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Ganoes Paran: "I want to be a soldier. A hero."
Whiskeyjack: "You'll grow out of it."

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I wasn't planning on making various types of chitin armor, just my personal armor. mostly just based off of chainmail... with chitin armor bonuses this would make my final armor slightly better then celestial armor defensively... but you do have a point, no reason to base it off of a light armor if I don't have to... could make it unique.

The class is going to be EXTREMELY dex. dependent so my dex to armor will likely hit the +8 cap I have set at some point, but I could potentially raise the base AC by 1 or 2...

Why not let it grow with levels? Make it kind of like Nimble where the armor gets 'thicker' or 'denser' through whatever process you want...

it does, just not through straight Armor... I'll be starting at the dex cap for the armor (+4) if possible (we haven't discussed what sort of roll schematic we are using), and acrobatics is affected by armor check penalties (and I'll be rolling it a lot). the general idea being that my dexterity modifier should go up by +1 approx every 3 levels anyways, thus raising my AC by always keeping me at the dex cap. and the Armor check penalty reduction helps with the acrobatics penalty.

just for reason why dex is so important. Plan for feats (assume Half-Elf starting class for now as that's kind of where I'm leaning):

1: Weapon Focus (Scimitar), Skill Focus (Acrobatics)
3: Slashing Grace !!!! <---This feat right here is where the whole build comes together.
5: Combat Reflexes

With how Aku mentioned that magic items work, I may actually try and work it that the armor slowly starts to become more and more a integral part of me and it begins to infuse with my own life energy/innate magic. So basically I can actually get +1/+2 armor without having to get a mage to willing sacrifice some of their power permanently for it.

So, I'm sorry to keep pressing you with this, but how do you want to begin?

Level1 or Level4?

I wish to start planning things that will happen. :D

Truly, I don't have a preference.

Frankly, I don't even have a character concept at this time. Can you give us some more setup about the adventure? I know we are part of a military unit in a land that has been at war for a long time, that's about it.

Alright so my suggestion would be level 1. Start with all of us as promising recruits of the bridgeburners versus full fledged members. That way we get some solid story and world building time to fully realize our characters and build the appropriate interconnections.

Okay gang:

I'm considering greatly to buy this.

Lot's of GM cool stuff to make games better. Anyone have any material from this publisher and care to give an opinion about it?


I’ll try to write something this weekend, without spoiling anything that might happen.
I’ll try to keep it into ‘how’ your char might view the world and it’s events, not what might be really happening, okay? :)

Raging Swan is a really good 3PP. I own the Tribes anthology 1 and 2 and many of their adventures. They're all about creating atmosphere, interesting NPCs/monsters, and encounters with interactive environments (dust off those climb and swim checks)

I've not looked at any of the raging swan stuff, so I can't really comment on it.

And I can agree with BlondeBandit. Level 1 sounds good as long as we aren't quite expected to be these super-elite troops yet. Though I guess being a PC class does make us kind of elite compared to being a 'warrior'. : )

Male Human Mostly Commoner 47

I agree with level 1 also. As new recruits we could be given routine tasks that don't end up being so 'routine'!

How goes the planning any?

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Aku. Curse auto correct.

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Not much planning :D

End of terms, I'm kinda bogged down. Anyway, I'll try come with some background for you guys start planning a concept.

The Malazan Empire was founded in 1058 Burn's Sleep. In the years (and possibly decades) leading up to this point, the continent of Quon Tali had become embroiled in a series of power struggles between the feuding city-states, with the Kingdom of Unta establishing itself as a considerable military power on the continent. When Unta annexed the Napan Isles as a prelude for its planned invasion of Kartool Island, many refugees were displaced, some landing on Malaz Island to the southeast. At this time, Malaz Island was ruled by a cold-blooded pirate lord named Mock, whose formidable criminal organization controlled the whole island and had many contacts on the mainland. Mock sold many of the refugee Napans to the Untans, aside from a few who escaped with the help of factions on the island opposed to Mock.

