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Game Master Jason Lillis

Cursed and haunted, Ustalav rests upon the bones of the foul empire of the legendary lich-archmage known as the Whispering Tyrant. In the centuries since the undead conqueror’s defeat, the land has been resettled, but superstition and horror still lurk in the country’s shadows.

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Dear friend, 
I hope this letter reaches you well and whole. I write to inform you of the sudden and untimely passing of my dear father, your friend and colleague, Professor Petros Lorrimor. The honor of your presence is requested at his funeral, and required - per my father's instructions - for the reading of his last will and testament.
I pray that you might make all haste to Ravengro.
Kendra Lorrimor


Welcome! I invite those so interested to post character ideas for the Carrion Crown Adventure Path. I have two players already, along the lines of a Paladin and a Rogue, and invite applications for two more. If you already have a PC ready for this AP who would fit the role of Healer or Caster, please post them here. You can get the crunch figured out as we get ready to start, but mostly, answer the Fluff questions here:
- What is your PCs primary motivation - their guiding principle for life?
- Does your PC have a "day job" when they aren't adventuring, or another way of earning income?
- How did your PC meet Petros Lorrimor?
- What does your PC look like? (Height, weight, condition of clothing, skin color, hair arrangement, etc.)

Crunch we'll use:
- Abilities: 20 Point Buy
- Alignment: Any
- Races: Any Paizo-published (though those who are clearly non-humans face a fair amount of prejudice - if not outright hostility - in Ustalav)
- Classes: Any Paizo-published. Two spots are already filled: one is an Aasimar Paladin, and the other is a Tiefling Rogue.
- 2 Traits, one from the Campaign Guide
- Starting GP: Average for class

Assumptions we can collectively have:
- You have read the Player's Guide for Carrion Crown
- You role-play your character as though they have not read the AP (whether or not you have)
- Posting Frequency Requested: 6-8 / week
- As this is a pre-written campaign, I will pre-write many posts for ease of keeping up. That said, I will tailor the campaign as necessary for the motivations that guide your PC. This may cause small edits to the content of the campaign.

Let me know if you have questions!

I think I can keep up with the pace of this, and I've been wanting to get back into this particular AP. Are the playtest classes allowed? Just so I know. :)

dotting, I dot just about every AP path now.
Heads up, one motivation that most of my characters have in common is to find love. So if no female pcs show up, he will move onto female npcs. And I don't care what gender the player is or even if the pc is controlled by multiple people instead of one person, or even who the npcs are controlled by whether it be one player gm or even multi gms sharing the same account, I'm seeing the character when I play not the player.
He will have other motivations as well though.

In case you are wondering I'm one person controlling my characters. But I do accept the possibility that some people controll the same pc. Like siblings sharing the same character or couples or friends, etc.

Archetypes allowed?

Any by non-human you mean any non-human, or can some races be close enough like dwarf, elf, half-elf, asamir or look simlar to human?

I have a human witch lined up; my regular group was going to play CC a while back but stuff happened. I have both fluff and crunch; just need to tweak it. Planning on taking a spider familiar, reskinned as a camel spider. Because nothing says fear quite like one of those crawling on your face.

@ShadowyFox: Hmm, good question. Let me think on this. I feel like they are more geared towards 2-3 player games. Which one were you thinking?

@DoubleGold: 1) Noted.
2) Understood.
3) Archetypes = Permitted if Paizo-published.
4) Correct, pretty much any non-human faces some kind of prejudice in Ustalav, by my reckoning. This is more of a fair notice than saying it's not permitted. Check out the Player's Guide for more on this.

@Chazz - OH DEAR GOD! Seriously, heading to sleep soon, might have a nightmare.
Otherwise, witch sounds good. What kind of patron / hex combo?

Here is a write-up of a character who wasn't accepted for another CC game. Spugnoir, Orc alchemist vissectionist.


