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The Exchange


Alright, Got submissions from the following:

Syrnisha Altholt
Taunk Ironthane
Daniel Chelas
Emerich Gustave

I will be closing recruitment on Friday, at 6 pm Central Time.

If you'd like to show off some of your role-play, feel free to start with the following prompt.


Its a busy morning in Central district, an early morning as well. Only a few of the street vendors have set up shop, some offering food, others providing spelunking gear, and just a few tents acting as healing for hire. The star in the sky that illuminates the city of Terrace is still growing brighter, and will continue to shine until evening when it begins to dim for night to set it.

The meeting spot designated for your initiation test is the HotPot Eatery, a popular place to grab a tasty meal before diving into the Abyss. Its only menu item changes daily based on what's been scavenged from the previous day's spoils. Nevertheless, Harold (the owner) has never whipped a bad meal from his gigantic Hotpot cauldron which he carries into Central District every morning.

"Come stranger!" he bellows, grabbing a bowl from the piles behind him. He pulls at a lever on the side of the cauldron and a serving is poured, steaming and thick.

"Haven't seen you around the place before. New to Abyss work eh?"

Feel free to RP as you'd like. As its a new setting you can add new elements you feel are reasonable. Interact with npc's and other players.

Yeah, pretty new
Emerich takes the bowl of soup and takes a sip.
Tastes good. How much?
Emerich fiddles in his pouch for coins.

You feel a rough hand upon your arm and Harold smiles at you.

"No charge then!"

He laughs heartily as he sits you down at one of the small stools.

"I never forget a face, so all newcomers are welcome to a free bowl before their first trip."

He grabs a handful of various spice and seasonings and places them on the table.

"All I ask in return is you bring something back I can throw into the pot next time. Eh?"

Submitting Trini Xibalba, a ranged warpriest of Gozreh.

"Oh Harold, such a sweetheart," coos an approaching young woman, her voice high like the kind of songbirds that wake one up too early in the morning. "Of course, anyone who could forgive me for the first spoils I brought is clearly a saint." She tosses him a plump sack with birds' feet sticking out. "Here, shooting was good today."

"Triiiiiiiniiiiiii," comes an even higher voice across the square, like the screech of a rusty gate. A baby starts crying.

A stout, tiny lady with similar dark eyes and hair is waving furiously. The girl rushes over to her, saying, "I'm working, mother!"

A flurry of furious, squeaky whispers breaks out. Trini flaps her hands furiously to try and avoid the onslaught of intrusive, loving caresses that follows.

She storms back to the stewpot, hair askew and a streak of rouge across her cheek. With great dignity, she says, "My bowl, please, Harold."

Taunk follows in from behind Trini and takes a seat at the bar, though unsure how to really proceed. In the end he sits awkwardly, eyeballing other patrons silently.

Daniel had patiently been in line, observing the going ons in this new city. An unusual crossbow hangs strapped to his back.

The curiously beardless dwarf saw the very tall green one.

Well, i'll not get into an argument with him then.
Getting the same question if he was new, Daniel nodded.

"That i am, the wizard must've messed up, this is far away from what i used to call home."

[Tastes the soup]

"Not bad, Harold, it has a certain taste to it. Could that be, spiced chicken, by chance?"

Harold, positibely jubilant with the amount of early business, moves deftly for a large man. Before long Trini finds a hot bowl in her hands.

"You're welcome at my stall anytime Ms. Trini. I can see your mother is as lively as ever eh?"

He notices the half-orc sitting silently at the makeshift countertop (which was two large stone slabs with a semi-flat wooden board laid on top). He winks at him, before sending a bowl down his way. When that bowl flies over the edge and lands on the floor, he mutters a curse word under his breathe and walks over with a new one and sets it down himself.

"Frankly sir," Harold turns to Daniel, "I couldn't tell you what's in this thing. Its been passed down for generations but two things are known for sure. It'll keep any meal piping hot without a fire, and you can toss whatever you'd like in and it'll taste great."

Submitting Korunar Bloodaxe, a half-orc fighter born in Terrace. This is my first pbp, I hope that's okay?

Korunar arrives in Central district and heads towards the HotPot Eatery where he often bought some cheap leftovers at the end of the day. As he sees all the strangers he grunts low-voiced "Looks like I won't be alone today." before walking to the bar.