Foremost of these factions were Kellanved and Dancer, a powerful mage and a master assassin from the mainland who had settled on Malaz Island and opened a bar. They recruited among the island's criminal element and employed refugee Napans, offering them the chance to take revenge against Unta and liberate their homeland. Kellanved, Dancer, a boy working for them named Dujek, and Napan refugees Amaron, Hawl and Nok continued to expand their 'family', recruiting the Napan brothers Cartharon and Urko Crust, a Napan barmaid named Surly, a formidable Dal Honese sword fighter named Dassem Ultor, a soldier named Duiker plucked out to become a historian and a refugee high priest of D'rek from Kartool named Tayschrenn. With this family Kellanved overthrew Mock and his criminal organization and established himself as the supreme ruler of Malaz Island. Using the refugee Napans, hungry for vengeance against Unta, as the core of his military and magical forces, Kellanved led Malaz in a war against the mainland, against the odds seizing Unta and expanding across the continent of Quon Tali. The Napans were initially pleased, having used Kellanved to liberate the Napan Isles, but became disillusioned as the Napan Isles swapped the yoke of Unta for the yoke of the swiftly growing Malazan Empire.
Quon Tali Map

Quon Tali:

Quon Tali is a continent and home to the Malazan Empire. It was bounded to the south and west by the Horn Ocean. To the southeast lay Reacher's Ocean and to the east, the Falari and Bloor Seas. In the north lay the Ice Fields and to the northeast, the Colonnus Sea.

To the east were the islands of Geni, Kartool, Malaz and Nap. The mysterious drifting island of Drift Avalii lay somewhere to the southeast of the continent.

  • Malaz City: is the birthplace of the Malazan Empire. The city was located on the small Malaz Island which was found southeast of Quon Tali.
  • Kartool: The city of Kartool is located on Kartool Island, off the east coast of Quon Tali. It was known for its impressive population of deadly fist-sized paralt spiders whose webs festoon the city's towers. The Grand Temple of D'rek is very influential within the city. There were also modest Temples of the Queen of Dreams and of Shadow.
  • Nap: is a city on the Napan Isles. Its native inhabitants were humans described as having dusky, blue skin.
  • Itko Kan: Is a coastal region east of the Dal Hon Plains, on Quon Tali. The distance to Unta was described as being about 300 leagues (likely to mean travelling distance by horse). The capital city is called Kan. Recognizable traits of the Kanese people included slanted eyes and black hair. The Kanese had a reputation for not being 'exactly exitable' and are described as being co-operative folk.
  • Li Heng: is an inland Quon Talian city situated just north of the Dal Hon Plains on the Idryn river. The city is surrounded by walls "ten manheights high" and was arranged in concentric rings with the Palace / temple complex at the center. There are four main gates into the the city, the Gate of the Dawn to the East, the Gate of the Dusk to the West, the Gate of the Mountains to the South and the Gate of the Plains to the north.
  • Unta is the capital city of the Malazan Empire, located in the North-West of the continent of Quon Tali.

  • Forest Horn is located on the South West portion of the continent of Quon Tali. To its North are the Dal Hon Plains, while to its East, West and South lies the Horn Ocean.
  • Forest Fenn is located on the northern portion of the continent of Quon Tali. It is bordered on the North by the Great Fenn Range, and to the South by Nom Purge and Por Seti. Inhabitants include the Fenn.
  • Great Fenn Range is a mountain range located on the northern part of the continent of Quon Tali. To the north of the Range lie the Ice Fields and part of the subcontinent of Falar, to its south is Forest Fenn, to the southwest is Nom Purge, to the west is the Horn Ocean, and to the east is the Colonnus Sea. The most populous inhabitants are the Fenn.
  • Wickan Plains are located in the northeastern part of Quon Tali and were the home of the Wickan people. The plains were bordered to the west by the by Colonnus Sea and to the east by the Falari Sea. The closest city was Baran, to the south. The Plains were the location of battles during the Wickan Wars.
  • Dal Hon Plains are located in the southwest part of Quon Tali, just north of Forest Horn.
  • Por Seti is the name given a section of land in the northern part of the continent of Quon Tali. To its north is Forest Fenn, to its west is Nom Purge, to its south lay the Dal Hon Plains, and to its east is Ero Lake. Lake Seti is on its western edge. Por Seti is home to the Seti people.
  • Nom Purge is located on the North West coast of the continent of Quon Tali. It is bordered by the Horn Ocean to the West, the Great Fenn Range to the North, the Forest Fenn to the Northeast, Por Seti to the East, and the Dal Hon Plains to the South. The most notable city in Nom Purge is Quon Tali (city).
  • Ero Lake is a large body of water on the interior of the continent of Quon Tali. It lies on the eastern edge of Por Seti.
  • Lake Seti is a large body of water on the continent of Quon Tali. To the east lay the plain known as Por Seti, and to the west was plain known as Nom Purge.

