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Start date: Aug 25 2017

I will be running the entire 3 part series of The Heresy of Man. All three scenarios are for tier 5-9 and I am looking to run this in the high tier. This series is from Season 2 so I will be limiting the game to 5 players max, and one of the slots is already filled. The goal is for the first two scenarios to be run as part of Gameday VI.

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Game Expectations

1. Posting Frequency: My games tend to run a little quicker than average. Before signing up, consider how much time you can devote to the game. I prefer players who can post at least once per day on average, and once on the weekends. I understand that everyone occasionally has a busy day and just can't find the time to post. I try to avoid this but even as the GM I sometimes miss a day. But not posting for several days is not acceptable. It slows the game down and makes it less interesting because your character will be left behind in the action. And if you disappear during combat and hold things up for a day, I will skip you and move on.

2. Posting Quality: Take advantage of the medium and write some description. Tell us what your PC is doing or what they look like; put up some dialog and start a conversation with your fellow PCs. It makes the game immensely more engaging, immersive, and entertaining. I will admit, it can sometimes be hard to spice up combat posts. Bottom line: be willing to make an effort role-playing in my game. If you aren't up to that challenge, please consider playing a different game. If you aren't much of a writer or are new to PbP, don't be intimidated. I/We will help you improve! But if you sign up for my game and make too many posts with just dice or just ooc text, I will give you a warning and if your quality doesn't improve I reserve the right to ask you to leave the game.

3. I also try to be pretty open as to what is allowed and options that are a little outside the box, I really enjoy seeing what creative players come up with. If I ask for a roll, and you feel that you have another option that may work better, there is no harm in asking. The best way, and by that I mean the fastest way to do so and keep things moving is to first off, make the roll I asked for, (because sometimes the answer will be no, but that's generally because the Scenario specifically says so and I can't control that), and then to both ask if you can do something else instead, and then also make the appropriate rolls for that alternative option as well.

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I would love to join in on this. Have all sorts of chars in the 5-9 range... Though only one I suppose fully in the higher tier, so Milo for now!

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Very interested, multiple characters. I've got plenty of PBP experience and am a reliable poster.

What's the level of the player who is already in?

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dien wrote:

Very interested, multiple characters. I've got plenty of PBP experience and am a reliable poster.

What's the level of the player who is already in?

He hasn't told me yet which character he's playing, but it will be 8 or 9, and probably divine based.

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Hello, and thanks for the Game Invite. It looks like my Warpriest is off-limits right now, but I should have a few options to bring.

dien wrote:
What's the level of the player who is already in?

I have THIS one that is a level 8 Cleric, but is also sort of outdated.

I also have THIS level 8 Inquisitor.

Finally, I have THIS Level 9 Cleric/Monk, but need to update his online sheet. Has been updated now.

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Lurgh will be level 9 when I apply the GM chronicle from Cosmic Captive. I will update him when I get the chance.

I can play all 3 parts.

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Glen Fiddich, half-elf Inquisitor of Cayden Cailean, is definitely interested in all three parts of Heresy of Man. He's 7.2 now, likely level 8 by the time we start.

Posting once or more a day, including weekends is not a problem. I prefer a fast-paced game.

Posting quality and content examples:
Gitano Frallino, 'the Luckiest Man Alive'
Mishka Krieger aka the Foreigner (Vigilante)
Akash, Sky Druid of Gozreh

The red-haired, green-eyed half elf Glen Fiddich is a hard-drinking inquisitor of Cayden Cailean, wholly dedicated to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Glen was the seventh son of an Andoren serving wench at the Grog Pit, Absalom's most notorious tavern and flophouse. Glen never met his sea-faring elven father, or for that matter, the fathers of any of his siblings. Glen and his brothers and sisters joined their mother at the Grog Pit as soon as they could walk and carry a bucket and a rag. At twelve, Glen was promoted to head dishwasher and part-time night bartender.

After clouting an unruly slaver one evening, Glen caught the eye of a Grey Corsair, who recruited the young half elf to spot slavers and pass along intelligence to the Eagle Knights of Andoran.

At twenty-one, his mother celebrated his birthday with him at Cayden's Hall in the Ascendant Court. She presented him with his father's elven curve blade and gave him her blessing. The next day, Glen Fiddich joined the Pathfinder Society.

Glen “formally” entered the ranks of Cayden Caylean’s clergy after defeating the Aspis Cortium at the Vudrani Icebound Outpost in the Hao Jin Tapestry. Back in Absalom, he celebrated with his friends at the Grog Pit. On his way home, he staggered to Cayden’s Hall and stumbled into an initiation ceremony. The exact details of the ritual remain a little fuzzy. (He might have passed out.)

Glen supports the Church by providing healing to Cayden’s followers and charging a modest fee to those who don’t revere the Drunken God. Glen’s calling card is miniature placard of wisdom with the Accidental God’s immortal words: “Be not as think as you drunk you are. Live free or die (or run away, or whatever seems best at the moment).”

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I'm thinking I will probably go with this character to avoid too much double dipping.

My Inquisitor (as far as powers go) is fairly similar to Glen's, while my Monk seems similar to Lurgh superficially, I think offers enough differences to count.

And I figure that Milo just might understand the flame

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Milo may understand fire...
But few folks understand him!

(he tends to talk in very heavy slang ... (or at least my version of it!))
Makes writing posts a whole 'process' =)

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That's ok, I try to play this character as a sort of mystic, who very well might be insane.

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Leaning towards either a barbarian or a monk/paladin just now, from what I'm hearing. Realized that most of my in-tier characters are on the lower side of the 5-9 range, but I'll probably be able to get the barbarian to 7 or the monkadin to 8 before gameday starts.

