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My rules for botting: If you have not posted in 48 hours since I made a post asking you to act, I will bot you. I will continue to bot you if you are the one we are waiting for as soon as we are waiting for you. This will continue until you post again. That will restart the clock so you would have 48 hours again till I bot you again. For example; Combat starts, it the groups turn to act. Everyone besides one person (Q) posts quickly. Q does not post for two days. I bot them and combat continues. The next round begins, and everyone post again with in an hour, besides Q. I will bot Q again right away to keep things flowing. A few rounds later, everyone posts besides Q. Q has another two days before I begin botting again.

AS Absalom Station (I will be typing it out often so using an abbreviation will help. I will still type it out when in game when some one is talking and such but I will us it in out of character)
NPC: Non player character (everyone who is not a monster and isnt you... well the line between NPC and monster is a bit blurred in stafinder but you get the point)
PC: Player Character
Tl;Dr Too Long; Didn't Read. This usually used at the end of a longer post that summarizes it.