, Good Day! And well hello everyone else. My name is Cane and well, I am just excited to be alive."

Computers Check to attempt to access the scanners/defenses/overall ability of ships science capabilities. computers: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14

Male Ysoki CG Mystic 2 | HP 16/16 RP 4/4 SP 16/16 | F+1 R+2 W+6 | KAC 14 EAC 13 | Init+2

As the first android enters, Bishop studies him for a moment with squinting eyes. Ah, our android comrade... When the second android walks in and begins speaking, however, Bishop starts and bounces his gaze between the two of them. Wait! THAT'S our android comrade!

Great Song of Spheres! Guys, I think we have a stowaway... he shouts as he slides his tiny hand under his cloak and grasps his laser pistol.

Init:+2 Bab:+2 Fort:+7 Ref:+2 Will:+3 Sp:25/25 Hp:20/20 RP: 3/3 Kac:17 Eac:19

I'm going to assume Cane hasn't come to the bridge yet, so perfect time for the all you are look the same.

Tujon switches over the com and stands up to his full height with a snarl. "I am Tujonvrek, second doshko to the high blade of vradass, second grand keep of Damoritosh upon Vesk-3 and landing point of the glorious eighth and final invasion of its conquest. My ships claws are as sharp as any, my crew is as ready to give their lives to the conquest of these planets, and by the three blades of Damoritosh's blooded doshko we will have tales that are studied for all time! I will personally see that the river of my glorious conquest rains some honors upon both your names... captains."

With that, Tujon cuts the comms and turns to the androids that have entered. "You, sensors. You, engineering. Hop to, we will make sure that the rains of honor they feel are but dust from the sandstorm raging through their barren clan basks. Only our names shall be worthy of Damoritosh's mustering call." The large vesk waves in the general direction of the two androids, it isn't clear whom he told to do which.

Cane beat me to the punch so I had to adjust.

Edit:And then the rat chimes in.

Tujon stares at the two, shrugs, and then says. "Well, you can sort yourselves out. If you have a fight to the death, do not do it around the power core. Otherwise I expect you in your posts now."

Male Android Mechanic (Themeless) 2; EAC 13, KAC 14; SP 14/14, HP 16/16, RP 3/3; Fort +3, Ref +5, Will +0 (+2 vs. disease, mind-affecting effects, poison and sleep); Initiative +2; Perception +6, Sense Motive +6

Slightly taken aback by the vesk captain's apparent nonchalance with which he issues him orders, the android nevertheless does not hurry to follow them. Yet. Instead he stands there for a few moments, long enough for the others to take a better look at him.

Standing about six feet tall from the look of him, he resembles a fit and somewhat slender human male with raven black shoulder-length hair, more so than most androids when the complete lack of the glowing tattoo-like circuitry that is a defining characteristic of most -if not all- of his race is taken into consideration. Still, his pale skin has a synthetic look to it and his eyes certainly are not human eyes, as their colors appear almost inverted with their black sclera and white irises and absence of discernible pupils. Covered from the neck down in simple functional clothing, albeit a little out of what would be currently considered fashion so to speak, including a pair of black gloves, there is a tactical semi-automatic pistol holstered by his right hip and a survival knife resting in a horizontal sheath at the small of his back. He also appears to be holding a rather nondescript backpack.

"Not that your... acceptance of my presence is not appreciated, Captain," he finally says, "but... where am I? What is this ship?" He pauses for but a moment and finally decides to ask one last -for the moment at least- question. "What year is this?"

'You should probably also introduce yourself,' a small feminine electronic voice that only he can hear -at least in this particular instance- reminds him. 'If only to make things just a little less awkward.'

"Ah, yes," he says softly to no one in particular. "My name is Roo... My name is Caleb. Caleb Rook."