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I was going to leave the recruitment open for another day, but I'll just call it now. Opening up the discussion thread so you can post your details and gameplay for dotting.

1. Prophet, Cleric 7/Monk 2
2. Milo, Wizard 8/Sorcerer 1
3. Lurgh, Monk 1/Sorcer 4/DD 4
4. Glen, Inquisitor 8
5. dien, Barbarian 7 or Monkadin 8

Are all of you with characters at 9, fresh 9s? Otherwise you would level out of the scenario.

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GM Turmoil wrote:
Are all of you with characters at 9, fresh 9s? Otherwise you would level out of the scenario.

Yes, this character, should they survive, would hit level 10 at the conclusion. For whatever reason, I was thinking that this series was a 7-11 tier range, so I had to go back and check.

Also, something I should point out is that I have both the Deflect Arrows and Snatch Arrows Feats.

Deflect Arrows:

You can knock arrows and other projectiles off course, preventing them from hitting you.
Benefit: You must have at least one hand free (holding nothing) to use this feat. Once per round when you would normally be hit with an attack from a ranged weapon, you may deflect it so that you take no damage from it. You must be aware of the attack and not flat-footed. Attempting to deflect a ranged attack doesn't count as an action. Unusually massive ranged weapons (such as boulders or ballista bolts) and ranged attacks generated by natural attacks or spell effects can't be deflected.

Snatch Arrows:

Instead of knocking an arrow or ranged attack aside, you can catch it in mid-flight.
Benefit: When using the Deflect Arrows feat you may choose to catch the weapon instead of just deflecting it. Thrown weapons can immediately be thrown back as an attack against the original attacker (even though it isn't your turn) or kept for later use.
You must have at least one hand free (holding nothing) to use this feat.

I've encountered a bit of table variation on these, and just wanted to mention it up front.
A few of the table variations I've encountered:

* the idea of being able to deflect/catch/throw back things that are not specifically arrows, (rocks, alchemists fires, javelins, alchemist bombs, etc. . . Unusually massive ranged weapons (such as boulders or ballista bolts) and ranged attacks generated by natural attacks or spell effects can't be deflected. It states a few things that can not be, but is not terribly clear on what should be covered other than a "ranged weapon".

* the idea of what exactly may be thrown back via Snatch Arrows. It specifies "Thrown Weapons", but does that mean weapons that where thrown by the attacker, weapons that could potentially be thrown, (ie anything because under Thrown Weapons they can be an improvised weapon), and there is an unanswered question about if Alchemist's Bombs are or are not magical, but they are thrown weapons. There is an additional uncertainty about exactly what happens when (if) that Bomb is thrown back, or similarly if I caught say a flaming arrow where the magical abilities came from the bow that fired it and not the arrow itself). I've always ruled that it still counts as the original attack, so the arrow would continue to be magical and flaming, and the bomb might still explode, if returned immediately, but different DMs have different ideas and it could go either way)

* A little bit of variation on what exactly constitutes being aware of the attack. Are you aware of an attack from an invisible creature that breaks invisibility just prior to making the attack. Not too worried about this one, just bringing it up.

Actually I'm not too worried about any of them, just bringing them up.

I can honestly only think of one scenario that I've even used these Feats, and it's most effective use was blocking mostly harmless trash that was being thrown at the party while we tried to decipher ancient writings. I did, one time catch and throw back an arrow criting on the improvised weapon roll for an amazing 2d4+0 damage.

Additional things worth noting:
I do have a Goz Mask, which allows me to see through smoke/fog/etc. . . as if it where not there, possibly meaning Obscuring Mist might be a life saver.

I can prepare Domain Spells in normal Spell Slots, mainly Burning Hands and Fireball in my case. All of my Burning Hands spells are automatically Intensified, (dealing 9d4 damage rather than the normal 5d4 cap). Additionally, 3/day via my rod, I can swap out damage to be Acid.

I can Flurry with a Scimitar, and switch between Scimitar and Unarmed Strikes freely.

The character is largely a defensive character, not too terribly effective at dealing large amounts of damage, but tends to not be affected or ignore a lot of things.

Currently, as I have not seen a ruling change, I still have the clear spindle ioun stone slotted in the Wayfinder, granting protection from mental influence from evil spells. If they do change it to the Adventure's Guide version, I'll sell it as that doesn't absolutely nothing for me and is extremely over priced.

Something I should also really point out to the party, I have fairly limited Spontaneous Cure Spells access, (I can't swap any Domain Spells for Cure Spells), and I do have a varied Channeling ability and low Cha, so I can only Channel Energy 3/day for effectively 2d6+1. Please keep that in mind, I'm only slightly better than a Wand of CLW in many cases as a "party healer". I have a few scrolls of things, but they will not go too far.

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I'd like to sign up as first alternate.

I love an active game, and constantly monitor for posts (don't tell my boss...). Check out Lathlo's Character History if you'd like an idea of the flavor I try and bring to a game. (or Aer'o's for that matter)

I can bring
Lathlo the Flatulent: lvl 9.0 (Whirling Dervish 5, Thug (Rogue) 3, Bloodrager 1) He fancies himself Sarenrae's Privateer.

Aer'o: level 8.2 (Zen Archer 7, Sorcerer 1)
Aer'o, aka Peapod Longshanks

Parrydock Randybuck the hardhitting halfling (Swashbuckler 1/Unchained Rogue 4/Slayer 2/Bloodrager 1)

None of the profiles are currently set up for PbP, but that can be quickly remedied...

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Lurgh is updated for level 9, he would be level 9 for all 3 parts.

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