Full Name : Spugnoir

Race: 1/2 orc

Classes/Levels Alchemist 1(Vissectionist) (HP favored)

Gender M

Size M

Age : 25

Special Abilities :

Alignment: NG


Location :Ustaluv

Languages :Common,Orc,Abyssal,Draconic,Giant

Occupation : ALchemist/Healer

Strength 17 (+3)
Dexterity 14 (+2)
Constitution 15 (+2)
Intelligence 16 (+3)
Wisdom 13 (+1)
Charisma 13 (+1)
Height: 6'4" Weight: Hair: Black Eyes: Grey
Favored Class: Alchemist
Hit Points: 11
Spd: 30
Init: +2
AC: 14 ( 2 armor shield)/Touch 12/FF 12)
BAB: +0
Saves: Fort +4 Ref +4 Will +1 (+3 vs. fear)

Morning Star +3 1d8+3
Light Crossbow +2 1d8

Skills:Craft-Alchemcy (1+3+3+1)8,Perception (1+1+3)5,Heal (1+1+3)5,Stealth(1+2)3,Disable Device(1+2+3)6,Use Magic Device (1+1+3+1)6,Climb (1+3)4

Feats: Brew Potion(Class),Throw Anything(+1 to hit with thrown splash weapons),
Traits: Making good on promises(+2 vs. fear),Anatomist(+1 confirm critical hits),Dangerouslu Curious(+1 Use Magic Device)
Special Abilities: Dark Vision 60 Ft,+2 Intimidation,Orc Ferocity,Proficient with greataxes and falchions,Sneak attack +1d6,Mutagen (+2 Nat AC, +4 one stat, -2 to relevant stat)
Extracts per day: 2/
Extracts Known: Cure Light Wounds,Shield,Enlarge Person,True Strike,Ant Haul
Leather armor (10)
Morning Star (8)
Light Crossbow (35)
20 Bolts (2)
Alchemist Kit (40)
Alchemy Crafting Kit
Belt pouch
Iron Pot
Mess Kit
Torches (10)
Trail Rations (5)
53 gp

Background: Spugnoir was left on the doorstep of an orphanage in Ustalav as many children have been when they are unwanted by their parents. Taken in, he was fed and clothed
but not given any real love and so became a sullen child, and thus was passed over by prospective parents and seemed destined to end up on the streets when he came of
However, he was esentially bought by an unethical professor who wanted a lab assistant and brought to the university and treated little more than a well trained slave. Spugnoir
cleaned and assisted, working long hours for a bed and food and basic training on how to help in a lab. This continued until Professer Lorrimor exposed the other
professor's necromatic experiments and had him arrested. Lorrimor took an interest in Spugnoir and arranged for him to become an actual student at the
university so he could get a proper education.

Description: Spugnoir is a rather neatly-dressed man, he takes effort in maintaining his apperance and keeps his black hair short and his clothing(the non workroom variety)
neat. His work attire is stained with alchemetical substances but is well maintained and his equipment is spotless as much as it can be.

RP: The professer gave me a gift, life. I had very little to be thankful for and my time under that professer's thumb wa shardly better than I had at the
orphanage, at least I could go out and play there. I will strive to learn as much as I can within the boundries of decency and help those who were as unfortunate as I

Patron - I'm not sure of at the moment. Unfortunately they're kinda meaningless beyond the spells they provide; there's no actual fluff counterpart to them. Back during playtest it defined the witches familiar, now it's just a name with 1 free spell per level.

Hexes - I plan to spend a feat or two or ten on the Extra Hex feat. I'll probably take cauldron (and thus have alchemy be my "day job"), evil eye, slumber, cackle... the typical list of goodies. I don't know much about the AP past that it's "horror movie themed" so I have to be prepared to work around undead. Some hexes are fine, others won't work. Same with spells. I see the witch as a support debuffer, with (hopefully) lots of tricks to figure out difficult combats/situations. With a paladin in the group I'm not so worried about damage dealing.

Also planning on taking improved familiar (a must for a witch in my opinion). I'll be planning my alignment off of that, since most require a one or two step alignment difference. I noticed "any" listed under the alignment guidelines, but with a paladin I'll play nice. There's a pretty decent one for good characters - the Lyrakien. Not as good as an imp being all invisible UMDing wands all over the place, but close lol.