I plan to have Lena, his computer's artificial personality, speak up now and then. Sometimes "she" will be speaking out loud, "like this", but other times she will only be speaking directly into his brain (courtesy of his Custom Rig and its personal comm unit) 'like this'. She basically resides within his armor's computer-upgraded personal comm unit until he gains that nice Mechanic class feature that upgrades his Custom Rig to have computer capabilities. Hope it will not get too confusing... :-)

Male N Human Soldier Icon 2 | HP 18/18 Stamina 16/16 Resolve 4/4 | F+4 R+3 W+3 | KAC 17 EAC 15 | Init +7

Carmine adjusts his suit recorder to catch the exchange. Turning it back to him, he gives the lens a waggle of his eyebrows.

"Well, viewers, I can say this is the most fun at a new post since that time on Elon III." he says in a quiet manner. "Lets just hope that our captain is up to the task of leading so different peoples. End recording."

He leans back and smiles. This is going to be a fun mission.

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Male Ysoki CG Mystic 2 | HP 16/16 RP 4/4 SP 16/16 | F+1 R+2 W+6 | KAC 14 EAC 13 | Init+2

Where am I? What year is this? If he was a stowaway how come he has no idea what is going on? Bishop twitches his nose in concern and addresses the vesk sideways, Uhhh, Captain? The new android is a weirdo. I really don't think he is supposed to be here.

Female TN Human Outlaw Mechanic 10 | EAC 31, KAC 33, DR 7/- | HP 64/64 SP 80/80 | F+9, R+16, W+7 | Init +13, Perception +18

Having lounged on the massive chair for a while as the captain refers to the other ships, Aren't those mercs just a heap of fun. I'll show them military experience., Molly keeps a casual eye onto the flight pattern, and stares at the skies. "Yeah, Bishop, sure beats staring at Akiton's eyesore of an atmosphere.", she mutters. "G'day to you too, Cane... Wait, you're not Cane.", she replies to the android walking onto the bridge, then turns around.

As the two androids, following the captain's rather bolsterous claim, walk in and start sorting themselves out and asking questions about the year, she shuffles off the chair, running a hand over her tired face, then disappearing into the corridors. Only to return a minute later with two full steaming cups, passing one to the stowaway. "Hirsk. Is there a whole damn android factory on this ship?", she shakes her head in disbelief of a stowaway, then sits back on the chair, checking the console, and swivels around once more. "Right, sunny.", she says, slurping her coffee. "I guess since you're here, and the captain ain't spacing you, might as well make yourself useful. The large vesk sitting there looking like he's plotting to overthrow the Pact Worlds is Captain Tujonvrek.", she points.

"The twenty-four carat smile beefcake sitting on the gunnery console is Jacob Carmine, our very own trid-star.", she winks at Jacob. "The ysoki right there, currently enthusiastic enough to tire me is Bishop. Kid has some crazy magical hoodoo and whatnot, but probably won't melt your head off, since he's a good soul." She points to Cane. "Cane here's our accountant, wrench 'ndroid and a lot of other stuff I probably don't care about. Unless you two already know each other, and are starting the Android Uprising from our ship." The smile on her face is rather dark. "In the latter case, don't kick my ass off, since this old hag is Molly, the pilot.", she grins darkly.

"As for the rest. Got to say it's 317 AG, as much as I saying this makes me feel a lot older, you're onboard the Harridan, which is a small freighter with big guns. We're currently attached to the biggest dick compensator of a carrier ever created, the Exodus, and we're in unknown territory. There's some eggheads trapped on this there planet.", she points to the landing point. "And we're off to get them rescued from whatever vrisk they dug up or created, I imagine." She sips her coffee once again with disgust, turning her attention to flying once more.


Woo! The gang's all here.

Game Master

”Oof boys we got a vesky vesk!” the ysoki’s voice chimed over the comms after Tujon’s exclamation. Though the Shirren captain hadn’t responded for a moment longer before their chittering voice came over the coms. ”Illicia here. Harbinger, stop disrupting trust. We are to work together, not dig for fights!” The Shirrens odd voice sounded displeased and saddened. ”I apologize for Harbinger’s ill attitude Tujonvek, It’s a honor.”

”Bah! I don’t need to be lectured by a bug! Harbinger Out.”

The comms would fall silent then, if no one sent anything else over to the other two captains. It seemed that radio silence was imminent for now. The Harbinger after a minute longer broke off its path and their pilot had seem to reached a point of different entry for their Nav position. The Shirren ship still flew near, their Nav point location was closer to the Harridans then the Harbinger.

