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Thornkeep - The Forgotten Laboraratory - level 2

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The party that has run through the first level of Thornkeep has lost 2 members along the way and they want some extra bodies to enhance the chances that they will not be the ones getting hit.

Current party make-up is 3 melee types and an oracle, so someone with some arcane abilities, trap spotting, skills, spells ,ranged attacks or just all around usefulness preferred.

Posting rate will be at least once a day.

And to be clear, only looking for those 1 or 2 people to fill out an existing party so going to pick the best fit for the rest of the party.

[Edit: Left out, I plan to continue somewhere this weekend, so recruitment will be closed in 2-3 days]

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It's not getting hit that concerns me, it's everything else.

I have a level 3 (or 4 I have to check) fighter/wizard/eldritch knight I can bring. He focuses on utility spells.

He does two handed melee when not spellcasting.

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How about a wayang ninja 1/wizard 1? He prefers not to get hit and to do everything else :)

Ik dank het! If there is a slot available I would like to play.

I love making characters. So, whatever is needed. Tank, striker, skills, divine, or arcana. I can make and play them all.


this char only lvl 1 but if you cant find anyone i would try. elf range fighter. uses long bow.

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Drako, this is a PFS game, meaning that characters cannot just be made at this level (2-4), though level 4 pregens would be acceptable (and their credit could be applied to a brand new level 1)

I'm the "trapsmith" of the party, though I cannot disarm magical traps, don't get a perception to notice any traps, and I only have +6 perception. Finding traps without activating them is a bit of a concern, as is having arcane support.

An Eldritch Knight could be great, though if it's Fighter1/Wizard1/Eldritch Knight 1 then you have the same spells per day as a level 1 wizard, though they would have quite a few more hit points.

@Marcèl, Thanks. I don't know how I missed that.

Yeah, the eldritch knight build at that level has limited spells, but he does hit like a truck with his nodachi. His perception is good as are his knowledge skills.

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I would be interested in joining the group. Level 4 (rogue 2 / sorcerer 2) kitsune. Has completed Acursed Halls (GM credit).

Mostly IRL play, but looking to get into some PbP. This character will need updating, but can complete that tonight.

I am available to post am, lunch and pm (central time) most every day.

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Since it's their party..going to let the other players decide whom they want to join to complement their character.

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Well because we have 3 front liners already in the group I would say that a full caster has my preference. Same with the rogue.

Let's see what we end up with at the end of the weekend.

Could people please update their characters pages with which they would like to join?

I'll bail. I don't much care to set up an alias on the off chance of a game. Later all.

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You'd need an alias for a PFS character anyway? If it's a character you already have for PFS wouldn't you have an alias created?

Samuel Deland wrote:
You'd need an alias for a PFS character anyway? If it's a character you already have for PFS wouldn't you have an alias created?

Yes, but setting up an alias takes effort, and it appears people don't want a front liner anyway.

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I'll throw my name in the ring drunken master monk 2/ pistolero gunslinger 2. For all your Gun Fu needs I will be your drunken grammaton cleric.

Edit: or if it's more arcane you need I have a monk 1/ magus 1

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Since it sounds like you guys would like to have a full caster rather than a multiclass, I will offer up this Human Arcanist 2 who has been through the first level of Thornkeep (GM credit). This is the same player who offered up Umbrutas (the wayang ninja 1/wizard 1) up thread. The other full casters I could offer up are a Waves Oracle and a cleric, but with your existing oracle, I think you're looking more arcane than divine.

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"Well hello fellow Pathfinders." says the young Tien man with grey hair and foxish features.

He absentmindedly flips a gold coin about his fingers as he continues; "It has been said that a group is preparing to enter the forgotten depths of Thornkeep. A challenging place for sure. Did you all figure out the secret of the door? It took us forever to figure out those blues tile pieces the skeletons were guarding would work. Things weren't worth squat, but they got the job done."

Looking around he notes the knowing looks of the three.

"I don't see a caster or trap-springer in your group." He says with a coy smile; "Certainly are plenty of them types in the Society, but not so many that are both in one."

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After a quick discussion we've settled on Torche of Hermea and Hiro Yanyeeku. Can you guys hop over to the Gameplay and Discussion threads. Thanks to the rest of your for applying, good luck with your future ventures.

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