Also being chaotic helps me with the background, of recent the witch has had to move from town to town as a snake oil salesman, selling "vitality potions" (nothing more than the Pathfinder equivalent of an energy drink).

I'm honestly thinking some sort of faithful of Pharasma. :) So like a warpriest, or an inquisitor, or cleric.

The Exchange

A half-orc enters the thread, looking around. She puts her hands on her hips, demanding response. Her mighty tusks flare with every nostril's intake.

"Who sent me this dang note? And what happened to the Professor!?" Baer says, with a clenched wad of paper in her mighty hands.

"Someone, answer me! I didn't come all this way to be ignored!"

Baer's long brown hair curls around her shoulders. She carries a quarterstaff that thumps on the ground of this recruitment thread. Her eyes look left and right, seeking an answer.

* * *

Allow me to introduce you to Baer Mytr, former student and friend to the Professor. She, a magus, has been removed from Ustalav for a while, having fled to the outskirts after several years of schooling with the Professor.

She currently makes her way as a shepherd (hard to incur her sizable anger when she is alone...with livestock), but has a variety of training in other areas: arcana, history, the planes.

Baer is young, sometimes reckless, but her energy and rambunctious behavior was well-focused by the Professor...which is why she loved him so. He saw the potential and good in her and that made her believe in herself. She knows this and will always be in debt to the Professor. She seeks a path toward further education and enlightenment.

Baer stands 5'9" tall, weighs 180lbs, but carries herself like someone who has something to prove.

Draft Build:

Baer Mytr
Half-Orc Magus (Staff Magus) 1
NG Medium humanoid (human, orc)
Init +1; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +2
AC 14, touch 11, flat-footed 13 (+3 armor, +1 Dex)
hp 14 (1d8+6)
Fort +4, Ref +1, Will +2
Speed 30 ft.
Melee dagger +3 (1d4+3/19-20) and
. . quarterstaff -1 (1d6+3/1d6+1)
Ranged javelin +1 (1d6+3)
Magus (Staff Magus) Spells Prepared (CL 1st; concentration +4):
1st—grease (DC 14), shield
0 (at will)—dancing lights, detect magic, read magic
Str 16, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 8
Base Atk +0; CMB +3; CMD 14
Feats Quarterstaff Master, Toughness
Traits reckless, teacher's pet
Skills Acrobatics +2, Climb +3, Knowledge (arcana) +7, Knowledge (planes) +7, Knowledge (religion) +9, Perception +2, Profession (shepherd) +4, Spellcraft +7; Racial Modifiers +1 Acrobatics, +1 Climb, +2 Perception
Languages Abyssal, Common, Draconic, Giant, Orc
SQ arcane pool, orc blood, weapon familiarity, spell combat
Other Gear studded leather, dagger, javelin (2), quarterstaff, 113 gp
Special Abilities
Arcane Pool (+1) (4/day) (Su) Infuse own power into a held weapon, granting enhancement bonus or selected item powers.
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Orc Blood Half-orcs count as both humans and orcs for any effect related to race.
Quarterstaff Master Use a quarterstaff one-handed
Spell Combat (Ex) Use a weapon with one hand at -2 and cast a spell with the other.
Teacher's Pet (Knowledge [religion]) Professor Lorrimor traveled the Inner Sea region lecturing and teaching at universities in locations as far-flung as Manaket and Magnimar, and as different in scope as the bardic colleges of Taldor and the battle colleges of the River Kingdoms.

* * *

About me, Painlord:

Uh...hi! I'm Painlord. I'm an avid PbPer and roleplayer. As you can see from my aliases, I've been in more than a few successful PbPs and I know how to roleplay. My focus is on having fun and putting together a great, collaborative story.

If you have any questions about me or Baer, please let me know.

Here is my character Ulam, designed for Carrion Crown. I've submitted him to two CC campaigns now and will continue to submit him as they come up on the boards. He's a character I'm really interested in playing. (he may need to be tweaked for your creation parameters)

If you are strictly looking for primary casters and/or healers, then Ulam won't do. But if you're looking for a fifth party member or decide to open up to other classes for whatever reason, please take a loot.