Male N Human Soldier Icon 2 | HP 18/18 Stamina 16/16 Resolve 4/4 | F+4 R+3 W+3 | KAC 17 EAC 15 | Init +7

In the awkward silence after Harbinger snaps at the Shirren captain, Carmine speaks up.

"Pretty full of himself to be calling his ship the Harbinger." he comments. "You think he's compensating for something?"

He will check the system and see if the Harbinger's divergence is part of the mission orders, or the captain decided he was going to go glory-stealing and changed course.

Init:+2 Bab:+2 Fort:+7 Ref:+2 Will:+3 Sp:25/25 Hp:20/20 RP: 3/3 Kac:17 Eac:19

"Steady om course and keep your eyes peeled. Do we have anything on sensors?" Tujon doesn't even look over to the androids, assuming they will have settled in to the roles assigned them.

Male Android Mechanic (Themeless) 2; EAC 13, KAC 14; SP 14/14, HP 16/16, RP 3/3; Fort +3, Ref +5, Will +0 (+2 vs. disease, mind-affecting effects, poison and sleep); Initiative +2; Perception +6, Sense Motive +6

Caleb sighs, but nevertheless does not neglect to turn to the only woman among the crew and smile a thin little smile. "Thank you for the information," he says softly and quite politely.

And then he turns to the other android. "The choice is yours as to what you prefer, engineering or sensors," he remarks simply. "I do seem to be even more of a newcomer than the rest of you, so you choose. I am comfortable in either position."

He then gives the vesk, Tujonvrek, a glance and adds to Cane, "But I think it would be wise if you made your choice quickly. I do not believe your... well, our captain is a particularly patient one."

Male Android Envoy/Outlaw NG | HP: 10/10 RP: 3/3 SP: 6/6 | FS: +0 RS: +4 WS: +2 | KAC: 14 EAC: 13 | Init: +2

Cane, who appears to look like a much older model then Caleb, does have the typical glowing circuitry around his left eye. It pulses with a dull blueish hue every now and then. When he is plugged in, it lights up bright, giving all a clear sign he has accessed systems or a computer.

"I'll take sensors Caleb. It seems you know a thing or two more then myself on the engineering side of things. And my innate ability to sync with these types of ships should come in handy for learning the system."

Cane turns to face the Vesk who is sitting atop his captains chair like a throne. "Sir I believe that sensor work is right up my ally. I will begin syncing in shortly." Cane jumps up into the oversized Vesk chair stationed in front of an innumerable amount of sensors. All seemingly glowing properly and atleast functional if a little outdated. "Yes, this is incredible, I have worked on this exact model before. Hopefully nothing is drastically different on this model then the stock ones they ship out of Absalom Station these days! Cane shouts this above the assumed thruster noise and ,without thinking, cranks the Vesk seat into perfect position for a man his size, like hes done this multiple times before.

The seat does not need much cranking or finnicking with because Cane is roughly 6"4'-6"5'.

I am really glad to be here. I feel like this can be the start of a new life. Saving these people. Helping others get back to a normal life. I just pray that they haven't come looking for me yet

"Oh, uh sir Cane looks over at Carmine with a quizzical glance, "I would prefer to stay out of any recordings you may be taking. For my, and well your own, personal safety. It's best no one knows that I am on this expedition that doesn't need to know."

Male N Human Soldier Icon 2 | HP 18/18 Stamina 16/16 Resolve 4/4 | F+4 R+3 W+3 | KAC 17 EAC 15 | Init +7

Carmine waves a hand dismissively. "I dont do livestreams... Interstellar transfer speeds and all that. So dont worry I can clean you up post-process. Might make you a hot supermodel or something. Fair?"

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Male Ysoki CG Mystic 2 | HP 16/16 RP 4/4 SP 16/16 | F+1 R+2 W+6 | KAC 14 EAC 13 | Init+2

Bishop's hand slides back out from underneath his cloak but the suspicious squint doesn't leave his eyes as he watches Caleb interact with the rest of the crew, a scrutiny he does not attempt to hide if Caleb looks in his direction.

