PFS #9-05: Call of the Copper Gate (PFS PbP Gameday VII) 6 Oct 18

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Silver Crusade

I will be running a PFS (i.e. non-core) game of Call of the Copper Gate, for the PbP gameday VII. This will be in the 2nd slot, running 1 October 2018 to 12 November 2018.

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 3-7.

Alarm bells blare throughout the Pathfinder Society's Grand Lodge as chaos reigns in one of the vaults below. The PCs must venture into the vaults to put a stop to the mysterious incident. They quickly learn, however, that what has happened in the Grand Lodge is almost certainly not an isolated event. It falls to the PCs to follow this disruption's trail, a mission that puts them on a collision course with mysterious forces that wish to unleash horrors from beyond reality upon Golarion.

Contents in Call of the Copper Gate also contribute directly to the ongoing storyline of the Dark Archive faction.

Scarab Sages

This sounds like it might be my kind of adventure!

For 3-7 by late Autumn, possible characters (subject to change) include:

Sovereign Court:
- a level 7 Tome Knight
- a level 3 Dark Lord

Grand Lodge:
- a level 3 Druid
- a level 3 Fighter

- a level 6 Theologian
- a level 3 Investigator

Silver Crusade:
- a level 6 Shadow Puppeteer

Scarab Sages:
- a level 5 Occultist
- a level 3 True Silvered Throne

Dark Archive
- a level 4 Kensei
- a level 4 Psychic

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

I have an arcanist 3 (Dark Archive!), an arcanist 4, brawler 3, and inquisitor 7. I’d love to be considered for a spot. Thanks.

Dark Archive

i have an paladin/oracle lvl4

Just wanted to give you a heads up that this game is listed for the wrong time slot. Your post says October 1st but it is listed at August 13th. Just wanted to post so people didn't accidentally sign up when they are unavailable.

Good luck and have fun!

Silver Crusade

I'm aware. I've asked for that to be fixed, but it has not yet been.

Grand Lodge

I have a bunch of possible characters for this session so I will not list them as many of them will gain xp between now and October. Suffice to say I could have practically anything ready for this session in the low tier.

Dark Archive

I've got a (Low-Tier) cleric of the Dark Archives who'd be interested in pitching in!

Dark Archive

Interested in bringing along my Level 6 sorcerer to this one. She is Dark Archives.

Dark Archive

I'd like to bring along my kitsune kineticist. She'll be level three shortly and is a member of the dark archives!

Interested with several possible PCs in range

Silver Crusade

OK, I've got plenty of folks here. Six plus two waitlists (waitlists are important for october games because a lot can happen by then) so I'll close recruitment now. Thanks for your interest!

Scarab Sages

I am moving strongly toward an inclination to play my aforementioned Kensei in this. It's a good fit all around.

Hi. I would love to be on the waitlist. ;-)

Silver Crusade

I forgot that I hadn't opened this for dotting. Fixed now.

Dark Archive

I think I'm only on the waitlist, but I'm going to have to give up my space. This character won't be ready in time.


If you are missing someone please send me a PM. ;-)

Grand Lodge

I can bring my L6 Paladin or L5 Cavalier or L6 Warpriest. I don't think you want me to overdo it and pull it to high tier, so the Cavalier is probably the best bet. I do have now that I think about it a pretty straight up 2h Weapon using fight who is L3 that I can bring.

I'll bring the fighter as I think he'll fit in here better.

Grand Lodge

I am available if the space is still open.

Alchemist 6 (aka GM Aarvid)

Dark Archive

I’d really like to stay in low tier, if at all possible.

Dark Archive

I'd also prefer not to play out of subtier

Liberty's Edge

I would like to stay in the low subtier with this character as well.

Silver Crusade

With two 6s, a 4, and three 3s, we're looking at low tier.

Dark Archive

Fine by me then!

Grand Lodge

Works for me. I was trying to see if I had someone lower, but none will be available for at least a few weeks.

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