If not, perhaps I'll draw up something else before your deadline. Thanks so much for a running this awesome AP.

I submit Castor. He was made for another CC, but did not get picked.

I submit Gormund Blackstone, Dwarven Witch and subject of study for Lorrimor. I'm on the East Coast and often post every day, if not more when the occasion arises.

Doublegold again, submitting this guy.
I plan on being a very unique druid. Expect this guy to take armor proficiency heavy armor or multiclass and wear stone plate, the best druids can wear, though it would make me slow.
But I'll remember to heal, and use his animal form for good stealth.

A link to my character, she's ready to go.

Svetlana Kalashnikov

Andras was created for a previous Carrion Crown game. An elven wizard who aims to help the ravaged land of Ustalav.

The posting frequency works great for me, let me know if you have any questions/concerns?

This character should fulfill all your qualifications. I came up with the character concept when CC first came out, but while I have submitted her several times, she either doesn't get picked, or the Campaign dies. Hopefully you find the background & concept entertaining enough to give her a spot.

Heads up, not sure if the DM already looked at our characters or not, but I did update him to 20 buy points, he was 15 buy points before. He was not accepted in another crown, so I transferred him. Anyway, he is fixed now.

Also, Mr. DM, please do not click on the spoiler in my profile that says...this alt alias only applies to Game Master Scotty's campaign. What is not shown in the spoiler is my character for this.

I'd like to submit a new version of Sirsi, No background in the profile as yet, but she's a Human Oracle of Lore

- What is your PCs primary motivation - their guiding principle for life?
Explore and Learn, though she won't stand by when folk are in trouble. She fancies herself a wandering scholar, though she's perhaps not as smart as she thinks she is.

- Does your PC have a "day job" when they aren't adventuring, or another way of earning income?
She travels and does odd-jobs. She'll courier messages between towns and villages, cure for pay, take a look at magic knick knacks that people want examining.

- How did your PC meet Petros Lorrimor?
She met him once, when she was younger, and he gave her the inspiration to learn about... stuff. She's written letters a couple of times since, but she moves around a lot, so they're fairly rare. She does however see him as a far better father figure than her own absent father.

- What does your PC look like? (Height, weight, condition of clothing, skin color, hair arrangement, etc.)
Sirsi is short (5'3", and waif-like, wears clothing obviously worn and second hand, but makes it look good. Her skin is slightly dusky and she usually wears her hair under a scarf. Some might call her pretty, but in a tavern or servant girl kind of way, rather than an immaculate noble way.

Thanks, folks. I'll compile a list of who has already applied in the morning, so that we can get a sense.

As a reminder, I already have one paladin and one rogue.

What religion is the paladin, GM?

Still an opening for an inquisitor of Iomedae? I've had him built for ages and I don't think I've ever submitted him anywhere. This campaign seems appropriate.

Motivations: Primarily religious, as a follower of Iomedae. Secondarily, revenge against the undead. Tertiarily, the general order and welfare of the country.

Day Job: Though he used to be a shopkeep, it has been some years. I can add that in as a day job skill if so desired.

For your consideration, Cassandra Blackmoore, Changeling Oracle of Life.
Background and stats are in her profile.

@ShadowyFox - Deity still to be determined.

Potential Arcane Casters
Spugnoir, 1/2 Orc Alchemist (Vivisectionist)
Baer Mytr, Half-Orc Magus (Staff Magus)
Gormund Blackstone, Dwarven Witch
Castor Drey, Human (Varisian) Wizard (Diviner)
Svetlana Kalashnikov, Human Witch
Andras Telor, Elven Wizard (Diviner)

Potential Healers
Glade Wolf, Human Druid
Sirsi O'Bannon, Human Oracle of Life
Cassandra Blackmoore, Changeling Oracle of Life
Treggor Mynth, Human Inquisitor (Iomedae)

Potential 5th PCs
Ysmerelda, Dawn's Rose, Changeling Paladin
Ulam Bone-Cracker , Orc Ranger(Infiltrator)

I've updated my profile. Everything should be in order now.
Worth noting, I've never played this campaign. The player's guide (and the name itself) influenced my decisions.