At Cane's plea to remain off Carmine's recordings, Bishop rolls his eyes. Great! Two suspicious androids that need watched. Though when he goes back to looking out the window and the blue light of the sun bathes him in it's glow he seems to relax slightly. The calming effect of the great, beautiful cosmos cleared his mind as he considered his situation. Though their intentions are unclear, it was I who signed onto this expedition knowing I would have to be a part of a team again. Desna watch over me as I place my life in the hands of strangers in the name of adventure.

Without moving his gaze from the window, Caleb, whatever the circumstances that put you hidden on our vessel, we would appreciate any help you can lend.

Game Master

Moving things along now, since everyone's here now!


Getting situated with the sensor displays and readouts of the Harridan, it only takes you seconds to pick up a unique signal emitting from the moon you are approaching. Digging further into the information reveals that underlying the distress beacon, there are energy spikes happening all over the moon, but concentrated in the three nav points that were given.

The approach to the moon was uneventful. The closer you reached the moon, the Illicia broke off for their own navpoint. Their ship easily careening down. They were only going to be about 15 miles away from the landing point. The Harbinger was already making landfall on the other side of the moon. It seemed they did some unsafe procedures to make their landing first.

I’m assuming the pilots passive rolls are going to be sufficient enough here.
Molly would bring the ship down gently in just a short time, not before the Harbinger broadcasted proudly that they were already making their move towards their signal. The landing was soft and almost unnoticeable as Molly would have no difficulties landing the spacecraft.

Passive scans confirmed their is no breathable atmosphere and it was completely void of one, open to the vacuum of space.

The moon’s surface was a barren landscape, with nothing but craters and holes where asteroids impacted. The surface had a blue sheen much from the sun in the solar system. Though there were apparently ice crystals glistening on the surface, giving this although barren landscape, some sort of mesmerizing feature. Upon landing, you notice there is a smaller vessel, clearly of the science crew that is needing help. There was a bit of equipment and atmospheric containers. It looked like they were excavating something. There is a path lit by glow posts, making a trail to the a side of the crater you're within. The glow posts would lead to a recently dug tunnel.

Female TN Human Outlaw Mechanic 10 | EAC 31, KAC 33, DR 7/- | HP 64/64 SP 80/80 | F+9, R+16, W+7 | Init +13, Perception +18

As the two androids start their introductions, Molly focuses on the piloting. "Mercs gonna merc.", she harumphs as conversation turns towards the Harbinger's captain. As Caleb turns to thank her, she grins. "Easy there, charmer. You're still a stowaway on our ship, buddy.", she offers a stern look, which is then broken by a wink, as she assumes direct control of the thrusters once more. "Though you're welcome."

"Hey, Carmine! If you're touching things post-processing, I won't mind. Couple of decades might do the trick.", she mentions in self-deprecating humour, running a hand through her graying hair.


Upon landing the ship, Molly takes a slightly deeper breath, as if trying to hide something. Well, guess I shouldn't tell the guys I hadn't landed a bird in five years. Still got it, though, even if it was a little on the rough side. "Well, isn't that a pretty sight.", she comments towards the blue-ish landscape, as she zips up her jumpsuit and grabs a helmet from under the console. Drawing her pistol from her side, she checks the ammo with trained expedience, then holsters it back. "Loaded and locked, Captain.", she nods at Tujonvrek, before grabbing a tool from her belt. "Precision soldering iron. Hardly used for anything these days, but you stab someone with it, they'll remember."


Whoah! This picked up quick!

I think the CRB mentioned that every armour in the book is vacuum-proof, but if not, Molly has a spacesuit as well. Also, I'm flavouring the tactical dagger as an outdated soldering iron, if that's ok.

Male N Human Soldier Icon 2 | HP 18/18 Stamina 16/16 Resolve 4/4 | F+4 R+3 W+3 | KAC 17 EAC 15 | Init +7

Jacob laughs at the inferred slight to her age. "Nonsense!" he exclaims with a grin and a wink. "Your hair gives you an air of respectable experience and competence my viewers will love!" he compliments. "They'll love you. Though if you have any specifics you really want to see fixed up, come by my quarters after the mission and we'll talk."

