[PbP Game Day VII] [PFS] 3-03 Ghenett Manor Gauntlet *CORE* (Inactive)

Game Master eddv


Scarab Sages

You know the drill by now, apply to play with the following

Name: (as you want it to appear on the chronicle)
Character Name:
Character Concept/Role:

Keep in mind, this is a Core Campaign game.

Dark Archive

What is the tier? I have this Core Ranger 2 :)

Name: André Alevato
Character Name: Akter Phruse
PFS#: 36459-6
Faction: Dark Archive
Character Concept/Role: Ranger / Damage Dealer (more with a bow, but melee if needed)

Profession (Woodcutter): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16

Scarab Sages

The tier is 5-9

Dark Archive

No one in tier, so stepping out. Good luck!

The Exchange

Name: Andrew Watson
Character Name: Blend
Class and Race: Half orc Ranger6|Rogue2
PFS#: 44523-22
Faction: Exchange
Character Concept/Role: Scout/Archer

Liberty's Edge

Name: Michael Eshleman
Character Name: Nyalla
PFS#: 766-22
Faction: Liberty's Edge
Character Concept/Role: Melee

I'll sign up.
With either a level 7 or 8 melee type.

Sovereign Court

Name: Andrew
Character Name: Simon
PFS#: 43439-51
Faction: Sovereign Court
Character Concept/Role: Wizard - Controller/Party Face

Will be updating him with his latest chronicle soon, but he'll still be level 7.

Sovereign Court

I would certainly be interested, and I have multiple options, so I'll wait to see what others are playing, in order to determine what I will bring (that said, it looks like we could use some Arcane support, so it will likely be either a Bard, or a Wizard).

The Exchange

I'll nab the last spot.

Name: Edward McGee
Character Name: Irizati Grunyar
PFS#: 145374 - 13
Faction: The Exchange
Character Concept/Role: lvl 8 Melee druid with a tiger. Also have Augment Summons.

day job profession merchant: 1d20 + 26 ⇒ (5) + 26 = 31

Note that with Irizati's help everyone at the table gets a +3 circumstantial bonus to their day job checks.

I played this in classic just a few days ago so I will not be making any party choices.

Silver Crusade

Is there room for a level 5?

Name: Chadius
Character Name: Evarice Bue
PFS#: 133608-7
Faction: Silver Crusade
Character Concept/Role: Buffs/Archer

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