"Greetings!" A modest man of oriental descent makes a fist, clasps a hand over it, and bows. "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Hung Hei Kwoon, bringer of civilized behavior in uncivilized land. I pledge my services." Hung Hei Kwoon bows again.

"I have traveled from a far away land, and now I wish to pay my respects to professor Lorrimore. The kingdom of Ustalav will miss him, and I believe this area will need a guiding light of truth and honor with his passing."

May I propose Hung Hei Kwoon, a formerly freed slave and now monk evangelist. His detailed background, character sheet, personality and goals are all in his profile. I've been wanting to play Carrion Crown. My table-top group was going to play this campaign last year, but the GM moved just prior to getting started so I've been eager to play this goth-horror oriented campaign.

Just out of curiosity, how long were you planning on keeping recruitment open for this campaign?

Andras Telor wrote:
Just out of curiosity, how long were you planning on keeping recruitment open for this campaign?

Good question: I would like to close recruitment at the end of the day on Wednesday, which will give us a few days to get set up, then start playing early next week.

Made some fixes to his looks in his profile, but really his avatar is almost exactly how he does look. He has no scars or any of that. And at the end of my background I added a vague tie-in to How did your PC meet Petros Lorrimor. Mostly his adopted Faun parents know him, so Glade only vaguely knows Petros, as he doesn't know him on a personal level, but he knows him.

Hello! This is the beauty of the east here! THrowing her hat into the lot of casters. She hopes she is well liked!

(crunch not fully done, and fluff may need to be fine tuned but its mostly there, admixture wizard of evocation.) Let me know what you think and if anything feels.. left out.

also, I haven't changed it yet, but I can add that she met the prof. when he visited her teacher.

I think her guiding life principle is pretty self explanatory- garner enough power to make a difference where she sees fit, and one day be completely accepted.

She is 5'11", slender and lean, moonlight colored hair and skin, fiery red eyes (when she has the veil off), spunky.

she doesn't have a day job, usually looking for a meal from either money she kept from work, (be it adventuring or the odd spell casting) or from some man looking to get lucky.

oops, sorry, she has fairly normal skin, quite attractive actually, but her face has markings all over it down to the top of her neck that are silvery.

Hello everyone. I'll be playing the Paladin character that GM Cyrioul spoke of.

A Paladin of Eristil, details in the alias.

For your consideration: Ulvidanu "Vido" Laskev.

Ulvidanu's family, depending on the fortunes of the particular century, straddled the line between the lesser nobility and the higher gentry. The second son of the current patriarch, Ulvidanu left the family's comfortable estate in the Palatinates for the University at Liepstadt. He quickly found an aptitude for the arcane arts, as well as a passion for his land's dark history.

It was during his research into the early histories of the Palantine Eye that Ulvidanu and the Professor first came to each other's notice. Ulvidanu had completed the basics of his education and apprenticeship, and had settled into the sedentary, sheltered life of the academic, exchanging occasional letters with the Professor: He, warning the professor not to grow so wild as to be hunted when he came to town, the Professor's, warning him not to sit so still his waitcoats would burst...

Lorimor's missives,however, frequently contained more serious advice and warnings. After being badgered for over a year, Ulvidanu had finally added the cantrip "Disrupt Undead" to his daily regimen, and, mere days later, was instrumental in helping to put down a mass rising at a charnel house near the university. That was two years ago. Lorimor became a hero, an inspiration to the younger wizard. Based on his expereinces, he chose then an there to focus his arcane attentions on evocation and to prepare to go out into the nighted hearths of Ustalav...

Then came word of the Professor's death.