Yeah, every suit of armor has an air supply in hours equal to its level.

Once they're staging for boots on the ground, Carmine dons the helmet of his Lashunta Ringwear, a relatively minimalist bracket that frames his face and back of his head. Once in place, it clicks to life with a hum, projecting a thin translucent red force field dome that keeps the air in and doesn't obstruct his vision... or the camera's ability to see his face.

"Begin recording." he whispers at his right cuff again, and a tiny red light blinks on again.

"We're already on a mission in this new and exciting sector of space. We have responded to calls for help from a nearby scientific expedition." he says, providing a synopsis. "Our ship, the Harridan, has just made planetfall and we're gearing up to move out."

He hefts his laser rifle and shoulders it, slapping a spare battery onto his belt and slipping a frag grenade into a well-used loop. "I'm not saying I'm expecting trouble, but after the Swarm assault on Desna's Hope, I know it's better to be prepared for the worst."

Male Ysoki CG Mystic 2 | HP 16/16 RP 4/4 SP 16/16 | F+1 R+2 W+6 | KAC 14 EAC 13 | Init+2

Bishop slides off the oversized chair upon landing. He systematically pats himself down, making sure he has everything he should. As he presses a button on his collar, a blue-green sphere of force-field envelopes his head and after a a few seconds of buzzing it fades transparent. So what's the plan? I expect the small ship to be without it's crew or I imagine they'd already be out to greet us. It might still be worth investigating though...

Init:+2 Bab:+2 Fort:+7 Ref:+2 Will:+3 Sp:25/25 Hp:20/20 RP: 3/3 Kac:17 Eac:19

Tujon growls at the rest of his team. "I am hearing a lot of chatter when I should be hearing mission specific information. Pilot, age is a sign that your enemies were not strong enough to cut you down in your prime... either you are powerful and should be proud of your conquest, or you need to find stronger enemies to test yourself against. I hope for your sake it is the former." He pauses for a breath, thankfully the bridge throne is place so all other positions can be seen without turning your attention. " Gunner, you better not cut any of my glory to make yourself look good. Science officer, your enemies shall know my fangs if they try to take you. Worry not and do your duty well. Rat you seem the least chatty, I find this pleases me, keep it that way. Engineer, if you let my ship fall apart I will come for you, otherwise you are safe as long as you remember your honor." Tujon let's out a small chuff noise that indicates discussion is over.


On planet fall the large Vesk flips up the heavy armored head sheath on his helmet Ready to take on any enemy. "We shall check the ship, and then to the tunnel. We move as a group with weapons drawn and eyes open."

Male N Human Soldier Icon 2 | HP 18/18 Stamina 16/16 Resolve 4/4 | F+4 R+3 W+3 | KAC 17 EAC 15 | Init +7

Jacob levels the captain a serious look. "Captain, if I manage to take any of your glory, it would be because you didn't deserve it." he says with a hint of levity. "Dont think you can intimidate me into underperforming."

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Male Android Mechanic (Themeless) 2; EAC 13, KAC 14; SP 14/14, HP 16/16, RP 3/3; Fort +3, Ref +5, Will +0 (+2 vs. disease, mind-affecting effects, poison and sleep); Initiative +2; Perception +6, Sense Motive +6

"'Hidden' is not quite the word I would use, not entirely appropriate given my situation," Caleb replies to Bishop as he apparently assumes the position of the ship's engineer. "I think 'stored' would be a more... appropriate term, seeing as however I found myself on board your ship, I was... let us say, asleep at the time."

As the Harridan -a rather fetching name if the android does think so himself- at first approaches and then finally lands on the moon in question, Caleb does check his weapons and armor for a few moments, making sure they are functional; after all, he is unsure of how long he and them had been in that box before he found himself awake once more. Lastly, he takes a look at the combination of personal comm unit and computer that rests on his left forearm. 'I did tell you introducing yourself would break the proverbial ice,' the familiar feminine voice says in his mind, eliciting a brief little smile from him.