Over the next century, the Malazan Empire sprawled across Quon Tali, eventually seizing control of the entire continent. The Empire's trading fleets were soon growing rich from trading with Korel to the south-east, Seven Cities to the north and Genabackis to the north-east. Explorations of the landmass immediately to the west of Quon Tali (south-west of Seven Cities and part of the same landmass) were curtailed by the unrelenting hostile intransigence of the Shal-Morzinn Empire, whose formidable magical might gave even Kellanved pause. Instead the Malazan Empire expanded into Seven Cities.

This is when our game will start.

There are those that still resents the Malazan yoke, there are those saying about rebellion.
For good or bad, life under Malazan empire is better than it was before it, even though most don’t care to remember. Trade is easier and more profitable. The laws are fair and just. Most of the common people have a better and longer life.

For any reason you want, you joined the army, and for your surprise, you were assigned to the campaign of Seven Cities, in another continent.

You had a life before enlisting; you had family, friends, and a profession.
You have nothing that would make you stand out from anyone else. Maybe they tell you that you are good with a blade, or your father taught you the importance of holding your ground, and defending those that are precious to you, but you are nothing more than a normal person, unless you were born with a gift for magic.


The general background for this campaign is this one:
Your continent was taken by the Malaz Empire, there are some whispering about rebellion, but you joined the army.
It does not matter your actual goal. It can be anything.
You may be a rebel spy, working your way through the ranks of soldiers.
You may be a criminal, avoiding a dead sentence by pledging your loyalty to the army.
You may be a farm boy that grew up hearing those fantastic histories about the war and their heroes.
You may be a gifted magician, aiming for prestige and riches as they told of the high mages.

You are free to create cities, tribes, places, histories, myths as you see fit for your background. They’ll be integrated in the world, and they will count.

Things you should note when creating your background:
God exists, and they can be killed. Minor gods, demi gods, ancient spirits, a normal person, given the right condition, can become an ascendant.

Every god is an Ascendant, but not every ascendant is a god, even though there are some more powerful than gods itself.

A good example would be the The Slayer, the Lifestealer, the maker of machines, the chaser of time, lord of the sand grains, Icarium that have travelled this land for centuries, and even the gods fear him.

In general, everyone is deeply tied to their beliefs or disbeliefs in gods.

Ask me anything you want and we’ll work into creating the world in your character point of view.

Okay I can work with that. Anyone interested in tying backstories together? Need to figure out a way to keep a Moranth from following it's ingrained isolationism. A pretty integrated story of life saving or innate attraction/comfort or something along those lines will probably have to be developed to rationalize it.

Also slightly adjusted how my chitin armor works. Added a growing armor bonus instead of craft magic arms and armor. Like the idea of the armor never having any magical inclinations. So it should still grow at approximately the correct rate, without having to rely on +1-+5 magical bonuses.

@Aku, Very nice. I'm going to start filling in chunks of my backstory. Will send it to you in chunks for discussion.

@Blondebandit, I'd be willing to work something in, and the last 1/2 or so of my backstory is still in flux.

