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Game Master Z...D...

The city of Daggermark is best known for its poisoners and assassins, who maintain active guilds that enjoy the full respect of local authorities. Local venture-captain Istivil Bosk prefers to keep his head down and stays out of their affairs, but he has recently learned that a Pathfinder agent has been targeted for assassination. Can the PCs enact the venture-captain's daring plot to save this agent without becoming the assassins' next victims?





40 minutes

Will begin August 13th.

This is a core game. Players will be first come, first serve.

Please post with character alias.

The Exchange

I would like to join.

Dark Archive

What’s the tier? I might be interested :)

It is a tier 1-5 scenario.

Grand Lodge

I would like to join
Dwarven cleric of Desna

Grand Lodge

Throwing my hat in.
Human Jonas Jonasson Human Fighter 1

Grand Lodge

I would certainly be interested :-)

Dark Archive

If there's still room, this elven conjurer would like to join as well.

Dark Archive

Thanks GM. In this case, I’m definitely interested :)

Recruitment closed...we have our 6. Please move over to discussion tab.

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