PbP Gameday VII: PFS Scenario #3-21: The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment [Tier 1-5] (Inactive)

Game Master Stiehle

In order to learn about the esoteric faith of the Empyreal Lord Korada, the PCs are sent by the Pathfinder Society to explore an abandoned aasimar temple to the benevolent deity. But what they find there is anything but an opportunity for peaceful reflection and enlightenment.

Greetings Pathfinders! Though this is my first attempt to GM a PFS game in play-by-post, this style of gaming is very familiar to me, as I've been running pbp games on another board for more than 20 years.

This game will begin on 8/13/18, and is a part of PbP Gameday VII, which boasts a great many games you might be interested in (besides this one, of course!)

As noted in the title, this game is geared for PFS characters between levels 1-5, and if there is heavy interest in the first week or so of recruitment I will take the first 12 folks that have signed up and select six based on party balance as far as character level and classes at that time so as to allow those that aren't recruited to continue to look for games elsewhere before Gameday VII. In this manner, I expect to hopefully have the decision made by Friday, June 29th so those that aren't selected can find other games. If the recruitment thread hasn't reached six players by that time, I will just take first come, first served and make the announcement that the adventure is full after six players have signed on.

When you apply, please post with the character profile you will be gaming with. I strongly prefer character sheets completely filled out at the time of application, but so long as I know character race, class and level I can allow further time to create the character sheet itself in the profile - so long as it's completed no later than July 31. Character profiles that have applied (and been accepted) without a complete character sheet by that date will be dropped from the adventure and I will seek replacement characters before the 8/13 start date.

I can, and usually will, post every day and would like to see the same from my players, since this is intended to be a fast-moving adventure. There will certainly be exceptions to this rule on my part, and I have no problem if the same happens on the part of my players as well, but please don't make it a habit. If you are unable to keep up with this place, I do ask that you apply to another adventure that better matches your own expectations and needs.

I do use maps, but I use a Roll20 map that players cannot manipulate themselves. Instead I'll have a grid set up, so that you can give me details as to how you move in combat situations by specifying which grid square you intend to move into - and preferably your route to get there, especially if you might be threatened by AoOs, or spell effects, or any other hazards such as difficult terrain and the the like. The less specific you are in your post, the harder it is for me to try and figure out your movement and though I'll try to do the best I can to do so, you might find yourself in a different square than that which you intended if I can't make your movement match up to what you posted. For that reason, be as specific as you can, please.

I'd also ask players to try and keep in mind where they act in the initiative order, and be proactive in determining how the combat situation might change prior to their character's action. Giving me alternative actions based on a potentially changing situation (i.e. I attack Goblin #2, but if he's down before my action, move 3 squares east and attack Golbin #4) would be very helpful to me when I construct my combat posts.

Other than the above, all I ask from my players is to be respectful of other players and to enjoy the game!

The Exchange

I would like to submit Yorad Cinderhunter for this game! He is currently in a scenario now but once finished he should be 2nd level!

Grand Lodge

I would like to play with this character. He is currently not playing any other games.

I have several other 1-3L that are currently playing but should be available to substitute out if needed. Please feel free to sift though my alternate characters. Options include: Amarel; Oded Fardeth; Erlandel; and Kam Yuen.

Liberty's Edge

Berta Lighthammer, here to meet your frontline damage-dealing needs! Why hit it with a hammer, when you can hit it with a LONGhammer! (Patent pending.)

Alternatively, I have an alchemist and a wizard (conjurer), both level 1, if a different party role needs filling, but am very excited to give this one a go.

Liberty's Edge

I would like to join with my level 2 hunter.

Liberty's Edge

I wasn't aware there was a 3-game limit on the boards, so I will have to bow out of this one. Have fun all!

Silver Crusade

I would like to join this game if seats are still available.

Finnius von Galimar (pfs 105323-4)

3rd level human Armigier Fighter (order of the gate) and Silver Crusade.

Grand Lodge

I, Regnum Blastface, do hereby declare my intent to join in this expedition.

Silver Crusade

"The spirits guide me."

Dark Archive

Assuming I'm counting right, and there's still a free spot - I'd love to join as Adwr, the dog-riding, somewhat misanthropic halfling sorcerer.

Though I also have a couple level 1s (Bard and Paladin) I could switch to if necessary.

Grand Lodge

My Level 2.2 Cleric would like to join, if there are still spots open.

Grand Lodge

Frogtooth Greywhisker, the 1st level Kitsune Oracle (Pei-Zin Practitioner with the Whimsy mystery) would like to join! Full character sheet in profile coming soon!

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Thanks folks! Looks like I've got my six players:

Yorad Cinderhunter
Vladamir Dufau
Finnius von Galimar
Regnum Blastface

Welcome to the game!

If you still have room I would like to join.

Player: Shadow
Character: James Hummingbird
Class: Human Bard 1
PFS: 242885-3
Faction: Exchange

The following players should post in the Discussion tab to confirm they're around and interested, as well as dotting into the gameplay thread, if you haven't already. I will also post the estimated tier level, based on character sheets I'm seeing in this Recruitment thread.

Yorad Cinderhunter
Vladamir Dufau
Finnius von Galimar
Regnum Blastface

If folks haven't dotted into the gameplay thread by Sunday, I'll start looking to those that posted interest after the first six were selected. Those on the waitlist include:


Grand Lodge

Player Name: philipjcormier
Char Name: Vladamir Dufau
Faction: Grand Lodge
PFS: 55792-11
Profession: profession(scribe): 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (20) + 4 = 24

Our PbP Gameday adventure is finally getting underway after many days of frustrating delay. However, I've only got four of the original six players still active in the following adventure (and the thread has been VERY active on the days we can get posts in!)

PbP Gameday VII: PFS Scenario #3-21: The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment [Tier 1-5]

I would like to recruit at least one more player, and I can take a second one on 'standby' if I don't hear from either of my wayward players by this Saturday (9/1), when they will both be dropped.

The party is good with fighter-types, and could use a healer as well as a skill monkey, but if you're interested in joining, send me a PM or post your interest in the Discussion tab. I'll take the first two to answer the call, with the first (and VERY likely open) slot going to a healer type. The second (PROBABLY open) slot will got to a skill monkey type. I'm really looking for levels 1 or 2, but higher levels are fine (though you'll be out of subtier).

I'll confirm your entry into the game no later than Sunday (9/2) morning, at which time you can post to the Gameplay thread. The adventure has only just begun due to the rocky start that we've all experienced, so new players haven't missed anything except for the VC briefing and a bit of exploration. A link to the Discussion tab where you can post interest can be found below. Thanks!

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