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ROW Book 6

Days on Triaxius - 20

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Strange Aeons Grp 2 |


The rebellion by the Iron Guards was swiftly put down, and Princess Cassioche, suspecting it was instigated, declared a purge of the city. The followers of Millani tried to save as many people as they could – smuggling them out of White Throne. But alas, eventually their hideout was discovered and the winter guard and the mirror men invaded the narrow passages in force. Solveig and Bella were killed in the attack on the hideout - and the rest of the followers of Millani fled in disarray.

Hatch and Apa:

They vanished during siege of the hideout – no one knows their whereabouts.


He has rebuilt his business and is now a prosperous mechabt in the fishcamps, owning a fleet of boats which he loans to other fishermen for a fixed fee. He named his eldest son Crummock-i-phail in honor of Crummock.

Dimitri and Co:

Dimitri and his Russian buddies start establishing a construction business in Axis named "Dimitri's builders and Co" , with the start-up funds from the selling of Winter reach. A new sector of the town is designated for Russian style architecture. Their new business is prospering and Dimitri starts getting spellcasters on part of his building team for the purposes of expanding the business to other planes. True to his word, he Calls Crummock, then asks for a portal over and builds him his cottage free of charge and brings along with him a temporary shelter for Crummock, Crummock Beta and the Leshy to stay in while his home is under renovations.


Male Ratfolk NG Arcanist 18 | HP 130/130 | AC 27 Tch 16 Fl 24 | CMB +8 CMD 23 | F +15 R +14 W +15, +2 vs. Disease | Init +8 | Perc +20, +2 when Nivean near | Speed 20 | Spells: 6/6 6/6 3/6 6/6 6/6 6/6 2/5 5/5 2/3 Ares 15/24 RoP 3/6 Rod 0/6 3/3 | Mind Blank

Mr. Whiskers is disappointed to find out he most likely will not be able to end Irrisen’s winter, but does not give up hope. Instead he slowly starts putting things in place so that a new generation can someday achieve what he alone could not. Towards that end, he does multiple divination and research on the Veil.

For the rest of his life, Mr. Whiskers keeps a Mind Blank active on himself and Nivean.

He spends some time wandering the Storval Plateau looking for the remnants of his warren. Knowing he would never again fit in, still he wanted to help and protect them. As part of that he travels to Kyonin and seeks information about the Elf Gates. Eventually he asks the Queen of Kyonin permission for some of his folk to be allowed to use it to reach Castrovel and the worlds beyond.

He slowly gathers information about how Irrisen is and on a few occasions gives help to Hestrig without either side being the wiser. That did use up the last of his dimensional grenades, but he found the explosions quite satisfying.

Knowing that Cadence made some sort of deal with the Pathfinder Society, every five years he makes a trip to Heldren and then Absalom so as to update her on her family. He knows that from her point of view the messages would come one after another, but still he doesn’t want her to completely lose the connection. The first trip to Absalom he allocates a little extra time so that he can explain some things to the Society. He does offer to tell what happened to Queen Elvanna in exchange for being able to use their communication link to Triaxius. His version focuses more on the other party members’ actions than his own.

When they take too long giving him the run-around, he asks to cast a spell. He casts levitate on himself and sits cross-legged in the air. He then says “Please use detect magic. Once you have found someone who can explain this” gesturing to how he is levitating “I will speak with them.” After pointing out to the first person that their detect magic does not show a transmutation aura, he waits for someone more competent.

On his second trip to Absalom, he shares what he has discovered about the Veil with the Society. Although they can be difficult to work with, they were good at keeping records.

Throughout the rest of his life, he tries to help various good people while never drawing too much attention to himself.

Strange Aeons Grp 2 |

There seems to be something blocking divination on the Veil itself – it may be the nature of the accursed place, or perhaps the very powerful artefact that he managed to divine the name off - The Torc of Kostchtchie – may be blocking his attempts to learn more about the place.

The veil is the witchwar legacy mod – if I were to continue ROW – that’s where I would start with.

No one in the warren recognizes Mr Whiskers – as it has been a generation since he left. The Queen of Kyonin is willing to let his folk be allowed to reach Castrovel – but only if she can call on his services once.

Hey, who doesn’t want a level 18 arcanist on their friends list? ;)

Pathfinder lodge

The first novice that greets Mr Whiskers at the lodge is a half orc in scalemail who looks at Mr Whiskers and with his eyes popping out of his head. ”Me Grull. Me know you must be using cheaty magicky thingie because my smart friend Alaire said cheaty casty can do weird things that cannot usually be done. Rats do not float in the air!” He glares at Mr Whiskers accusingly.

Then a human dressed in a chainshirt comes out of the lodge, ”Forgive my friend ,”he chats to Mr Whiskers in an urbane manner,”He doesn’t like magic very much. Not since someone scared him away from a fight with a Cause Fear spell. I’ll get someone who can explain matters,” leaving Grull glowering at Mr Whiskers.

An elf wizard with blue hair and green eyes, followed by a steam mephit with four white socks on its limbs floats out of the door. ”I am Professor Mort of the Acadamae of Korsova. Currently visiting the Pathfinder lodge in Absalom.” She examines Mr Whiskers for a while with detect magic, ”Yes, you’re levitating. Mind blanked, I suppose, since I detect no auras?”

Take 10 knowledge arcana total 24 - Since there's no hurry

Mr Whiskers arcane sight on Professor Mort:

Faint Conjuration
Average Transmutation

Then she gets Mr Whiskers audience with Venture Captain Drendle Dreng, so he can explain things. Drendle Dreng isn’t too happy to be awoken in the daytime, but accedes to his request. Kreighton Shaine, the Master of Spells, allocates his apprentice, Janira, to keep records of what Mr Whiskers has found about the Veil.

Male Ratfolk NG Arcanist 18 | HP 130/130 | AC 27 Tch 16 Fl 24 | CMB +8 CMD 23 | F +15 R +14 W +15, +2 vs. Disease | Init +8 | Perc +20, +2 when Nivean near | Speed 20 | Spells: 6/6 6/6 3/6 6/6 6/6 6/6 2/5 5/5 2/3 Ares 15/24 RoP 3/6 Rod 0/6 3/3 | Mind Blank

Mr. Whiskers agrees to the Queens terms, asking if she has an immediate task or wants to provide him with a way of knowing when he was wanted.

Mr. Whiskers gives a sigh of relief when Mort is brought forth and shows some knowledge. “Sorry for the theatrics. I figured this was easier than explaining things several times over.

No one likes the first level tech support. The trick is getting past it!

Strange Aeons Grp 2 |

The Queen of Kyonin requests that Mr Whiskers save the favor for the future and asks for him scry one of the mirrors in her palace every week for messages from her.

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