Assuming you want to work something out, send me a PM and we can discuss.


Just a note: At this current point, since we are starting at level one, the moranth are not yet allied with the Malazan Empire.

oh. Well then that does make it interesting. Going to have to think then on how a Moranth would actually be part of the bridgeburners.


I liked it.
I was expecting her to do something at the end, but then I remembered you were a renegade.

@Aku, Yeah, I was kind of bucking expectations on purpose. I'm working on part 2, but I have a wedding to go to this weekend, so it might take a bit.

So, you guys need any help creating a concept?

I have my concept for my character down, and really like her/him (fully enclosed armor, so gender will be ambiguous to start). Still having some issues with rationalizing not being with the overall Moranth and joining. Current thoughts are to be half-Moranth, possibly exiled or outcast from the general society.

got the next couple of days off while my puppy recovers from surgery so I'll start building the backstory at that time. Any word on whether briccone and irondesk are still interested?

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I'm still interested. I have off next week so I hope to take all these ideas that are floating around in my head and finally commit them to paper. I think my guy will use his armor as his main weapon. I am thinking he was a blacksmith apprentice that was 'recruited' after his master's smithy was destroyed. If anyone is interested in tying back stories, I'm game.

@About ability score, let's do this way:

You can choose whatever value you think it would suit your character. The main goal is to have status that are good for the history and character you want.
Since we don't really have race's division here, you don't adjust the +2 that humans gain.

The only thing I want to ask is that at this first moment, no ability above 17.

So if I'm awesome I can have all 17's? :D

Clearly joking

that was my thoughts. clearly I have 17s across the board!

More realistically was looking at a stat Distribution along the lines of

Str: 13 - Wearing armor all day got to be taxing. Going to need some strength for that.
Dex: 17 - Super dextrous character. Wakes up at dawn everyday to work on a sword-dance.
Con: 12 - Still a melee character. She's seen her fair share of bruises during training.
Wis: 10 - but gets into some bad situation from lack of foresight.
Int: 12 - still figures out how to survive...somehow.
Cha: 16 - and looks good doing it. No one knows who he/she is, but he/she is mesmerizing to watch at work.

Overall: it's a 30 point buy.

Male Human Mostly Commoner 47

@Aku: What is our starting gold?

My suggestion for starting equipment/gold:

If we are truly new recruits for the bridgeburners, then everyone should start with standard issue weapon/armor for their specialty (e.g. Spear for Melasoul), but little else for personal effects/gear. I would assume that the military would provide the rations/mundane gear that we would use.

I can agree with BlondeBandit on that overall. Though it wouldn't be unreasonable for us to have some keepsakes from before we joined up.

Though nothing says that all soldiers would have the exact same gear, just gear in the same style and markings. It could easily be handled (game-wise, not story-wise) by giving us a pool of gold from which we must buy at least one weapon and one piece of armor, with the leftover being spent directly on combat related-gear.

Hey, has anyone heard anything from IronDesk?

I received a pm from him yesterday.

Due to some RL stuff, he is not playing this game.

And then there were three...

Are we sticking with three then, or finding a fourth?

Not sure, what you guys think about it?

Doesn't really matter to me. Seeing as this is completely homebrew, and magic being so rare (specifically how healing works), don't think typical party composition is really required.

For now, let's just continue with us. If we in the future think that adding one more is good, we invite someone else.

Also, tell me when you are ready to start.

About starting gear, it depends a bit.
Mostly on your combat style.

The basic gear is this;
Chain Shirt, shortsword, shortspear, shortbow.

If you prove to be someone that uses has more power than flexibility you get a heavy shield, while the others get a light shield.

If you prove to be someone adept with the bow, you get a longbow instead of a shortbow.

Other than that, you can have any number of fetishes, charms and history items you may find appropriate, if you want anything that’s covered here, you may have it if your backstory provides you with that item, but while you still have it, during normal army procedures, you are not allowed to use it, for now.

lol I love it. Screwing with my concept right from the get go! This shall be an interesting level one.

