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Full Name

Emerich Gustave


Male Human 1 Unchained Rogue(Knife Master)

About Emerich Gustave

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Where it says FC:2 It means 1 favored class bonus, and 1 for extra skill rank(for human). It doesn't auto log the human rank, so I had to do that


Emerich was born to a rich noble family, who made there money off of giving adventurers gear for the Abyss, in return for a portion of the treasure. His parents gave him the best tutors in many subjects, and even a famous rogue taught him knife skills, which Emerich used for hunting. Soon, his parents died. His siblings squabbled to take the lead of the family. However, unknown to him, his family took peasants from the Southern section of Terrace and put them to work, making custom adventurers gear, treating them like slaves. Soon, as the peasants learned about the weakness, there was an uprising. The peasants needed help, and the contacted Emerich. Emerich agreed to help them, and the uprising occurred. Deferring from the plan, the peasant force killed all of Emerich's siblings. Emerich was struck with guilt and anger. He needed to disappear. He took the name Gustave, and went to go into the Abyss.

1. Known Ally His tutor, who was his best friend growing up.
2. Unknown Ally An adventurer, who knows that Emerich has freed the peasants. He had a family member among them, and wishes to repay Emerich.
3. Known Enemy Peasant leader, whom Emerich hates (for killing his siblings), but part of that is for himself.
4. Unknown Enemy A vengeful uncle of Emerich, who had plans for his eldest nephew to become head of the family, but couldn't act on that plan when the nephew died. He found out about Emerich's involvement.

5. The family mansion. Northern District. Though some walls have been torn down, and all valuables looted, Emerich knows the layout very well