"Hello Harold, have you seen a recruiter from Alleyway? I shall meet him here." he says, while taking a seat as far away as possible from the strangers.

Harold wrote:
"Frankly sir," Harold turns to Daniel, "I couldn't tell you what's in this thing. Its been passed down for generations but two things are known for sure. It'll keep any meal piping hot without a fire, and you can toss whatever you'd like in and it'll taste great."

"I'll take that as a confirmation of the second part of my question.

As for acquisition of foods, we'll have to see.
I've got to sort things out, now that i'm stranded in this city. Good day to you Harold."

Daniel hands Harold back his empty bowl, then looks for a vacant seat.
At quick glance, one of the few, if not by now only, vacant seat, was one next to the tall man he saw earlier.

The dwarf went to the stool, and climbed onto it.
"They still make these with humans in mind. They'd probably earn more if they'd make some for the shorter folk."

Emerich looks at the new arrivals.
Hello to you all. To Korunar he says You're looking for a recruiter too? Hm...
Are these the people I will be going in with? Better get to know them. An involuntary thought enters his mind. Better not betray them either He winces as memories of his shame come back to him.

"Oh yes, me too!" Trini chips in. And not a moment too soon either.... Home life was getting stifling. "Do you know the recruiter, Harold?"

She swings her feet as she digs into her bowl of stew, sizing up all the newcomers.

Harold looks around, a confused look on his face.

"What are ya all talking about? Why would I be a Alleyway recruiter if I carry this?"[b] he bangs the large cauldron again with his fist,"to Central every morning."[/b]

He shakes his head.

"I admire all of your gumption to journey into the abyss, but don't get me caught up in all that guild politicking. Harold's Hotpot serves anyone and doesn't any member's discounts or orders from above. Not anymore."

A look of realization and alarm crosses Harold's face. He runs over to a small box he keeps by the cauldron and opens it.

"I forgot the ale!" he screams.

He flings his apron off and puts it, his chef's hat, and his ladle into Trini's arms.

"Be right back! Watch the shop!"

And off he goes.

Trini dons the apron and hat, doing her dishevelled hair no favours. She hops onto the bar and twirls around and over the counter.

"Happens every now and then." She shrugs. Propping her elbows on the counter and leaning forward, she settles in for a good chat. "So how did you all end up getting recruited by the Alleyway Guild? I was approached after an archery competition. Didn't win, but one of the contestants hit someone, and the Guild liked my touch with healing spells." She pats a carved wooden pendant, shaped like a dripping leaf, around her neck.

"Yeah, I am" Korunar briefly answers Emerich's question without looking at him.
He does not seem to care much about the others but then he grunts and whispers to himself "jiak gelnaj neun avheir ukavrengavh laavas".

I could need their strength later

Korunar turns around and, for the first time, directly looks at the others, studying one after another. The expression on his face darkens a little when his eyes meet Trini. He shakes his head, trying to fight off his prejudices against humans who often treat him as a disgrace to their race.
"I'm here to earn myself a living. And if I can do that by splitting some skulls, thats even better" he says.

"I stepped through a portal and stepped out of the gate here.
Something went wrong, obviously, so i've got to earn a living from something."

With a quick "POP" a slight Halfling appears in the room short of breath.
Hey Trini... Bently keeps talking seeming to not wait for an answer or have any need to stop to breathe between statements. Looking lovely as always... how's the family... Harold out on an errand again... had the worst time getting here... I have got to make some moneys and move out of the south district... Nearly got mugged by some HoodRat's... Rat's Nesters are the worst... Nothing a simple Vanish spell couldn't Handle...

While going through his little monologue Bently has gone through a small stack of bowls in the corner, selected one and washed it out. He makes his way to Trini setting his bowl down in front of her with a couple small coins seeing as this is neither his first time here or he has anything to toss in the pot... all of a sudden he seems to notice for the first time that there are people here other than Trini...

Looking at Chelas Wow you are a big gnome... and that is a fancy spear chucker you got there... although you look comfortable with it... speaking of comfortable with his weapons check out the guy with the daggers... bet he didn't even realize he was caressing them... do you three need a room there... Oh and Who's your green friend there... Orc with an axe ooh I always like having an AXE WITH AN ORC around... you get it Trini... the Axe owns him...