Shortspear, and non-proficient light shield. With those as the go to weapons think I'll have to transition into Rapier and buckler at some point once I'm higher up the ranks and have a bit more power over which weapon I can use.

For level one however, shortspear/shortsword and light shield totally work.

Huh, that will be interesting. I'm not proficient with the short sword, the shortbow, or any shields. So wooo for two handing a short spear! : )

I'll probably have a handful of backstory items.

- - - - -

As for stats:

Ok, I always have the hardest time with this whole 'assign whatever stats' thing, mostly because I always waffle between "Am I going too far?" and "Am I going to be effective?" and "Am I representing them properly?". And this is extra thrown off by a mis-perception of what the character should be.

It's kind of like, when you imagine how your character is going to be in a CRPG, it's always being awesome, with lots of HP and glorious weapons slaying dragons and demons. And then you start off with a wooden sword killing rats for coppers, and keeping a finger on the 'potion' button just in case you attract the attention of two rats.

Anyway, just ranting.

Str: 16 - A warrior is strong (unless you're a Moranth Swashbuckler : ) )
Dex: 16 - Her early life training focused heavily on speed and mobility.
Con: 12 - She spends lots of time training, but it is more on forms than endurance.
Int: 12 - She's bright, but has never had much focus on 'book learnin'
Wis: 14 - She was good intuition and common sense, and focuses a lot of her mental conditions on increasing her willpower and self-awareness.
Cha: 11 - She's pretty and has great poise, but her mannerisms and lack of social skills tend to confuse or turn people off.

- - - - -

Story wise, I can start at any time (you've received the three major parts of my backstory).

Crunch-wise, let me put some stuff together and I'll create a sheet.

The only crunch questions I have left are about the warrens. Do we get to choose one at first level? Does it depend on what kind of caster we are/were?

Also, would it be possible to get some sample 'spells' for each warren? For example, Denul is healing. Is that literally only healing, or can it also cause inflictions? Can it be used to enhance the body (a la healing it better than it was, something like Bear's Endurance or Bull's Strength)?

Is something like Break Enchantment covered under Mockra (because of mind) or Denul (because of healing)?

Is Speak With Animals Mockra (pulling and placing information in their mind) or Tennes (Nature stuff)?

Can Thyr (light) turn lights off, producing darkness? Can Rashan (shadow) 'remove shadow' and produce light? Can Meanas (shadow and illusion) generate illusions that do both/either?

Which warren, if any, handles divinations? Or is it things like: Telas users can use fire as a scrying beacon and can look for divinations from the flames, while the touched of Ruse require water instead?

I mean, I get that we aren't just using spells as they exist today, but I'm curious as to how the lines that divide the warrens are drawn, and just how fuzzy they are.

Oh, just thought of another one. How is the warren stuff going to interact with skills? Is spellcraft still a thing? Does it represent the same thing? Can it be used to identify 'spells'?

Do Knowledge (Arcana) and Knowledge (Religion) and Knowledge (Planes) still give you knowledge about magic (other than identifying individual spells)?

Aku going to start creating the crunch. Have the backstory started, but christmas has put a huge hamper on my time to really sit down and write it out.

In terms of Racial abilties, are we assuming no racial modifiers of any kind then?

Also, Aku I'm still planning on going Moranth. If you look at my class my personal armor starts equivalent to chain shirt. Will this be appropriate, as from everything you've said it seems unlikely that a Mornath would willingly trade their armor for standard military one.

@Question about Warrens.

Unless one of you is actually getting a class with magic, I would like to keep the magic as mysterious as possible.

Knowledge will be used mostly as the same, but planes are replaced by: Knowledge Warrens, which in the end is the same thing, just a different name.

Well, use the human as base, but if you think there’s another racial trait that you can use to flavor you character, swap it as you would do with an alternative racial trait. Just remember that the ‘Ability Score Racial Traits: cannot be changed.

Don't worry, you can keep the armor. Things like 'racial culture' are respected, so no one will force you out of your armor.