"I... thank you, Captain...?" There is just the hint of uncertainty at a proper response to Tujonvrek's words. Unlike most of them, he does not bother with a helmet or an air supply, even though his armor is equipped to provide both the latter and an equivalent of the former, seeing as how he does not actually breathe, nor does he suffer the usual ill effects of vacuum.

I have gotten that last part right, right? Regarding androids and oxygen- and vacuum-related stuff?

Female TN Human Outlaw Mechanic 10 | EAC 31, KAC 33, DR 7/- | HP 64/64 SP 80/80 | F+9, R+16, W+7 | Init +13, Perception +18

"Ha! Desna's Hope. Tough vrek, but don't measure to the Swarm in the nineties. Now that was a s!~*storm I don't miss.", Molly can't help but comment. "Still, it's good to see grunts nowadays cutting their teeth on more than pirates." Moving next to the console nearby, she nods at Canestor scanning the ship. "Cane, honey, gimme a read on that saucer."

"You two are here for glory?", asks Molly, drawing her pistol and double checking. "I want make sure those rock-digger scientists get out safe, and then see how much they pay for that.", she comments. "Still haven't found a way to cook glory or use it to power a ship.", she continues her small rant as she taps her comm. "Science team, this is Harridan's crew. We've made landfall, tell us where to haul ass to, and what's looking to get a bite at aforementioned ass. Over."


Culture to find out about ships: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (16) + 10 = 26 DC is 5 lower for me regarding ships, just saying!

Game Master

Molly Culture DC:

The ship looked like it was run of the mill Pact world science vessel. Flyable, designed to hold quite a bit of cargo and has a what appeared to of have had many modifications and improvements to it. From the looks of the equipment and just the outward appearance of the ship, it was multiracial crew, primarily humans. The ship is immaculately clean, so it would suggest that these science expeditioners are either new or never had the fate of running into trouble. The weapons were minimal on the ship but just enough to get away with. So a crew with minimal combat experience would be expected.

Engineering Check on Ship DC 12:

The ship was newly designed and retrofitted. Things to note of the smaller craft were its oddly high end thruster systems that seemed to of had major modifications outside of the limitations of the market. This vessels outward appearance was quite deceiving as these scientist were clearly bankrolled quite heavily by an interested party.

Harridan Scans on Ship DC 10:

Sensors would return with hard to read results due to the pervasive static that seems to be interrupting many of the onboard computer systems. Though parsing through the data you find that the preliminary readings were suggesting that the weapons were of a new signature, they appeared to be simple coil guns, but their weapon mounts were built into the frame and it appeared the ship was more designed around them. The core was highly valuable as well. If it came to a point of salvaging, the ship would bring someone a fortune.

As you attempt to hail the science crew, all you get is a harsh static that has more of a rhythmic pulse, that had a pacing of a heartbeat.. Something was interfering with coms on the surface of the planet. Could explain why the Harbinger and the Illicia haven’t radioed in on their landings yet. If you were to check the ships comms arrays, you would get the same odd heartbeat static that seemed to be pervasive throughout all the systems. Voice comms did not appear they were working. Suit comms were working inside of the ship, but it was a good theory that they would be rendered useless out on the surface.

Male N Human Soldier Icon 2 | HP 18/18 Stamina 16/16 Resolve 4/4 | F+4 R+3 W+3 | KAC 17 EAC 15 | Init +7

"If anyone could figure out how to make glory edible, I'd bet they'd be Vesk." Carmine replies quickly.

He touches his comm and flinches before he could start talking.
"Anyone else having trouble reaching the other teams? I think my comm's busted."

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Male Ysoki CG Mystic 2 | HP 16/16 RP 4/4 SP 16/16 | F+1 R+2 W+6 | KAC 14 EAC 13 | Init+2

Bishop tests his comm quickly and nods to Carmine. It's not busted, I am getting interference as well. It's a wonder these scientists got an SOS out at all and they are probably a mess wondering if it reached anyone. His tail twitches nervously but he pulls out his pistol and moves to the exit of the starship, calling over his shoulder. The captain's plan seems like a sound one. Let's not keep our rescuees waiting.