Crunchy Bits:

Ulvidanu "Vido" Laskev
Human (Varisian) Wizard 1
NG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +1; Senses Perception +1
AC 11, touch 11, flat-footed 10 (+1 Dex)
hp 7 (1d6+1)
Fort +1, Ref +1, Will +3
Speed 30 ft.
Melee club +0 (1d6/×2) and
dagger +0 (1d4/19-20/×2)
Wizard Spells Prepared (CL 1st; concentration +7):
Str 10, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 18, Wis 13, Cha 13
Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD 11
Feats Combat Casting, Eschew Materials, Scribe Scroll
Traits focused mind, inspired by greatness, magic is life
Skills Diplomacy +2, Knowledge (arcana) +8, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +8, Knowledge (history) +8, Knowledge (nobility) +8, Knowledge (religion) +8, Linguistics +8, Spellcraft +8
Languages Azlanti, Common, Draconic, Hallit, Necril, Osiriani, Ancient, Varisian
SQ arcane bonds (object [ring] [1/day]), force missile, intense spells, opposition schools (conjuration, enchantment), specialized schools (evocation)
Other Gear Club, Dagger, Ring, Courtier's outfit, Explorer's outfit, 28 GP
Special Abilities
Arcane Bond (Ring) (1/day) (Sp) Use object to cast any spell in your spellbook 1/day. Without it, Concentration required to cast spells (DC20 + spell level).
Combat Casting +4 to Concentration checks to cast while on the defensive.
Conjuration You must spend 2 slots to cast spells from the Conjuration school.
Enchantment You must spend 2 slots to cast spells from the Enchantment school.
Eschew Materials Cast spells without materials, if component cost is 1 gp or less.
Evocation Evokers revel in the raw power of magic, and can use it to create and destroy with shocking ease.
Focused Mind +2 to Concentration checks
Force Missile (7/day) (Sp) Magic Missile hits for 1d4+1
Inspired by Greatness (Magic Missile) Whether you knew Professor Lorrimor well or only in passing, as a colleague or competitor, his career and lifetime of discovery inspired you to be better at what you do. As you honed your craft, you and the professor corresponded, and he was delighte
Intense Spells +1 (Su) Evocation spells deal listed extra damage.
Magic is Life While under the effects of a spell, gain +2 to save vs. death effects, and automatically stabilize bleeding.


Ulvidanu is fairly short, slender (The unkind or uncouth would say scrawny) and a little fastidious about his appearance. He dresses as richly as possible, usually in a long green or royal coat, a dark waistcoat, piped trousers and long, turned-down boots. He carries a heavy, iron-cored, brass-knobbed cane (On the character sheet, it goes by 'club') of black walnut, and usually disdains the hats so popular in polite company. His dark brown hair, showing a little premature grey, is cropped shorter than fasionable, and his dark brown Varisian eyes have an academic's tendency to squint a bit. His manner tends to be slightly condescending and rambling when he is distracted, but he sets a great deal of stock in personal courtesy. Being from the Palatinates, he has less of an ingrained subservience to nobility than others might.
His recent awareness that there are still true horros in teh world might lead him to follow the lead of 'Men and Women of Action" with slightly exaggerated faith.

@ Griar I was wondering what deity the paladin you worship. Your choice will work decently for my anti-religious witch, since followers of Erastil tend to be more about leading by example than proselytizing.

Hope you don't have arachnophobia, because my familiar might not understand that ;)

...and silly typos is what i get for typing a post on my lunch break

Grand Lodge

An angry half orc wrote:
"Someone, answer me! I didn't come all this way to be ignored!"

Baer continues to look left and right, seeking anyone who would answer her challenge.

Dejected, she waves his quarterstaff'd hand behind her summoning a solid sitting rock from the aether. She deigns to sit thereon, her eyes still full of conviction and ready to wait until she gets her answer.

"I can wait. I can wait! You hear me?!" Baer yells at the sky-aether. Baer hunches down and waits, almost becoming one with the rock in her resilient determination.

* * *
Baer is still interested in figuring out what happened to the Professor.

The elf nearby gives the half-orc a wide berth, thumbing idly through a small book, near falling apart from age.

The raven on his shoulder squawks something in the elven tongue, the rolling syllables sounding strange in such a shrill tone.

"The green one is loud. Pains the ears."

Turning from his book the elven scholar frowns at the bird.

"Hurts. Hurts the ears, Nathi."