As Bently is laughing at his own joke he backs into Taunk by accident and turns around and for the first time since walking into the room goes quiet. His gaze slowly climbs the body of the Half Giant standing inches from him and when his head is tilted up as far as it can go he whispers What are you?

Grand Lodge

Syrnisha hurried through the busy streets of the Central District with Kitrja, her fox familiar in tow. The fox seemed to navigate the streets and walks of Terrace's districts a lot easier than she did. It probably had more to do with the fact that the Kitrja accepted that they were where they were, while the witch continued to struggle with how they got to Terrace. One moment, after finishing drinks with the Constable celebrating their investigation of the Wizard's Tower, she
and Kitrja were walking back through the tower's door to ensure they had not left anything behind, and the next minute they were walking in the Alley. In her confusion and shock, she asked for help and was directed to the Alley Guild. They helped with a few odd jobs, explanations, and such.

She was to meet a group of fellow initiates today at the HotPot Eatery. Harald was kind to adventurer and customer alike, and offered a good meal for a fair price.

She saw the sign up ahead and entered just as Harald went running off for the ale he had forgotten. With a great deal of deftness, a human woman jumped over the bar and donned the proprietor's apron in a rather familiar manner. She moved with a great deal of grace, Syrnisha thought to herself.

"I stepped through a portal and stepped out of the gate here. Something went wrong, obviously, so i've got to earn a living from something." She heard the dwarf say this and while there was an explanation by others, her mind raced into its own thoughts as she realized others had had the same experience. She approached the small group.

"what are you," the blonde haired and bearded halfling asked.

"Who? me? Well usually, I get asked my name first, she said in response to his question not really sure who it was directed towards. "Syrnisha Altholdt, a lost adventurer and obviously a tiefling if that was what you were getting at." Her right hand brushed against the small spiraled black horns. She looked at the halfling and realized he was looking at the tall giant-like creature next to her.

Korunar warily observes the suddenly appearing halfling. When Bently calls him green, Korunar immediately wants to answer with a bold comment about his size but before he can say a word the halfing continues chatting with the others. He shakes his head. I will not get an fight with any of these. I'm here to leave that time behind.

Then he notices Syrnisha and her fox. "You know how it is. They're only half the size but talk twice as much." he says with a rough and slightly mocking laughter. He did not understand that Bently was not talking about her. "My name is Korunar Bloodaxe." he announces.

Bently wrote:
Wow you are a big gnome...

"Take a little look closer, kid, unless you've never seen a dwarf before. I know, i know, i'm not sporting a beard, but still, gnomes are always shorter than dwarves.

And yes, my crossbow's a one of a rare kind."

After it, Daniel sees the hyperactive halfling bolt around the inn.
Not long after, Daniel saw a young woman enter and come near the group of talking adventurers.

Syrnisha wrote:
She looked at the halfling and realized he was looking at the tall giant-like creature next to her.

"Don't worry about that, some are distracted by the imposing, over the beautiful. Name's Daniel, dwarf of birth, less one of tradition. Storyteller on the side. Where do you come from?"

Shaken out from his moment, of stupefaction by the sight of his first half-giant...

Talks twice as much.... TALKS TWICE AS MUCH.... I TALK AT LEAST THREE OR FOUR TIMES AS MUCH AS OTHER FOLKS!!!!!.... Bently starts belly laughing at his own joke about himself.

He wipes a tear from his face and takes new stock of his surroundings and starts back into his normal staccato cadence of breathless speach...

Korunar Bloodaxe...well if the Name fits... I think I have seen you around town a bit... My apologies that I never said Hello before.... Just so many people to say Hi too... speaking of... Hello foxy Lady... It's funny cause she has a Fox... but it's also funny cause she's pretty... WAIT!... A dwarf without a beard... now Iv'e seen it all... Oooh will you show me how to use your crossbow... Your right she is pretty imposing... and thanks for pointing out how beautiful I am.... but I have to let you know that when it comes to romance I am more traditional... I understand your nor Traditional.. But to each their own... No Harm done... I hope you can find a fella that makes you happy sir Dwarf...

While talking Bently has retrieved several more bowls... washed them... filled them and placed them in front of or into the hands of anyone currently without a bowl... even if they have just walked away from their original bowl. The last bowl he sets on the ground in front of the Fox...