Init:+2 Bab:+2 Fort:+7 Ref:+2 Will:+3 Sp:25/25 Hp:20/20 RP: 3/3 Kac:17 Eac:19

As you leave the vessel, Tujon pulls an odd wooden stick from his locker in the airlock before cycling the atmosphere. Looking for all the world to be a tourist on a hike... if a tourist had trapped themselves in a suit of polyethylene plate and decided the whole vacation was a wash. As the others discuss the problems with the comms, Tujon flashes the Vesk claw signal for squad forward and walks straight up to the ship. Long stick in hand he knocks upon the hull of the vessel before checking the atmospheric read on its own airlock.

Male N Human Soldier Icon 2 | HP 18/18 Stamina 16/16 Resolve 4/4 | F+4 R+3 W+3 | KAC 17 EAC 15 | Init +7

I think Jacob's the only one here who understood your hand signal, Tujon...

Jacob moves forward, rifle at the ready and looking for contacts.

This sounds like a pirate trap. he thinks to himself. SOS comes out but now signals are jammed? Got to be a trap.

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Male Ysoki CG Mystic 2 | HP 16/16 RP 4/4 SP 16/16 | F+1 R+2 W+6 | KAC 14 EAC 13 | Init+2

Bishop seems eager to get out of the starship but once his bare feet hit the moon he pauses and kneels, running his tiny fingers through the lunar soil. He sniffs the air and does a 360 turn taking in everything he can within the crater. This place is incredible! So simple in it's beauty. Thank you Desna for this blessing! The last he says quietly though fervently to himself. He then he notices Tujon moving and snaps his focus back to the task at hand, running to catch up to the vesk. He stands about ten feet behind the captain as Tujon knocks, standing on his toes to peer around the ship trying to see in any windows.

Male Android Mechanic (Themeless) 2; EAC 13, KAC 14; SP 14/14, HP 16/16, RP 3/3; Fort +3, Ref +5, Will +0 (+2 vs. disease, mind-affecting effects, poison and sleep); Initiative +2; Perception +6, Sense Motive +6

Perhaps still a little disoriented from his long "slumber", Caleb fails to notice anything worthwhile regarding the scientists' ship. Keeping his sidearm holstered, at least for the moment, the android follows along, obviously still in the process of acclimating himself to his new -very new- circumstances.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself, Bishop," he notes conversationally, his tone even and perhaps a little friendly. His eyes, however, do not remain on the ysoki but instead get back to observing the ship, as well as his surroundings. Talk of comm signals being jammed always works to make someone be a little more careful.

Engineering: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10

Perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (11) + 7 = 18

Male Ysoki CG Mystic 2 | HP 16/16 RP 4/4 SP 16/16 | F+1 R+2 W+6 | KAC 14 EAC 13 | Init+2

How could I not be? There are enough beautiful sights on the Pact Worlds, but we could be some of the first folks to step foot on this moon and there are more adventures to come! The Expedition has given us SUCH an opportunity for discovery and it's everything I could have hoped to do with my life. Though...I guess the Expedition isn't something you actually signed up for is it?

Bishop pauses briefly as he thinks, and then smiles at Caleb. You are doubly blessed then, to just have stumbled upon something like this by pure chance. The Lady of Luck must have something special planned for you. I pray you not squander her favor and let this all enrich your soul. He nods to the quiet ship, Supposing we don't end up stuck here or worse.

Female TN Human Outlaw Mechanic 10 | EAC 31, KAC 33, DR 7/- | HP 64/64 SP 80/80 | F+9, R+16, W+7 | Init +13, Perception +18

Molly stares at the ship, letting out a low whistle. "Well, damn.", she blurts out to herself, as she follows Tujon's hand gesture, giving back the claw signal for 'acknowledge'. "Even if we don't get paid, we can pawn off this bucket for a fortune.", she continues her mutterings. Willing to bet it's those damn crystals., she ponders. And that heartbeat's creepy as s~%*., she continues, standing behind Tujon.

