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| Dead Suns | Duskmire Accord 9 | Ship Roles |

X5 manages to get access to the data, but it's ridiculously encrypted. The android begins to try to decrypt it when the ship is wracked with a wave from the storm. What power left turns on a klaxon warning.

Indeed, the storm is nearly upon you, and there's no time to translate. Making a quick decision, X5 downloads the full data for work when it's not so ...dangerous.

You have just enough time to escape the Struggle’s Scholar. On your way out a defensive laser turret seems to have found some power, but you're long gone before it makes a shot. You power your own ship’s Drift engine before the etheric storm finally consumes the area. The last sight you have before entering drift space is the Struggle’s Scholar breaking apart as the storm overtakes it!

| Dead Suns | Duskmire Accord 9 | Ship Roles |

Once you return to Absalom Station, Zigvigix is extremely appreciative for the shred of hope that the retrieved data represents. The tale of the Struggle’s Scholar’s fate disturbs the Exo-Guardians faction leader. Zigvigix promises to deliver any personal belongings of the Struggle’s Scholar’s crew to the Idari for proper last-rite ceremonies. The Society maintained active files on each of the crew members. Zigvigix then tells you that they will send the damaged data to the Dataphiles in the hopes that their leader, Historia-7, might be able to parse the information and recover any word about the fate of Sangoro’s Bulwark.

Before you go, Zigvigix gives you some final words, "This is the first shred of truly good news that the Exo- Guardians have had in a long time! My many thanks for all you have done in securing this important data. Now, there is another important matter I wanted to bring up."

“Prior to the Scoured Stars incident, I was part of a group of loyal friends, like the team you’re all a part of. Right before that dark event, I bought some tickets for my friends and me to a major upcoming concert. It was going to be our big outing—a capstone to all our missions together. Now, all my friends are trapped or lost in the Scoured Stars, and who knows how long it will take before we find out what happened there. The concert is coming up in a few months, and I wanted to extend an invitation. No promises or anything; you might be on assignment, and field missions take priority. If you are free, though, I would be honored if you would join me at this concert. Think of it as a remembrance for my lost comrades and a celebration of a new generation’s camaraderie."

“Oh! I just realized that I should invite Historia-7 too! Okay, well, thanks again. I should get going!”


Congratulations Starfinders! You've not only completed your mission, but you've also done the Exo-Guardians a solid, earning extra reputation with them (even if it's not your slotted faction.) I'll have the chronicles up tonight. If anyone is interested, I'll be recruiting for the First Mandate soon!


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No ambush by the ghost? I shocked, sir, shocked.

Gideon gladly accepts Zigvigix's invitation, though he is not much one for concerts, chalking it up to extraordinarily good luck in reach and leaving the Struggle's Scholar just in time. He may even pay Historia-7 a visit to see what wonders might be unlocked on that hard drive...

Thanks, GM et alii!

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Obozaya is also up for the concert.

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