Placing Extra emphasis on the "F's" unFortunatlly Foxy lady You Failed to bring Forth your Furry Faced Four Footed Fox Friend Familiar.
with this final flurry of F's the Halfling jumps on a stool grabs a spoon and attacks his bowl with relish... finally growing quiet and giving other a chance to talk.

For a moment Korunar doesn't know if he should answer to Bently but then he decides to take the bowl with a friendly nod and tastes the meal. This tastes a lot better than those leftovers I normally get. He begins to gulp down the food, not paying attention to any manners.

After he finished his meal he puts down the bowl, wipes his mouth with his hand and let's out a satisfied sight. Then he asks the others: "So, does anyone know what kind of test awaits us?"

Daniel ignored Bently's remarks entirely, focusing his conversation solely on the tiefling woman before him.

Sleight of hand: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (19) + 3 = 22
Only to the perceptive, do a few metal marbles 'happen to roll' towards Bently's feet, causing the crackwise guy to fall over.
Save for a DC 25 reflex... ;)

Grand Lodge

She smiled at the halfling's kindness and chuckled at his alliteration, or maybe fixation, on Kitrja...and turned to Daniel smiling with her amber and dark purple eyes focusing on the beardless dwarf.

"I am, or rather we were, from Varisia and had helped a small village in the Lurkwood that we had come across in need of some assistance," she answered. "Now like you, I find myself here and ready to partake in the initiation. It's very nice to meet you Master Korunar," she extended an olive skinned hand towards the half-orc.

Emerich looks at the new arrivals
"Wow" He says to Daniel "Chatty one, isn't he."He jerks a thumb at Bently.

"My name is Gustave, Emerich Gustave."

"That's for sure. I haven't heard such a rapid rant since the old barmaid at one of Korvosa's inns. But he seems slightly better, or worse considering, versed in it."

Daniel shifts on his stool.

"Good day to you then, Gustave.
Are you from this city, or has something brought you from elsewhere?"

Bently finishes his soup and gathers up several of the bowls on the counter.
Varisia... Korvosa... what kind of names are those? You must be out of towners...

He trails off saying nothing in particular to no one in particular. His arms full he jumps down off of his seat uanaware of the:

Price 1 sp; Weight 2 lbs.
Marbles can be used to slow opponents. One 2-pound bag of marbles covers an area 5 feet square. A creature entering a square with marbles scattered on it must succeed at a DC 10 Reflex save or fall prone (the creature's stability bonus to trip applies to this save). Any creature moving at half speed or slower can pick its way through a square of marbles with no trouble.

reflex: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (6) + 4 = 10 He lands on the ground one of the Marbles squarely under his feet. A little dance later the halfling recovers looking a little silly but not having dropped any of the bowls.

Boy who left those there?... Give me just a moment and I'll have those cleaned up before anyone hurts themselves... Us Abyss delvers have to stick together... you all look very capable... he trails off on his uninterrupted pointless nattering while busily cleaning up the marbles and bowls that people are done with.

Those you mention are glass marbles.
These are specially metal crafted, extra smooth, courtesy of Daniel's tinkering friend.
Dwarves..... :)

Korunar reaches clumsy for her hand and gives it a hasty kiss. He lacks some basic social skills because of how most people treated him in his past life on the streets but he tries his best to be polite.

"The pleasure is all mine." he says, making a small break before he continues with a slightly sour tone "But I am no ones master. You can just call me Korunar"

Then he turns his head as Bently struggles with his balance. "Be careful, little halfling," he mocks him, we don't want anyone to get hurt before the test begins."

At seeing the halfling fall, Emerich laughs and helps him clean up. He says to Daniel: From here. Never considered this job until now.

"Bently, Harold will want those bowls accounted for!" Trini admonishes the irrepressible halfling. "Not yours, though, Syrnisha - any newcomer's first bowl is free."

She raises her voice. "I'm not sure what the test will be, but those from the Abyss should swing by the Xibalba General Store! We're used to kitting out those who stumble out. You might've been there before, Emerich; we're not too far from here."

The sound of heavy footsteps could be heard in the distance and soon Harold was back, red in the face and a large box strapped to his back like a pack. He blustered as he set it down and sat down himself, wiping the sweat from his brow.

"Some HoodRats *wheeze* tried to shake *wheeze* me down."

It wasn't long before he composed himself and began pulling out bottle after bottle of home-brewed ale.