"Grief often causes such aggressive responses. Mine aches just as keenly for our lost friend...hopefully answers will be forthcoming soon."

Guys this is recruitment, not dicussion roleplay thread.

There hasn't anything new since this morning. Was just taking an opportunity to have a little fun with it and try to get a feel for posting with this char.

With recruitment closing tomorrow I doubt a couple posts will cause anyone any problems but you're right we shouldn't get carried away.

yeah, lest I send my witch's familiar after you

"Attack them Pungo! They're roleplaying!"

*casts burning hands, 3 times, then beats it with stick*

ChazzAtron5000 wrote:

yeah, lest I send my witch's familiar after you

"Attack them Pungo! They're roleplaying!"


with a +5 reflex save/improved evasion and a 19 ac, that may be difficult lol.

right now other than only having 4 hp it's a pretty combat effective spider. it could probably take my witch.

Submitting Cellawyn Cayentelva for your consideration.

Zorusk, please keep in mind that since you submitted the same alias across both carrion crowns, one is 20 buy points the other is 25 along with other minor stuff. You can do what I did and copy past, but leave a spoiler at the bottom for the other campaign. You can delete it later, as the odds of getting into both are unlikely.

After thinking about it I decided to submit Cellawyn instead of Zorusk, since you already have a paladin.

I don't mind the RP, so long as it's in character. :)

Posting an updated list here in a bit. I am going to read over character tomorrow evening, when I have a bit of free time.

Potential Arcane Casters
Spugnoir, 1/2 Orc Alchemist (Vivisectionist)
Baer Mytr, Half-Orc Magus (Staff Magus)
Gormund Blackstone, Dwarven Witch
Castor Drey, Human (Varisian) Wizard (Diviner)
Svetlana Kalashnikov, Human Witch
Andras Telor, Elven Wizard (Diviner)
Maia Silndra Rose, Emberkin Aasimar Admixture Wizard of Evocation
Ulvidanu "Vido" Laskev, Human Wizard
Cellawyn Cayentelva, Elven Blade Bound Magus

Potential Healers
Glade Wolf, Human Druid
Sirsi O'Bannon, Human Oracle of Life
Cassandra Blackmoore, Changeling Oracle of Life
Treggor Mynth, Human Inquisitor (Iomedae)

Potential 5th PCs
Ysmerelda, Dawn's Rose, Changeling Paladin
Ulam Bone-Cracker , Orc Ranger(Infiltrator)
Hung Hei Kwoon, Human Monk (Flowing/Qinggong/Vow)

What is your PCs primary motivation - their guiding principle for life?
Rogan's memory of his early life was overshadowed by great sickness. Family, neighbors, even he would often fall sick, and a variety of diseases would come through his city. One day, while he was still quite young, both his parents feel dealt ill, along with much of the city. A few priests of Pharasma came through the town, and tended to the sick. Most of them were too far gone to be saved, but the brothers and sisters were able to give comfort and peace as these people made their way towards inevitable death. After that time, Rogan tagged along with these priests as an acolyte of Pharasma.
Does your PC have a "day job" when they aren't adventuring, or another way of earning income?
Rogan sees the inevitability of the grave as something which should be approached at only the right moment. As such, he finds great devotion in tending to those who are sick. If no sick people are to be found, he finds solace in improving the lives of those in the community by assisting in building community structures and homes.
How did your PC meet Petros Lorrimor?
He met him in a graveyard, where professor Lorrimor was standing over an open and disturbed grave. When Rogan confronted the professor, he was attacked from behind. When Rogan regained consciousness, he saw the professor battling off a pale, undead figure. Rogan calledupon the name of Pharasma, who answered his call by channeling her calming power of repose through him, repelling the menace from both Rogan and the professor. Workout the professors defense, Rogan would have been lost.
What does your PC look like? (Height, weight, condition of clothing, skin color, hair arrangement, etc.)
5'10", 130 pounds, very lean from long days of working side by side with those who are suffering. His brow is often found furrowed as he tries to postcode the suffering of those around him. He is fair skinned and does burn easily, with light brown hair.

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