GM Parrot's The Ferry and the Depths: Rappan Athuk

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Google Drive for maps, loot, etc.

Adelie 50/50
Anzath 48/48
Aurora 50/50
Bedlam 57/57 (1 negative level)
Lolly 60/60
Talathel 40/40
Tragershen 30/30

Date: Augusta 29

Hello PbP boards!

I'm leading a few brave souls into the depths of Rappan Athuk, the Dungeon of Graves. We have a couple players who have fallen away lately, and the party is currently being propped up by some NPCs.

I'm hunting for (erm, I mean, looking for) one or two players to join us.

As you might already know, Rappan Athuk is a legendarily difficult dungeon by Frog God Games. It is full of all sorts of nastiness. Prospective players need to be ready to have fun with failure and death.

Dungeon crawls can be intimidating, but consider that I'm running it with an emphasis on storytelling. Expect open-ended encounters with interactive NPCs. I have a sub-focus on building a lively town at Zelkor's Ferry, the home base of the players. There will be lots of homebrew plotlines supplementing the big book, to boot.

Posting frequency is important--we've got a few players doing a fine job of posting nearly every day, and I'd like my new recruits to match them.

Characters are currently level 2, and are about to head underground for the first time. We did a 20 point buy, and I'm limiting materials to Paizo stuff. If you have an unusual idea, I'll listen. Two traits, the normal races, 1000 GP. Run any strange ideas by me before spending a ton of time on 'em, but I might say yes if the idea is fun and cool.

If any of you want a character prompt, I'd happily provide a list of NPCs you could take over, local situations your character might be involved with, current party goals, etc. Just let me know.

Come on down, have a horrifying time with us!

What are the players still left in the game, just to have an idea of what they and what they might need?

Wizard, Cleric, Rogue, Ranger is currently on vacation, hopefully Oracle. Thanks for stopping by!

I'll lend my axe if need be.(did not get picked for another game)..after I raise a level and spend more gp. Or you could send me a npc and I could take over that one.

What is the list of NPCs and current events?

I have notions for a elven lore warden/martial master fighter if none of those fit.

Hey, Buckshot

hmmm, Rappan Athuk, sounds like you can use a frontliner or two. I have played in a game where we got to the second level of RA itself. Will that keep me from the selection?

It looks like your ranger is a sword and board err Axe and shield two-weapon fighter, the thief is two weapon, the Shanti carries a big hammer, the cleric is spell focused so the closest thing you have to ranged is the wizard with two crossbows....hhhmmmm.

Maybe a switch hitting slayer or barbarian. Of course a paladin always comes in handy.

Are you ok with 'Arternative race traits'? I'm thinking elf or half-elf with the Darkvsion race trait, may come in handy.

Also, how much back story are you looking for?

I have a character that I made for this crawl. We didn't get far, and he would love to rejoin the fun.

This would be Dorian's submission. I shall endeavor to make the necessary adjustments.

Thank you for running.

Thank you, everyone, for your interest!

My recruitment thread has already drawn in one potential player who had checked in with us during the original recruitment, so I'll give one spot to him.

That leaves one more open spot, for now. Let's make it a race.

The first person who can...

A. agree to post nigh every day and...

B. post a level two character ready to jump into the fray...

...gets the spot!

If runners-up want, I can put them on a list of people to contact if spaces open up in the future.

I know that gives Grulyn Ironfoot a one level head start, but Rappan Athuk isn't fair.

@Decimus: the party is at the mouth of an outlying region of the dungeon. Currently their camp is being attacked by wolves. Mercenary NPCs and a merchant from town are currently taking the brunt of the attack. I ran a wacky multiclassed old-style Lore Warden in a tabletop Rappan Athuk session, she's one of my favorite characters of all time, so I am into the idea.

@Robert Henry: Ha. Haha. The second level? Nah, you're not disqualified! Hells, we could even let your character have been there before. Those character ideas sound useful, and there are enough drow down in the dungeon that a half-drow half-elf with darkvision who was raised by his human parent on the surface might just be trying to find his dark parent or something like that. Backstory is great, but you don't need to write a novel or anything. You can develop your character as you go, too.

Possible NPCs to take over:

A wandering adventurer (wildcard! We can make almost any idea fit.)
One of the merchant's mercenaries
The merchant Elma Bourse (investigator, maybe? Abadar-affiliated something?)
One of the townsfolk (a guard? An artisan?)
A miner from the mountains
A sailor from the sea (lawful or pirate)
A bandit or outlaw
Our party is affiliated with Nethys, so someone interested in magic n'stuff?

Bedlam Bottomland reporting for duty!

Let's be 'ploring me surface dwellers! Allow Bedlam the Dungeon Expert be her guide to the darkness!

After reviewing the current characters in the group, Bedlam would be both honored and confident in being selected.


With an incredible 30 minute sprint from the announcement of the race to a fully-ready character, Bedlam Bottomland breaks the ribbon and takes the prize!

To the rest of you: thanks again for stopping by, drop a note if you'd like me to keep you in mind for future entries.

To Mr. Bottomland: please proceed to the game thread.

Grulyn: You're first in line for the next open spot, if you want it.

We dwarfs be fine sprinters ye know!

Thank you!

That was quick! I'll keep an eye on the recruitment threads.

Decimus, you're on my list now, too.

Yes, please keep me in mind.
Good job Bedlam, "Ye make er clan proud, boy!"

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