Perception : 15:
For those with a keen enough sense of smell can recognize the sweet scent of Applejack, a sweet alcoholic cider.

"Thanks so much for watching the shop for me Trini."

He stops as he looks down Bently. his eyes growing narrow.

"Bently!" He barks. "Have you been passing out bowls for free again!"

He rubs his forehead in frustration to look at the patrons that had gathered. Large, small, mystical, rippling muscles, there were all kinds here. But all were probably heading to the Abyss for there first trip. Whatever the case, he needed to make sure the halfling didn't run off before he told him exactly what damage he caused since he left. Harold made his way to him, before suddenly finding himself slipping on something small and round.


The large man hit the ground and groaned in pain, the bottle he was carrying flying in the air, arcing, and heading back down to hit him.

While Daniel didn't mean for the man to fall, he didn't speak up about the metal marbles being his. They were, after all, an oddity he was given at some point.

I might pocket them if i get the chance.

Daniel sees the bottle fly upwards.
Ah...it'd be a waste for the man.

He grabs the thing cushion of his stool and throws it towards Harold, like a frisbe, hoping the bottle wouldn't break.
Think of it as the square above Harold's head.

Ranged touch? Square AC 5: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (7) + 4 = 11

The cushion flies a bit to the left landing in the street as the bottle continues on course to Harold.


Perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (17) + 5 = 22
Korunar sees Harold going to ground and the bottle flying in the air. As the scent reaches him he screws up his face. "Ugh! Too sweet!" he says. He decides not to help as he's standing too far away to reach the bottle in time.

Trini said wrote:
"Bently, Harold will want those bowls accounted for!"

Bently pops up from behind the counter, in response to the statement, holding a cup in one hand and a loaf of bread missing a large bite in the other.

MMMmmmmMMMMnnnMMM Bently takes a big swallow emptying his mouth of the hunk of bread. It's ok Trini I got PAID!!! ... I was given money to buy supplies... Oh did you see my new silk armor... came out of the abyss like it was made for me... or so the salesman said... what better way to use the rest of mmy new found funds then to come here and buy everyone lunch... Hey where's the Ale?... wait... I thought you were keeping track of how many bowls were being handed out... you do have the apron and spoon... oh man I hope Harold isn't mad... he's one of the best guys I know..."

At that moment Harold walks in and bently would immediately come out from behind the counter to face the music..

Harold ...I have money... I can pay... but ...I don't know how many bowls I gave out...

perception: 1d20 ⇒ 17

...Hey is that Applejack...

that's the moment when time seemed to slow down... Harold went down in a tumble... the bottle arcing in the air ... Daniel throws a cushion out the door...

Bently throws himself on top of Harold in attempt to shield the much larger man with his own smaller body from the falling bottle of ale.

not really sure what kind of check to make. Here's a basic dex check thinking acrobatics... If you would prefer a reflex check add 1 to the result.

dexterity: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (13) + 3 = 16

As Bently flings himself on Harold, the bottle lands with a thunk! With a small bruise on his back, Bently has saved Harold from a nasty bump on his head. Still, it seems the larger man was a bit winded from the fall.

"Trini," he says as he slowly gets up and shuffles to the iron pot, "Be a dear and watch the shop a little longer. I'm going to catch my breathe over here for while. I've got a bottle Firebrandy for you and your folks for your trouble."

Knowledge(local) : 15:
Firebrandy isn't widely available, meaning this is one of the few bottles that someone had brought with them from outside or the Abyss. A very generous offer indeed.

"And you Bently, don't go wandering off without settling your tab again."

He slumps by against the pot holding a cold bottle against the back of his neck.

Knowledge(local): 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14
Hoodrats? Why would they target him?

Grand Lodge

Syrnisha watched and tried to understand what had tripped the shopkeep. She watched as Daniel tossed a seat cushion over the flailing oversized man and she watched it move on. She watched as the glass bottle bounced off of Harald's back.

Perception: 1d20 ⇒ 18
Knowledge: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (13) + 3 = 16

"It does smell like that doesn't it Master Bently," Syrnisha nodded in agreement when she got a wiff of the sweet smelling cider. Her eyebrow raised when Harald mentioned the gift of Firebrandy. "Truly you are a generous friend, Master Harald, for the of firebrandy is a treat more worthy of some effort other than just watching your shop, I would think."