Giving the finger-wagging gesture for 'Breech', she points towards the ship's ramp and the tool on her belt, then waits for response, engaging the laser sight on her pistol. Waiting for the others to catch up, she notices the android and the ysoki carrying a conversation. "Looky-look. Rook and Bishop having it off. Who'd have guessed.", she allows herself a smirk. Poor 'droid. Bishop's got one helluva dynamo mouth.


I'd agree the hand gestures might be confusing to most, but Molly's served with some vesk too, back in the day.

Engineering: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20
Computers, scan: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14 I'm assuming that someone else rolled it, but that's Molly's skill!
Computers/Engineering for hacking/aiding the hack: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11 Eventually, if it's needed.
I think that we can't communicate outside, but you can't stop Molly from talking to herself. Also, for hacking and bypassing - I'm sure Molly can aid Caleb, no problem.

Game Master

Bishop and Caleb, you actually can't have voice conversations outside of the ship, I'll let those ones pass but with comms out and interpersonal comms being interfered in vacuum you guys are pretty much waggling your lips silently to each other haha. Right now let's just assume the conversation happened before you left the cycler on your ship.

The ships readings show that the ship still had its own air supply and atmos configured. The Cycling chamber was cleared and points were green for entry. Though the ship had a lock and data pad for code entry along with a biometric lock. It seemed this rescue was getting more and more interesting. Along with all the high tech equipment just sitting around and the atmosphere locked crates.

Caleb Checks:

You notice some wheel tracks leading from the science ship out towards the glow pylons that mark a path towards what appeared to be a cave. Signs of a small transport or something larger, it was obviously only big enough for either 1 or 2 people. With a closer eye on the gear outside of the ship, it shows that these weren't your run of mill equipment either. You also notice plenty of foot prints tracked around the ship, mostly around the equipment and a path towards the craters wall as well.

You also notice a small hatch above the ramp of the ship, near the door where Tujon is checking the door readings. Signs that there might possibly be some anti-personnel defences on the ship. With this quality it was almost assured there would be some deterrence aboard.

Male Android Mechanic (Themeless) 2; EAC 13, KAC 14; SP 14/14, HP 16/16, RP 3/3; Fort +3, Ref +5, Will +0 (+2 vs. disease, mind-affecting effects, poison and sleep); Initiative +2; Perception +6, Sense Motive +6

Unable to communicate in another way, the android settles for catching the others' attentions and pointing towards some wheel tracks leading from the science ship towards the pylons that mark a path towards apparently a cave. There are also foot prints and a path towards the crater wall, as well as a hatch above the ramp of the ship.

Caleb shrugs. And then he looks at their captain and the others, waiting to follow their lead for now.

By all means, read the "Caleb Checks" spoiler. :-)

Male Ysoki CG Mystic 2 | HP 16/16 RP 4/4 SP 16/16 | F+1 R+2 W+6 | KAC 14 EAC 13 | Init+2

Bishop follows Calebs gestures and notices the tracks and footprints. Well I guess if no one is in the ship there is another very likely place to find them... With no great way to communicate to the others, he simply points towards the tunnel and then begins making his way towards it slowly.

Init:+2 Bab:+2 Fort:+7 Ref:+2 Will:+3 Sp:25/25 Hp:20/20 RP: 3/3 Kac:17 Eac:19

Tujon makes a hard push for the tunnel, motioning for everyone to follow.

Female TN Human Outlaw Mechanic 10 | EAC 31, KAC 33, DR 7/- | HP 64/64 SP 80/80 | F+9, R+16, W+7 | Init +13, Perception +18

Molly nods, motioning away from the starship. "Sure. If my damn luck holds, when we come back, a damn turret's going to pop out of that joyboat and kill us all...", she mutters to herself, as she crouches down trying her best to move as quietly, her feet moving so that dust isn't kicked off from her direction. All this damn money piled into this boat, and no damn security team. It's like someone wanted this thing to fail..., she continues her rant as she looks towards the cave, tapping her helmet. A brief moment later, an old interface starts booting up, scanning the surroundings for heat and movement signatures.


Molly's engaging her darkvision armour upgrade.

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