Out of the Darkness; Into the Light

Game Master DSXMachina

A Kingdom Death: Monster rpg-themed pbp.

The darkness rescinds slowly, changed to a wane light as the vista is gradually illuminated.

All appears a monochrome of grey.

All is silent, still. There's no wind or air movement, no clouds in the sky. There's no sky just a dark vast gulf above.

Pale light roils from a half buried lantern, it's light caresses the forms next to it with a soft glow. Half buried beneath the rocks, half buried beneath the faces, half forgotten and half created. There's a stirring, a beginning - the silence before is broken.

A marble face slides down the shale scree slope, the sound it makes is deafening but lost in the darkness the buried brass lantern cannot pierce. The reclined form that caused the cacophony stirs languidly moving as it to shuck the long sleep from their sensuous limbs.

Turning over as the sleep slips from their body as a long-forgotten dream, revealing their finely wrought face. The eyes closed by a dark viscous fluid, dried to a thick crust against the long curved lashes of the figure. Whether blood, tears, ink or something darker, more alien - the crust breaks when the person opens their eyes an looks around upon this new world.

Surveying the scene, he looks to where he lay - towards the other recumbent forms. Another one such as him, and a pair of slender others their lines rounded, sweet, desirous. Emotions he didn't know, cannot comprehend shake inside of him as they too awaken.

He stands about them as they rise, his lean form covered by gauzy cloth that encircles his waist.

From our of the darkness there's a roar and a magnificent beast larger than the quartet put together appears at the edge of the lantern-light.


Moving to one side the first figure clutches at a sharp rock and tries to draw away the massive beast, his eyes widen despite the gloom staring at the umbral leonine figure. It's claws seem as large as his head and it's maw could encircle his waist.

With only a gauzy sheet wrapped around his waist he bellows to the creature; "Uther... Uther...." By which action he names himself!

Set up some figures on the map, got the AI deck constructed. I'll take the dude on the left (Uther!) & one of the lasses. And you two can take 1 each? If you want a different portrait feel free.

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