"Master Bently, I could surely contribute a couple of silvers to offset your generosity of buying us all a meal here," Syrnisha smiled slyly at the halfling. When she spoke, Kitrja tipped her head from side to side with her gold eyes focused on the halfling and dropped her bottom jaw in such a way that it looked liked the fox was smiling in a similar fashion.

Trini prays for Guidance from Gozreh amidst the chaos - the situation seems to need it!

Perception: 1d20 + 3 + 1 ⇒ (11) + 3 + 1 = 15

Aah, Applejack! Her favourite!

She watches Harold's slip with dismay, powerless to help from behind the counter. Fortunately, he is saved by Bently's timely dive.

Heal: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (19) + 4 = 23

"Are you sure you're all right, Harold?" she asks. She wiggles her fingers at him. "I could patch you right up if you need."

Deary Me... Deary My... Harold are you sure your ok?

Bently picks up the cup and loaf of bread he had dropped on the ground during his dive and sets them on the counter...

Oh yes... I have money... Here Harold take my money... I don't think I have ever been able to pay before... and never have you turned me away...Never sent me away hungry have you... Syrnisha you are too kind... so very nice... but no I have too pay... so much I owe Harold from over the years... I grew up in this city... When I was but a child he fed me for the first time... and never has he turned me away... nope I owe him a debt... and for the first time I have money... I must pay up... It's the right thing to do...

Bently places a pouch jingling with coins into Harolds hands.

the Pouch contains 50 Gold

Harold wrote:
"Some HoodRats *wheeze* tried to shake *wheeze* me down."

"I take it they are a local streetgang?

How active are they in this city?"

Pathfinder Rulebook, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I wouldn't mind joining in on this. Still want to play my tanky fighter that uses cut from the air. DM, would you allow a Lizardfolk or would I need to full adjust?

I'd prefer not using lizard folk.

Also reminder that submissions close in 3 hours. Feel free to roleplay till then and after. I'll release my decisions a couple days after.

I've not heard much about the HoodRats," Korunar says to Daniel, "but I guess they are part of the Rat's Nest. Those are thiefes, smugglers, murders or worse. You will most likely meet them in the Southern Terrace but they are everywhere in this city."

He shakes his head. "You should be careful if you ever meet one of them. Some Rats once tried to enslave me, but I could bary escape."


I'm not sure if the HoodRats are meant to be a part of the Rat's Nest. If not, what Korunar said is still his point of view. Maybe he is wrong.

"A big muscle guy like yourself?
Though it would be odd to imagine, i will take your word for it.
I'm not keen on slavers, either, the word of caution is appreciated."

Thank you all for your submissions and roleplaying. I will be making my final decision in a couple days. Please remember that while I said I'd accept 4-6 players, it does not mean I believe I could handle a larger group. Please look for an announcement on Sunday.

"Not too keen on slavers" huh? Wonder what would happen if he knew what my family did. Of close, I never knew about it till my parents died, but still....
can't wait till Sunday!! Good luck!!

Bently approaches the larger men talking...

knowledge local: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (10) + 7 = 17 Bently grew up in the Southern District... he knows a bit about Rat's Nest and how to stay away from them.

Those Hoodrats are cowards... well most of em... heard rumors there's some big ones...but they're never on the streets... ones on the streets are little ones trying to make names for themselves by picking on good folks... when it comes down to it they won't even fight if the fight looks fair... one time I was running from three of them ... imagine that three Big men to get lil ol me... but I ran into an alleyway and there was this guy there in a cloak... I told him to run... and he just smiled at me... well I vanished up quick and those hoodrats come running into the alley way chasing after me... Only instead of me they find this lone guy...

Bently gets on his hands and knees where Harold fell and starts looking at the floor very intently...

Now where did that last marble go?... of course hoodrats are always happy to fight you when there's three of them and only one of you... but this guy pulls a sword made out of fire from thin air... THIN AIR I TELL YOU... well those hoodrats took off running... guy never even moved towards them... they just use their numbers and plain meanness to push around the poor people in the southern part of the city...I always wondered who that guy was... I always figured he was a filigree or maybe from the Alleys... he never stuck around to tell me... just told me it was safe and continued on his way... How many jumped you Korunar?Here it is!

Bently comes up holding one single silvery marble...

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