My class (normally) casts like an Inquisitor (divine, spontaneous caster, up to level 6 spells). That's why I asked.

Melasoul wrote:

The only crunch questions I have left are about the warrens. Do we get to choose one at first level? Does it depend on what kind of caster we are/were?

Also, would it be possible to get some sample 'spells' for each warren? For example, Denul is healing. Is that literally only healing, or can it also cause inflictions? Can it be used to enhance the body (a la healing it better than it was, something like Bear's Endurance or Bull's Strength)?

Is something like Break Enchantment covered under Mockra (because of mind) or Denul (because of healing)?

Is Speak With Animals Mockra (pulling and placing information in their mind) or Tennes (Nature stuff)?

Can Thyr (light) turn lights off, producing darkness? Can Rashan (shadow) 'remove shadow' and produce light? Can Meanas (shadow and illusion) generate illusions that do both/either?

Which warren, if any, handles divinations? Or is it things like: Telas users can use fire as a scrying beacon and can look for divinations from the flames, while the touched of Ruse require water instead?

I mean, I get that we aren't just using spells as they exist today, but I'm curious as to how the lines that divide the warrens are drawn, and just how fuzzy they are.

First: They are fuzzy; you are right at that point.

Anything you can explain within certain logic, you should be able to do, with a warren.
I mean, for someone that controls fire, it is possible to work with Ice, since Ice is mostly the absence of heat. The opposite is not true however, you cannot create heat, manipulating ice.

Yeah, it is strange, but what I like about it is that the caster do not really know what he can really do, it’s only limited by his imagination.

You choose your warren at the start of the game. Like I said, every warren as it’s common uses, such as using your raw magical power to end another effect, use it to make your body or mind stronger.
As basis, use the same spell level progression from the base class, and take a good look at the spells, see what a level one spell can do, and within that limit, you should be able to replicate any effect you desire.

As my backstory might have indicated, I was going to focus on Denul.

But when you presented your class templates before, you indicated that we might get access to multiple warrens. Is that still true? And if it is, am I correct in assuming it will not be at level 1?

And what about the spellcraft skill?

- - - - -

On a silly side note, why isn't fire simple the absence of cold? Or light the absence of dark?

This was something that Mage talked about a lot, that one of the ways to think of the elements was not in terms of one absolute element (cold is the absence of heat), but in a sliding scale (cold and fire are opposite ends of a single scale, and introduction or removal of either element pushes the scale one direction or the other).

Not that I'm trying to change your mind, just mentioning an interesting alternate view. : )

Well, I guess it's my fault for not explain in an easier way.

Manipulating fire, gives you the chance to create ice, but don’t give you control over it, as would a warren related to ice.
An example would be this:
You have a poll of water, you could freeze it removing or transferring the heat to another place, but using fire, it would not give you the ability to create a spear made of ice to hurl at your enemy and so on.

What I wanted to say is: Even tho using the opposite attribute may give you logical chance to create it, it does not offer control over that attribute.

What I want you guys to understand is the fact that having ties with a said warren, gives you control and power to manipulate/create that said element. And a clever usage may give you some different results, but not offer you control over things not related to your warren.

Now that you said it, I noticed that I never posted the classes templates here, even tho I spent a considerable time working on it. I’ll search at home later and post it here.
But you are right, it’s not at the first level, it’s about level 7 that you have access to a new warren.

Oh, I knew what you were saying. I just always like to point out that other side. : )

You posted some templates at one point here.

Ah, yeah, mostly that's what I was thinking, although the quantity of spells is somewhat different.

Yeah, I figure things have changed since then, I was just pointing that you had linked us to something that could be called templates.

Or were those not the same templates?

Yeah, I was thinking about those.

I know things changed a lot after that, but the warrens development stayed about the same thing.

The only 'huge' difference is that you'll have some Magic Points, that initially you’ll not be sure how much they are. But you can always use more than you have, at expense of your own health (the MP worth of the spell in non-lethal hit points damage.)

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